Monday, March 11, 2024

Easter Cloche and the Spring Entry

Back when I first started blogging, (it will be 15 years in June) cloches became popular. Terrariums were the rage years ago, and I think the cloche vignette sprang from that. I've always loved bringing a few items together to form a small grouping, then highlighting the pieces by placing them under glass.

Since I really adore small bits and pieces of vintage it's a given that bringing a cohesive theme with a few bits and baubles would be right up my holiday decorating alley.

For Valentine's Day I put together a cloche display using vintage Valentine cards, so for Easter I'm going with the same idea. I'm in the Entry on the console which is a wonderful spot to display my large cloche without it being vulnerable to traffic. We don't use the front door everyday, except to grab up delivery packages. And it's always light and bright even on cloudy or rainy/snowy days.

This very old Easter card from the teens is framed in a feminine and scrolly plaster Victorian frame with convex glass. I've not seen many frames with original convex glass, but were often photographic portraits. I have it on an easel to elevate it a little. The card itself has a gold foil metallic egg background.

Taking off the glass gives a better view of mom and the babies.

This little fella shows up each spring in different spots around the house.
He's always at home amid a tuft of moss in a flower pot.

Paperwhites are gathered with a grapevine wattle in the look alike "Italian" vase. (from Hobby Lobby) You know the story on the vase?... well my husband bought me a wonderful real Italian vase from a high end home decorating store for our anniversary one year and I was so careful with it. It held a special spot in my heart and I tiptoed around it for years. Here's a pic from the first blogging house.

Then one time when my daughter was helping me clean she accidently knocked into it and it crashed to the floor busting in a million little pieces. She was devastated and I felt worse for her than for the vase. She cried and cried and tried to pick up all the pieces but it was hopeless. I had to drag all the pieces away from her because she was so upset and sick that she'd broken it, knowing how much it meant to me. 

Long story shorter... I put it in God's hands and even though it took several years and lots of searching I "serendipitously" found this one at Hobby Lobby which looked similar and saved me hundreds of dollars. Now I use this one constantly one place or another. That situation taught me several lessons, but mostly to not lose it over "things"; peoples' feelings are more important and to wait for God's direction and timing.

The paperwhite arrangement has the same bright floral ribbon as the moss bunnies from last week. A handmade Easter Egg adorns the arrangement. The sampler that was out for Valentine's Day is still here, but suits the Easter/Spring sitting with pastels.

The little Majolica cabbage plate is a favorite with that precious bunny with carrots.

Here are a few more Spring and Easter entries.

Want to see more cloches?

Thanks for indulging my rambling on, friends. I hope you're having a great weekend and the weather is good. Making Easter plans?


  1. Happy Sunday Debra. Love your Easter Entryway. Have a great start to the new week. Yay for Spring arriving early. Hugs. Kris

  2. Hi Debra. Your entryway is so welcoming and very elegant. Bright in its spring guise. I love the embroidered square!

  3. What a beautiful way to welcome your guests or enter your own home. I loved the vase story. I know exactly how you (and your daughter) felt. But you found a lovely replacement.

  4. I love your Easter entry, Debra. That little framed bunny and babies is so sweet. I love the majolica plate. And your story of the vase, while a bit sad, is so true in its life lesson. Happy Monday.

  5. Hi Debra- Your entry table looks lovely as always. I love the cloche vignette. So pretty. The story about your daughter and the vase made me hurt for your poor girl. I think of my own daughter and she would be beyond herself. The new one is quite lovely and all is well that ends well. Have a fabulous day friend. XO- MaryJo

  6. Debra, sweet vignettes as always. Loved reading your story of the broken vase. My mother-in-law was a military wife with four boys, moving about the country and overseas. She was used to finding her "treasures" broken or lost with frequent moves. Early in my marriage, she told me repeatedly to use our things, don't save them for a special time. If they get broken or lost, then we've had the joy of them to fondly remember. I've always taken that to heart, and now without Monnie, even more so. In the end, things are simply things. They are not the people in our lives!

  7. I really enjoyed this post--especially your vase story. I'm the one who usually breaks my treasures so I can't fault anyone else--especially in my overcrowded, cluttered house. I love stuff--but love friends and family more!


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