Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall is Coming to Spring Creek

I've been busy pricing and packing things for fall this last week.
About three times a year I do a change out in my antique mall space,
so I'm ready to add a lot of fall items into my booth.

I did another vintage divided window, this time smaller, using vintage bird prints.
It has more fall colors and can be hung on the wall.

Darker colors, fall flowers, and more primitives find their way
into my space this time of year.

This is just a small sample of what's coming in.
I still have the silver, and some wonderful sets of fall inspired china.

We live about 30 miles from a large cluster of lakes near Branson
and throughout the Ozarks, so we have a lot of people with lake houses,
cabins, and rustic lodges in the area.

Besides my love for vintage white, I also love lodge-y and rustic decor.
At several times I've had booth spaces that were a mix
 of vintage farmhouse, camp, and rustic.
I like to keep it "changed up"!

As I've said before, Fall is my favorite time of year.
Out come my Pendleton blankets, twig furniture, and "nature inspired" decor.

I will have my space redone by the end of the weekend,
so if you're looking for some fall inspired items,

Come down to Spring Creek in Ozark for something new and fun.

And remember that two weeks from today will be the first
Vintage Inspiration Friday!
Hope you'll grab the button on the side bar and join in.
Click the button for "Vintage Inspiration" details.

Have a great weekend!
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