Friday, March 4, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 27: Sitting right under my nose...

I find the best inspiration from all of you.
Each week for Vintage Inspiration Friday,
I'm totally amazed at all the creative and inspiring photos and posts.

Thank you all so much for joining in!
There's always a fresh idea and a new way of looking at things.

My inspiration for this post came from one of your posts.
(See who in just a minute)

Not only the sights, but the scents of Spring are so intoxicating...

Aromatique has the "Smell of Spring" wrapped up in a bag.
A heady floral of Spring goodness.
I treat myself to this each year.

So I combined one of your ideas with the wonderful potpourri

The little paper flowers and ferns are part of the mixture.

Sorry for the glare,
the sun was actually shining today!!!!!

So a nest, a candle, a little potpourri, a transferware saucer,
 and a short stack of books...

then, a few more touches of Spring,
really have me in the mood,
(oh, and it's my Birthday)

So, who do I have to thank...?

The Summer Kitchen Girls!!
(thanks gals!)

And here are a few more posts for some great ideas


The Charm of Home
(OK, this is fabulous!!!)

Olivia's Romantic Home
(I have a "thing" for white suitcases!)

Hope you'll join in for the party!
Link up within your post
 Anything vintage or vintage inspired!

and I'm joining

Thank you all for all the feedback from my last post.
Hopefully Blogger will get this fixed,
so we can "see" the new posts.

Have a great weekend
love you all,

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