Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hydrangea Wreath

The sunporch has been in happy transition this last week. With the cool down we've had, I've been bringing in the late Summer/early Fall colors and textures. One of those elements is changing out the wreath on the old door behind the white wicker settee.

I wanted to incorporate dried hydrangeas into a wreath with some other late Summer florals, including a few berries and small Black Eyed Susans. Below is a photo from September 2007 Country Living Magazine. I'm a professed magazine hoarder and have them grouped by season. This way I can start finding inspiration easily.

Bad DIY blogger that I am, I didn't take a photo of the wreath when I first purchased it. Let's just say it had good "bones" but wasn't very lush or full. That's where some faux hydrangea blooms came to the rescue.

I could only find "stems" of large blooms, so I divided them up and taped the smaller stems together, then hot glued them to the wreath. I've used real dried hydrangea blooms before, but they don't hold up on a wreath too well for me.

 You can see from the settee that I've changed out the quilt. This gold autumnal floral is the backing to a crazy quilt in jeweled tones that I love to use later in the Fall.

Several years ago I found about 5 yards of very old ticking fabric. It was stained in spots, so after washing and bleaching numerous times I've been able to use it for lot's of projects. Just tearing strips to make a wreath hanger here. Love the texture and look of the raw edges with the chippy white paint of the mirror and door.

We had an amazing rain last Thursday evening. It literally poured buckets for over an hour. Our lower yard in the back next to the pool decking was flooded. (now I have a bunch of debris to clean up, but it's worth it.) We must have had several inches of that glorious wet stuff. The kitties and I sat out here and enjoyed the sound of the rain. Overnight the shrubs and trees perked up. Now we just need a few more of these showers  so that we might be able to salvage a few bits of Fall color in the trees after all!

Sheila from Tattered Goods and I were going to do a Give Away this week, but she's had such a busy time, we're going to postpone for a bit so she can get her Etsy Shop filled up for you. You'll love all her wonderful items, so that will be coming soon.

I'm linking up with these great parties this week:

Hope you're having a great weekend, 
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