Sunday, October 30, 2011

Magazine Copy Cat Challenge

You know I love a good challenge...
and magazine inspiration is at the top of my list.
is hosting a magazine copy cat challenge.

Julie from Idyllhours reminded me last week
that I had this old rake that I had found a few years ago.
It's been around for a few leaf seasons and I actually use it when I have to.
I had a few twigs of bittersweet left
and a little faux cedar from a Christmas branch.

my original attempt was too sparse,
so I added in some Fall leaves to help out.

sorta blah...

Here's my inspiration photo...

from here.
Love this magazine.
And even if you aren't a big time gardener
you'll still enjoy the natural decor ideas with antique and vintage finds

So here it is,
and I think for Christmas I'll just take out the bittersweet and leaves,
then add more evergreens with red berries and holly.

This is where it ended up.
Love the way the light shines through the leaves.

Now run by Debbie's Party and see the rest of the fun!

I'm also joining in on these parties:

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