Friday, May 20, 2022

Back Porch Potting Bench

When the weather starts getting warmer and planting time is here it's time to get out on the back porch, do some clean up, and put together the potting bench. With all the trees around, our back porch can turn into a bit of a leaf dump. Starting in early April we get a variety of "tree droppings", which can get a bit overwhelming to stay on top of. Oaks and walnut trees are lovely except when they're dropping helicopters, fringe-y seeds, peapods, pollen... nuts, and oh and leaves.

I also have to do a quick coat of paint on the top of the potting bench because the squirrels and chipmunks make a mess. They seem to use a few hiding spots as a "potty bench"... excuse the pun. I also had to do a clean out of the drawers on the lower shelf because leaves seem to collect there, too. I salvaged the drawers when we replaced the laundry room vanity here, and they fit perfectly on the shelf and are a great place to store gardening tools and small pots. 

My little concrete lamb and galvanized tub of my mother-in-laws, 
tuck in under the bench. The tub is where I store extra potting soil.

My Momma and Baby Bunny live here on the potting bench.
(thank goodness, they're not messy)

My little boy garden statue is missing a foot,
but he's just too sweet to toss.
Just cover him up a bit with ivy...

See the little birdhouse on the top shelf? A few years ago a little male sparrow made the nest inside, as is the nesting habit of sparrows, and he spent weeks trying to get a female interested in taking up residence with him. I guess it wasn't deep enough because none of his efforts paid off. I felt so bad for him I finally brought the birdhouse indoors so he could move on. sad little guy. 

A potted bit of Creeping Wire Vine or Angel Vine
in an old chippy clay pot from the 40's.

I save my plant tags during the season so if I have to replace 
or buy extra I'll know the color.
This year they landed in the vintage berry boxes.

I also keep the old discolored ironstone tureen and pitcher
out here for impromptu flower arrangements.

The little green vintage pot is pretty old as it's painted with an enamel paint.
I found it the same time as the chippy white one on the top shelf.

The old door behind the bench is the same one I used in the Kitchen Sitting Area
at the last house. I just didn't have a spot for it inside here, but it's been the perfect
backdrop for the backless shelving.

I have so much fun using and decorating this spot,
as it continually changes with the seasons.
I'm sharing a few more pics of the potting bench 
and a some pics of it through the seasons and years 
this weekend at Vintage Cottage Weekend.
Hope you'll come back by to visit.

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  1. I love seeing your potting bench. Makes me miss mine. So nice that our weather is finally cooperating and we can have the pretty outdoor spaces come to life again. Happy Thursday. xoxo Kris

    1. I know you must miss puttering outside, but it does take a lot of work to keep up with it all. Sometimes, I think I'd be happy with a balcony and a few potted plants!

  2. This potting bench and all its chippy and broken stories make me happy. It's like the island of misfit toys - only it's garden goodies - that get reloved dearly. I love how you described the oak and walnut trees, lol. All the very reasons (and more) why we got rid of the one huge one on our property. It was bigger than the house.

    1. I have such a love/hate relationship with these trees. We waited a year during the early pandemic to have someone come and take out a few of them, but in the end the cost skyrocketed and we settled for more a major clean out of dead limbs. Grrrrr. and... I have a hard time letting go of vintage garden things, especially since I'm not actively shopping fleas any longer. I'm good at camouflaging defects and sad specimens, haha!

  3. Just precious. I love all your garden collectables. The lamb statue is a darling.

  4. Just so pretty Debra! I believe you about the trees but your pictures look like something from a magazine! Gorgeous as always. I have not even started my backyard cleanup yet and I dread it so much. Years ago, with my penchant to dive right in with little planning, I thought it would be such fun to sit on the back patio and hear water. So we put in two ponds. They were gorgeous until Fall rolled around. Way too close to the trees! The leaves clogged the pumps constantly, spring cleanup doubled, and the Koi pond brough snakes! Dumb, dumb, idea! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. I love this and it's decorated perfectly. Didn't know that about little birds. I thought the moms always made the nests. Sad for the sparrow. Anytime I put anything that can turn into a house for a bird, they make a nest. I enjoy it and have spoiled several moms and baby birds with water and boiled eggs near by. It's funny how the baby birds gobble up the eggs. Seems cabalistic.

  6. Your pottting bench makes me want to go mess around with mine! I haven't done anything to my porch or plant stand arranging due to the same springy debris and pollen everywhere. Usually by the first week of June the worst is over and I can start sprucing up all the outdoor areas. Love your little garden vignettes. I want some angel vine too!

  7. Such a lovely potting bench, Debra... and you keep it so nice and clean! ;-) I'm delighted to be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned!

  8. Loving your potting bench. So Spring/Summer.

  9. Super cute spot Debra! I'm lovng the ironstone pieces :) I’m excited to tell you that this post will be featured in Tuesday Turn About Link Party this week! Thanks so much for linking up and we hope to see you this week! Pinned 😊


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