Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So...here's the plan

See this girl...
we've been waiting to meet for almost three years.
Anne lives in Texas, I live in Missouri.
We started talking when our blogs were babies
hanging out on Theresa's sidebar.
(thank you, dear Theresa!)

She'll be here in just a matter of hours.
Then later this week, we're headed to St. Louis 
to stay with my daughter and her husband
at the "Bed and Breakfast".
(just kidding...but they're wonderful hosts!)

Then we're going to meet up 
with one of the sweetest, most talented gals around...
and we're going to let E take us to all her haunts and hang outs.

So, posts will be a little fewer this next week.
We'll still be having Vintage Inspiration and Monday Marketplace,
hope you'll join in as usual.

And I can guarantee that I'll have lots of fun to share next week!

Then, when I'm back, I'll be celebrating my 3 year Blogaversary
with a knock out Give Away of Carolyn Westbrook's new book.
"Through the French Door"

so get ready!!

(I'm thinking that this will be one of the best weeks ever!)

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