Friday, December 18, 2009

Ring Ring... Hello?... Trash it's for you!

GOOD GRIEF, Charley Brown!!!

Am I the only one here with enough Hudzpuh
to show up in her REAL Jammies?
(I better get some extra points for this!)

Now I have cup full of HOT Dr. Pepper,
not luke warm, but steamin'!

I'm expecting some Fritos, Bean Dip
and some Pepperoni Pizza!

The Trash Queen is having one fabuloso
Slumber Party
and we're all invited!

So everyone get your furry slippers on and run over to
Debbie's place for her big blow-out of a PAR-TAY!
Check it all out right HERE!

She has 100,000 hits, and you know
at least 300 of them are mine!
She's everyone's favorite Trash Diva
so let's help her celebrate!

OK Everyone, quit hiding the toilet paper!!!
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