Friday, August 27, 2010


Relics is a new antique mall in Springfield, which has been a while in the making.
Opening in mid July it has gotten off to a great start.
 As you will see from the following photos,
they are an antique mall in every sense of the word.
They have a lot of variety and diversity of merchandise
 from primitives, retro, to vintage shabby, and everything in between.
There's a lot to see.

They have some policies about what they allow in
so I think that will keep the quality up
and the 80's and 90's garage sale out.

Nothing wrong with that,
I just don't want to see it in an antique mall.
ya know what I mean?
I'm not interested in a used toaster or toilet seat cover.
thanks but no thanks.

This set is really incredible!
a metal dresser and chest.
too cool!

Like I said they have a great mix,
with some "industrial" thrown in.

If I had a spot for this I would have brought it home.
The paint is wonderful!

Wonderful gray armoire.

These spaces are the design work of Robin Gilmore.
She's a super talented gal
and has a fabulous turn of the century mansion here in Springfield,
which she has turned into an event center,
called Ms. Gilmore's.

I just go in here and soak up all the inspiration.

These next few photos are of two spaces of Teresa of Bluebird Vintage,
who not only has mall spaces around the area,
but she hosts a wonderful barn sale each spring on her property.
I've been trying to twist her arm to have a fall show.

I always find great things in her booth.
AND she has wonderful prices!
Thanks, Teresa!

Relics has plans to open a tea room within the mall next year.
I hope they do.
This is a really promising place,
I hope they do well.

Off to water the sad little flowers.
Have a great weekend, y'all!
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