Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Window Box with Garden Fencing and a Birthday Bouquet

I've mentioned before that vintage garden goods are my favorite vintage items. I love all things vintage, but there's nothing like some old rusty fencing, seed packets, and garden utensils to get my undivided attention. 

I've been going through my basement storage space trying to decide what I need to keep and what to let go of. Recently, I waved goodbye to an assortment of wire baskets, buckets, boxes, etc. Just too many things; many of them in multiples that I adore, but that I don't have a place for any longer. 

I dragged this old scalloped window box out of my garage stash a few years ago and used it for a table centerpiece for all the seasons. (Of course Fall is my favorite!) Check a couple out HERE and HERE. I have to admit, it's a big heavy sucker, that takes some muscle to lift and maneuver, let alone a ton of florals, tissue paper, and wadded up paper grocery bags to fill.

Finally I got tired of trying to wrestle with it since I found the wrought iron basket last Fall. It's been under the sofa table since then. I actually really like it here because it fills up the space nicely. Well, there happened to be some flower bed fencing that was unearthed so I thought I'd try it inside the flower box. OK, the box is too big so it went around the box instead. I think it's a fun look for Spring...if you like "crusty, rusty, I need a tetanus shot" kind of fun!

And speaking of Spring, here's a sweet little arrangement from my mom and sis to help me celebrate my Birth Day. Yellow Tulips and purple Hyacinths, they smell amazing! We don't talk "numbers" here...just lunch with them and a white cake with frosting, and coconut on top.

Take a look at this little pooper of a faux moss bunny that came along.
We always say it's so cute you "just want to eat it up"!

Loved this wreath on this card from my youngest,
the graphics are so colorful and Spring-y!

The trees have a fuzzy green haze around them,
 and my peach tree is starting to bud.
I'll share some blooms and branches soon...

I haven't been able to return comments much lately,
just know I love you all and read each of them.
we'll talk soon.

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