Friday, March 11, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #28 What can I do with that...?

If you're like me, and a junker at heart,
then you can't let a great find pass you by;
even if you don't know WHAT it is or what you could do with it.

A few years ago my hubbs located these
glass and hardwood whatchamacallits at a swap meet.
The first thing to be said was that OK,
... these are cool,
...what are they?
...what could we do with them?
...why are there only 3 of them?

After doing some investigation on the Internet,
I found out these rectangle boxes with glass inserts,
are old door window insets.
When I was young we lived in a house with these stairstepped on the front door,
sort of like this one, except our door was a blue gray.

(google images)

I try to grab every "Bird Book" and print I can find. The illustrations and information, especially if they are vintage, just fascinate the nature lover and artist in me. Soooo, my love for bird prints and old junk got married!

Below is my vintage Lefton birdie

Our rooms downstairs are more rustic with a lot of wood.
The mantel is really huge and with the red brick it's difficult
to keep the rooms from being too dark.

So I try to keep white and light on the mantel.

Some of my ironstone has found a happy place there and it just doesn't want to leave.

other birdie figurines from Czechoslovakia

I can't tell you how many times I DIDN'T make that purchase
that I later kicked myself for.
Go with your gut...
if something grabs your attention,
you'll usually find a use for it someday!

And speaking of birdies and Spring
can an old wire birdcage get by as a "cloche"?
joining Marty for Spring Cloche Party

And now for some wonderful inspiration from last week,

One of my favorite people,
Rebecca at a RE Purposed Life

Sissie's Shabby Cottage

Chippy Door

The Shabby Chick

Honestly, there are so many wonderful posts just full of inspiration.
Thanks so much, all of you who link up for the party!

I'll be joining these great parties this weekend.
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We're having our Spring Open Houses this weekend,
hopefully, next post I'll have photos!
Have a great weekend,
love you all,

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