Saturday, November 19, 2016

Gathered #3

Hi Friends, 
I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I was starting a new weekly (or so) post where I had a place to bring together random ideas, pics and inspiration from the Blogging World. I also want to have a place to share with you some things I'm doing and thinking about. I've said before, that I'll never turn into a fashion blogger, (for many reasons) but I like to share a new piece of clothing and how I'm wearing it. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut and I like to see how others are putting themselves together. That being said, I'm in the Over 55 Crowd, so I don't want to look inappropriate, but I do like trendy clothes. 

knock off J. Crew vest

I kept seeing this Herringbone Vest on Pinterest. First it was J.Crew, (now there are nylon knock offs that are affordable) mixed with jeans and shirts (of all patterns), tunics and sweaters. I found one at a small boutique here in town, and this is how I wore it last week. Sorry I don't have links, these pics are just to give you an idea of what I have.

J. Jill knit sweater/tunic.
I wear mostly jeans, black or gray, then mix accessories for color.
It's easy, slimming, and you can come up with fun looks in just a minute's time.

Chicos "Jeggings"
(pull-on Denim Leggings)
sorry, no heels, I can't wear them,
'cause I look like a 5 year old dressing up in their mom's shoes.

Black Suede Zip Bootie from Macy's.
I think I tried on 50 pairs of boots before I settled on these. 
They weren't terribly expensive, and were fairly comfortable.
Sorry, don't have the brand, 'cause I put a footie-ma-bob in it for more support.

Gold Wool Scarf

I have tons of scarves, in lots of patterns and colors.
I think I also wore this same basic outfit with my Burberry Scarf.
(I've had mine about 4 or 5 years or so and I wear it constantly in the Winter,
so even though it was pricey, I've gotten my money out of it in wearability.)

I'll also be wearing this combination with Leopard Print top and a Plaid Scarf.

Check out my Pinterest Page What to Wear for more fun ideas.

Now onto cool things from the Blogging World...

My Sis actually tried this and even though I haven't seen it
 she says it looks pretty good; like Ironsone, or plain White Pottery. 
She had some dated pottery pieces and wasn't thrilled with the look now,
so Spray Paint turned her tureen into a usable decor piece, yay!

I fell in love with this DIY Monogram Carved Ornament
(I love monogramed anything)
and I hope to get my mom to do up some monograms
so I can transfer them to wood.
I wont be using a Dremel,
but I think painting them would also be so pretty.

(this is a link to the Etsy Shop of the Snowman)

I have several plaid lunch buckets that I use for Christmas.
Usually I just stack them up,
but after seeing this, I want to add some "kitch" to at least one.

And since it's the week of Thanksgiving...

IMO there's really nothing that makes a spectacular photo
 like using whites and neutrals as a backdrop. 
with a lovely Scandanavian feel.
She and her family are keeping "Thanksgiving" in the Dining Room,
even though they're decorating for Christmas in the rest of the house.
so calm and pretty...

And an up-to-date Blogging Note. I'm still on Blogger and I've still had an account with Feedburner. You may have signed up long ago to receive my new post alerts in your email. I had over 5500 people sign up in the last 7 years, but only about 2000 links were still working. People stop blogging, change email addresses, get tired of me...anyway. I've ditched that outdated system and just started with Mad Mimi. 

If you'd like to receive updates in your email, then just go to the right sidebar 
and find the "Subscribe by Email" button. You can insert your email address,
and hopefully you'll get a post snippet as an update of new posts.
I'm just getting started with them, so I may still have some kinks to work out.
Hopefully, I won't be too annoying.
You can unsubscribe if that isn't your method of keeping track of blogs.
(Hope you won't though)

I got a new laptop this week, and though I love the Dell Computer
it came with Windows 10. Let's just say I'm not a fan,
and I have 2 books coming to help me out.
Sometimes my brain feels old and tired,
this new computer just proves it...

Have a fun weekend!

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  1. Hi Debra, guess what? I just bought that very top from JJill while in Houston early in November! I like all your fashion choices, and they are all very much part of my typical looks for fall/winter.
    Give yourself some time to get used to W10. I've had it in my desktop since March or so, but got it on my Surface Pro tablet last November. Have a great weekend.

    1. glad to hear you're doing ok with Windows 10, I think I belong in the "old dogs and new tricks" catagory. My husband says it's good for me to have to work something out. Easy for him to say... I'd seen pics of you before in such cute things. don't you love J.Jill? My girls think they're but that's just fine with me. I like a good basic.

  2. This Toshiba, that I got well over a year ago, came with Windows 10. But I really like it. I didn't find much of a learning curve. Maybe since then they've adding something. Glad you made it to Mad Mimi. Now you're really know where you stand. Be able to handle your account. Not go around groping in the dark, which was basically what we were doing, with the mishandled Feedburner. They might as well end it all together if they're not going to do anything with it.

    1. I had my settings on "Hint" instead of "Snippet" so maybe that's part of my problem. It'll get worked out, I know it will be better than Feedburner by far!

  3. I am using the mad Mimi RSS send also. So far so good. Ha! I am like you with high heels.

    1. We had a tricky install day yesterday with MM. It's going to be good, but I had to tear apart my settings from Blogger. I'm glad their techs are so nice, and knowledgable!

  4. Your clothes picks were very cute! I am over 55 and I am not ready for Chicos or soft-surroundings they have cute but its not me.My mom loves Chicos. The Christmas decor is also cute. Sorry about the computer issues, I totally understand, but I have gone back to a Mac. because of the adobe suite. love it. Take care.

    1. some of it can be a little too much for me, I like the basics. since I wear petites, it's hard to find a good fit. I almost never shop the store, though.

  5. Love your outfit! Loved the entire post!

  6. I totally agree with you about the Burberry scarf. One of the best investments. It finally got a little cold so I've pulled amy scarves out. I'm thrilled about it. The vest is darling. Great tips.

  7. Am still trying to figure out few things on Windows 10 but it far surpasses blasted windows 8.1. My daughter finally told me she was worried about me since 8.1 had me so bum fuzzled, oh boy did it ever, she asked me to put it away, get out windows 7 again before I had nervous break down, literally. So there sits a really nice pc but for me unusable. Got myself a Toshiba laptop. Couldn't remember/find password for 8.1 to download 10 or would have.Have printer sitting unused also but it made me crazy too.. Have to face it, am just downright digitally challenged.
    So much money wasted on computers and printers.
    Love your outfits and scarves, you have very nice style more than appropriate if you're 55.
    I am 76 but guess don't dress like one, shades of so. Ca influences hanging on. Women younger than myself would comment to me how young I dressed, not really but didn't dress like I was 80 either as they did. Won't say what state was in, don't want to make anybody mad at me. Think I know when something is too young for me but do I have to try to look like older.Please. Guess it depends on perception.
    Have great week and peaceful happy Thanksgiving

  8. Fun this and that post, Debra! Who would have thought of painting pottery like that?
    I switched from Feedburner when I realized only half of my signups were actually receiving my posts.

  9. Debra, I love herringbone and that vest is darling. So versatile too! I bet you look darling in it. I'm with you and can no longer wear hills. Loved them when I was younger, but the knees can't handle them. lol! I have a plaid lunch box and I did a little scene in it last year. That one is so cute!! Pinning it. Love Julies farmhouse! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. I'm going to give the best a try, great sale price too! Thanks for the idea!

  11. You give me a big present with post about monogram! I just painted my new bed and I just needed the letters of my name to put it at the center of the frieze on the headboard!! Many tanks!!
    Dremler is an excellent tool! I know him well and I used it often !!


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