Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White Wednesday, Step Inside the Seed Box Open House

Welcome back!
I hope you're ready for more of the photos from

 It's so mean to have made you all wait for these. It's like being given two bites of a delicious dessert and then the waiter grabs it away from you and says, "Sorry, you have to wait until next week for the rest". Mean, mean, mean. I think we went around in circles at least three times, and we still didn't "see" it all. Meloney is just an amazing decorator! Look close for some great ideas for display. Find the "Part One" here.

The lighting was low and it was in the evening, so I apologize for the quality of some of the photos. I had to use a flash on most of the pictures, but this one of a tree in the entry I liked without the flash. The silhouettes against the lights and white tree were just beautiful.


Living Room

This pottery is just amazing!

This is one of my favorite ideas.
Urns with branches and Christmas bulbs.

Another cupboard with more white pottery

Chalkboard wall in a bedroom

Ceiling in the bathroom papered with old book pages,
 and the gorgeous tin "molding".

Kenda, her daughter Olivia,
and Carolyn were my " buds"  for the evening!

Please go see all the other "White Wednesday"
at Faded Charm and say "Hi" to Kathleen!

Hope you all are having fun
with all the Christmas decorating...

Most everything is in place and
I'm about ready to get to "clean up" mode.
Blessings to all...HO HO HO!!
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