Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ideas for a Cottage Look Lampshade

I'm giving you fair warning, I will probably be doing some random decor posts for awhile. My ""decor radar" is up for all kinds of new options and "finds". So I'll just be sharing with you what I'm thinking about and looking at for our new house that we'll be moving into sometime in September.

One of the things that's on my list is some new lighting for the Dining Room and Kitchen Dining Area. As I was looking through some websites for Pendant Lighting, I came across these fun drum shades just perfect for a Cottage /Bohemian look. I'm not thinking of my Kitchen or Dining Room, I sort of got off the path for a bit, but I love this look and I can see one of these patchwork drum shades in a creative space/office/craft room or girl's bedroom; really, any room that's shabby, cottage, or eclectic. Anyway, just wanted to share these, because I haven't looked at lighting for a long time and I thought they were pretty high up on the "adorable" scale.

I think the patchwork strips and the embroidered one above could be a fun DIY project. The one above makes me think of the vintage teatowels that we see at every flea market. And of course these below are made from old doilies, lace, and trim. love them...

I have several lampshade skeletons that this would work on.

Love the bright colored florals on this next one...
looks almost like a watercolor.

Using darker papers or fabrics gives this one a little more of a Living Room or Bedroom vibe.

Totally love this one with all the fabric 3D blooms.

and this last one just knocks my socks off!

You can find the sources for all these shades on my Pinterest Board

Yes, these two will be going bye-bye in favor of something more "French".
More on these spaces later...

OK, that's what I'm up to today...
just looking at lighting and playing with some fun ideas...
Tomorrow we go for the inspection, and I have some measuring to do.
Maybe I can get some decent pics then.

On a blogging note, I finally have gotten my act together and fixed the No-Reply Blogger issue. I thought I took care of it a long time ago, but I hadn't figured it out so now I think it's fixed. Sorry, my brain has not been up to speed this last year.

Hope you're having a good week, I'm wearing out my computer and Pinterest, trying to put ideas together. Changing homes can cost and arm and a leg, and I'm going to try to be frugal (at least in some areas) I have lots of ideas for the Living Room and Kitchen that will need some tweaking.

I'm getting my creative/decorating mojo out of the mothballs...
it's going to be fun. 

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