Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Inspiration #92 Painted Upholstery

Anne arrived late Tuesday evening and Wednesday we hit a few places around Springfield. Yesterday  we headed to Ozark to visit Leola's and Riverview, and then had lunch at Spring Creek. Today we're off to St. Louis. I wrote this post earlier this week, hope you're having a great one as well. How do you make up for 3 years in a week? we're trying!

How many of us have seen a fabulous bargain of an old sofa, chair or settee at a garage sale or flea market and marveled at the bones of the piece but just couldn't "get there" in making a purchase because of the amount of money/and or time it would take to see it come out as we've envisioned?

 Well, we're starting to see a trend in technique for actually painting the fabric, as in this wonderful tufted sofa from Gua at Hviter Lakkris. The tufting alone would have scared me away!!

This is how it started out...

Or take a look at this pristine beauty from Glory B's Cottage

Can someone say 1980's?

That brings me back to a post I did a couple of weeks ago 
where I shared this amazing sofa in Traditional Home Magazine.

I love trends, 
but don't want to invest a lot of money into them
 or to changing out upholstery because you're tired of it.
My rule is "don't buy neutrals" for the big things.
That way you can change out pillows and accessories for a fresh new look.

I broke that rule on a sofa purchase a while back,
and now it's covered in a white slipcover.

So instead of investing in upholstery for this kind of trend,
 why not just paint it?

And along the lines of the Union Jack,
 I think I'd opt for a more toned down version,
say this...

or in grays...

which brings me to this wonderful French gilt set
 that I recently saw at Relics.

Still pricey, but totally gorgeous.
The sofa is worn, but the chairs are in pretty good shape...

Personally, I think it's fabulous just like this.

Just thinking of the "idea" of painting a piece.

Right now I'm just "dreaming", but you just never know what I might do!
 So the next time you see an iffy sofa, try to imagine it painted!

So that brings me to a few of last week's features:

Lisa from Budget Design Girl shared a post about the Union Jack in design that is coinciding with the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. THIS I could go for!

Amanda Marie from Little City Homestead, a new blogger,  posted about an adorable little watering can with the perfect "chippy" quotient!

Melissa from Daisy Mae Belle, (also a new blogger)has two things that I love (and have), a rusty fence gate and a birdhouse! Isn't this a great entry statement?

And in honor of Father's Day, I want to share this wonderful Model A Ford from Faye at Wild Rose VintageMy daddy collected antique cars,  and I grew up having a real love for them.
brings back wonderful memories!

So let's see what kind of inspiration you've been kicking around this week. Please have a link within your post to be featured!

and please go visit these other great Friday party gals:


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