Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raising the Bar

                                 Shhhhhhh....This is a surprise post for my St. Louis kids.

Their Anniversary is coming up later this Spring
and I love to surprise them with something vintage.

They are big fans of the local breweries of St. Louis.
If you've never been, then it's the home of Anheuser Busch
Schlafly, and tons of other smaller companies,
with lot's of great little urban pubs.

So when we found this Farberware Bar Set I knew they'd love it.

I've checked the Internet and can't find any information
so I'm not sure how old it is, but the wicker covers just knocked me out!

On second thought, they may need to arm wrestle me for that  thermos.

Here's a photo from our trip last fall.

Incredible house...

Their "Restoration Hardware-ish" Dining Room

Happy Early Anniversary, kiddos!

see you two at Easter!
(xoxoxox, mom)

Aren't they cute?
I don't look old enough to have them as kids.
yeah, right...

I'm joining in for

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