Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh, that face...

It's no secret that with two married daughters, I'm old enough to have grandkids, but alas, I have none; only a grandpuppy and grandkitties. Vinny, (Vincenzo) a French Bulldog, is the newest member of the family and he belongs to Erin and Keith, our St. Louis kids. Spoiled is a word that comes to mind. Notice the quilted barn coat and rhinestone collar. But hey, he's so darn cute you can't blame them. 

Puppy portraits...
(Gee, I love this new camera!)

Erin and Keith

and Aly and Chris,
waiting to unwrap gifts.
Our tradition is to open them Christmas Eve.

I was in my pajamas and glasses, so no photos of moi.
you'd thank me.

I'm looking forward to the New Year,
but first our Anniversary, tomorrow.
Hope you are recovering from the Christmas Rush.
I spent all day Sunday in my Jammies.

love to all,

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