Monday, February 8, 2010

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Give Aways, Awards and My Surprise News

First of all My Surprise News, which while may not seem like a lot to some of you, is actually a pretty wonderful and exciting "Big Deal" for little ol' me. Since last February when I had to pretty much "cease and desist" from the scene of antique store spaces and flea market booths due to health reasons, I have felt a void in my life. Yes, I needed to cut back drastically and slow way down, but I still missed the junkin' life. I have had a small "closet" booth at Spring Creek Tea Room and Antiques, and it was good for me to have, but because of the size (5x7) I was really limited in my display fun and amount of merchandise that I could bring in.

Spring Creek Tea Room
Ozark, Missouri
(photo taken last fall)

This place is always packed, Tuesday thru Saturday.
With the best lunch in the area.

And as you sit here savoring
your wonderful chicken salad
and drooling into your Milky Way Cake,
you will be able to see my
 new booth space.


This is my "little closet"...


That I have right now.

And this is where I will be headed as of March 15.
Twice the size, and in a wonderful location.

Now keep in mind
 this is not my "stuff",
but the space itself.
It is directly across from the tea room
and highly visible. Yeah!!

I have tried doing a close up of these chippy doors
which I will get to keep,
but my computer will not cooperate.
So these are the "befores" of the space.

Keep a good thought for me as I get to redecorate
this spot and bring in lots of fun things...
all things vintage, shabby, cottage, farmhouse, girlie,
garden, and just a touch of "ooh la la"!

And now for the Give Aways!

"World's Sweetest Blogger"
is having a celebration giveaway
for her 3rd. Blogiversary.

And the super talented Rebecca from
is having a give away
of the most gorgeous necklace,
to celebrate her 200th follower.

And thank you sweet Debbie from Talking Trash
and the vivacious Robelyn of Red Neck Chic
for awarding me with the 
Not a Stepford Blog Award. 
Love You!

Thanks for hanging in there with me
for this multi-faceted news program!

Hope you're off to a great Monday!
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