Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little gray on the dresser...

Well, I persuaded Hubbs to move around my boxes and tubs in the storage area at the old house, in hopes of finding my two tubs of Valentine things. When we moved to the smaller house I brought very little "decor" stuff with me, just the basics. So after wading through the Fall and Christmas (there's a ton of it) I gratefully spied the pink and red, and tried to get out of there as soon as possible. If I keep him in the storage room too long it turns into a disagreement. I know... I know ...I'm workin' on organization!

The Entry here isn't large, but it's big enough for my little dresser, a mirror, and a few things that are holiday and seasonal on top. 

I tried not to overdo it, just keep it sweet and simple. 

Little Lefton Cupid Box

My handmade pottery Valentine

Here's a better shot of the entry before Valentine's jumped on it. If you look closely you can see the dresser is a little different color. Actually, the night before we moved I grabbed my can of taupe bedroom wall paint and decided to give it a little gray/taupe wash. I've mentioned that my "antique white" furniture looks really yucky here at this smaller house...just plain 'ol dirty.

So, I just painted some of the taupe/gray on
 and then wiped it down with a wet cloth,  taking most of it off.

The next morning Hubby said, "what did you do to this little dresser?"
I said that it would match the new sofas better with this gray wash,
and I was surprised when he approved and thought it did look better.

So now it blends with the new/old cedar chest and the little accent table. I imagine that this is where most of my "Old White" furniture from the old living room is headed; it will need a wash of gray to work with these sofas. This only took me about half an hour, so that thought isn't too intimidating.

None of those pieces are here at the smaller house. One thing at a time, and this last weekend we packed up all the china and antique dishes from the Dining Room. Gosh, what a big job that was. I'm still not finished, because we ran out of foam and bubble wrap, but we're making some progress and that's what we need to see. The new granite countertops go in to the old house this week. Can't wait to see it!

Wish we'd made the decision to put on granite while we still lived there. (It should have had it when we bought the house, but the previous owners cut corners in the kitchen) But you know how things go, don't want to deal with the mess, or spend the money. Thinking of selling the house has caused us to realize there were some things that just needed to be updated. So now, someone else will benefit from all the work we're doing. I'm OK with it though, I'm letting things go, and realizing that it's not "home" anymore. We're looking forward to the future.

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