Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Through the French Door" Book Give Away

Welcome everyone to my 3rd Blog Anniversary Give Away. 

I "met" Carolyn Westbrook about 4 years ago, when I discovered her first book Carolyn Westbrook Home, and fell in love with her wonderful plantation home and gracious southern style. Her books are filled with inspiringly beautiful rooms and outdoor spaces that evoke her signature design look. Many of you know her from the Spring and Fall Texas Shows, and have loved her work for years. She has been such an inspiration to me personally, as I've re-decorated my home in the last several years.

Last year for my 2nd Blog Anniversary, I did a Give Away of Carolyn Westbrook's latest book, The French Inspired Home. So this year when I knew that she had a new book in process I contacted her about another give away, and this book looks just as amazing as her last!

Here are a few paragraphs from Carolyn's book,
 which will be released in October of this year by CICO Publishing.

"Once again, I would like to welcome you back to the plantation that we call home. It is always a work in progress and is ever-changing, just like me. Always evolving through time and where my passion lies. I think back to my childhood, how our house would move through seasons and time, and whatever my mother was passionate about at the time, was always reflected in our home's interior. Whether it was modern and sleek or an Asian themed interior this is where she felt comfortable or what she considered beautiful. Of course, there were and still are with me, the things that you love the most and you simply cannot part with and should never have to. These are the base of your design plan and then you can build your room around these things."

(Next two images taken from Carolyn's book The French Inspired Home)

(Image below taken from Carolyn Westbrook Home website.)

(bedding will be available Spring 2013 at Dillard's Stores)

"There is much more to creating a home than going to a furniture store and randomly choosing a packaged room. As I always say, your home should tell the story of those who dwell there. Everyone has a story that tells of their own journey through life. Your home should speak out about where you have been, who is dear to you, and those special trinkets and trappings that you have picked up along the way. Many of you are facing a blank canvas. For some, that can seem a daunting task with all of the white walls and empty spaces that need to be filled. When faced with a large space, it is often a good idea to break it down into smaller little vignettes, that seem to warm up the room and make it more comfortable. A seating area of random French chairs, benches, and gorgeous stacked oil paintings and collections that layer a big wall space to make it breathtaking and interesting, all at the same time, and most importantly, telling your story."

Carolyn Westbrook from "Through the French Door" 

So now, here comes the fun!
There will be three books given away,
 and you have multiple chances for entries:
Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
  1. Please be a follower of this blog, Common Ground, and let me know in a comment.
  2. Visit Carolyn Westbrook on Facebook and "Like" her there. please leave a comment on this post.
  3. Share the Give Away on your Blog and/or Facebook page and let me know in a comment(s).
  4. And since I'm trying to "do" Facebook more frequently, I'd love you to come by my page also and "Like" me. (doesn't that sound just too weird?)
Grab the large image on the sidebar if you'd like. I didn't do a button, but it will shrink down for your individual sidebar size. Thanks for sharing the Give Away fun, I really appreciate it!!
You have 4(or5) chances to win one of three books! Yay!! Because the book will not be released until October, it will not get to your little hands until then, but don't worry, I won't forget you! 

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