Friday, May 9, 2014

Be Inspired #189 Putting things on "Hold"

Hello Friends...
Welcome to the last Be Inspired 
for a little while.
If you read my last post then you'll understand. I won't go through everything again on this post, but I have had some major heart problems since last summer, and they've become much worse over the last 6 months. I'll be seeing new cardiologists in St. Louis coming up soon, and hopefully they can repair some damage that has been done. I'm putting "Be Inspired" and "The Marketplace" on hold for awhile. I'm taking the summer off to probably have surgery and hopefully, we'll know something about our permanent home by Fall. I'm planning on still doing some posts, and then keeping you all updated on what's happening. So, things will change a little over here, but I want to stay connected with you all!
I have so enjoyed hosting Vintage Inspiration that became Be Inspired. You all are the greatest bunch of inspiration anyone could ask for, and I'll miss it. But I'm not saying "goodbye", only that I need to refocus on my health and prepare for some big life changes. Yesterday's post was a testimony of my thoughts, feelings, and faith, and I'd love to share it with you and let you to know what's going on.

So, now let's take a look at just a few links from last week. 
I'm going to really miss the fun!

from Amanda at One Girl in Pink

"What is..." Ironstone

from Kristi at Making it in the Mountains

D.D.'s Cottage and Design

Simply Suzanne's at Home

Penney's Vintage Treasures

thanks so much gals for sharing your homes and lives,
 and all your inspiration!
Let's do this one more time!


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