Saturday, October 27, 2018

Thanksgiving to Christmas Tree

We'll be inundated with "Christmas in Blogland" next week. (I AM excited to see what's coming for Christmas) There are still some of us that even though we are looking forward to Decking the Halls, still want to celebrate Thanksgiving. This causes us to look for ways to start the Christmas Decor process, but we're not ready to barrel head long into it, bypassing Thanksgiving.

One of the things I've done for several years is to go ahead and put up my Christmas Trees, but either leave them bare with lights only, or decorate them with Fall leaves and berries. This makes a nice balance in being able to quickly move into Christmas. It could mean as soon as the last guest is out the door that we start pulling out the Christmas tubs!

Here, I was using a beautiful white tree from Treetopia, and I was afraid the white tree would be a little too "elegant" for the rustic French olive bucket, but using naturals keeps it from being too foo foo. I used Fall leaves and berries, some faux Viburnum, and my flock of birdies.

By keeping the tree minimally decorated, it's easy to change up for Christmas.

Here are a few pics from the past where I put up a tree before Thanksgiving. I think a lot of us do this, maybe just leaving it unadorned with the lights aglow for our Thanksgiving Celebration. Either way, I love the idea of an Autumn Tree, and also, it feels great to be a little out front for Christmas!

I used a small narrow profile tree in the Dining Room in 2013wrapped in Burlap.
I loved this one because it had those furry little owls.

I put this one up earlier in the Fall, so it also had Sunflowers.

Here are a few other ideas for Autumn/Thanksgiving Trees from Pinterest. 
I've noticed many Pinterest pics now have no "history" or sources. 
Unless there is a watermark, there is no way to track down the origin of the photo.

(I found this image on Pinterest, if it belongs to someone
 please let me know so I can credit you)
grapevine tree decorated for Fall (like concept, try one for the shows?  have some crows that wld be perfect for...)


American Autumn 2011    To see more details, visit our Blog page "RAZ Christmas Trees.."

Transitional LED Tree at Common Ground

common ground : LED Woodsy Tree and Transitioning to Christmas

Pottery Barn

no source
Thinking I'll set up the C-Mas tree and turn it into a Fall tree this year

Traditional Home

Gorgeous natural tree with leaves and feathers - Traditional HomeƂ®

no source
My "autumn Tree"...amber lights, fall leaf garland, sunflowers, hydrangeas, burlap ribbon. The evening glow of the amber lights creates such a warm & cozy atmosphere in our home. I love it!

Bare branches filling out top of xmas evergreen tree

How do you all get ready for Christmas,
but still enjoy the cozy decor of Thanksgiving?

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  1. Debra, your transitional trees are really pretty. I guess I didn't realize you'd been doing this for as many years as you have (putting the tree up with fall/TGVG decor and then transitioning). I just go all out for Christmas, and keep it up about one month. I have one daughter who'd be ready to shoot Christmas scenes for any magazine in summer - lol, she's left her tree up ALL year, just with the lights. :)

    1. haha we had a backyard neighbor that had his tree from Sept 1 till end of January. Of course he could have had it up all year, but not turn on the lights. He was a little odd so I never asked or went by to check it out.

  2. I cannot decorate for Halloween or Harvest and probably not Thanksgiving as the main floor of our home is a total mess due to remodeling. Maybe next year, but seriously have enjoyed seeing your lovely decorations. Beautiful!!!
    Have a great Autumn,

    1. I hear you, remodeling at the new house would prevent me from doing anything. Having that kind of mess is a real deterrent!

  3. Wow, these are all fabulous trees. So much inspiration.

  4. I put up my trees before Thanksgiving. I had to when I was working so I was less stressed. Now I put them up to enjoy them longer. I may leave them unadorned this year as you suggest or I might tuck a few fall stem in the boughs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. What a beautiful post. I've not tried this idea as we use a large holiday tree, but this year with a new puppy, I'm going with three tabletop trees throughout the house. Now might be the time to experiment with these Autumn lovelies. The open living area also has a new accent color, recently added. It's a steely blue/purple and could be added in for both seasons I think. Am painting some pine cones and holiday ornaments in this color, and using a pewter garland and white sparkle lights. Thanks for your inspiration and have a wonderful week.

  6. Debra,
    LOVE your Thanksgiving -to-Christmas tree, dear one!
    Great inspirational trees from other sources, as well.
    Just before Halloween,I begin on the lower level
    of our 1970's Ranch Style Home in the Family Room.
    Once finished, I do the Bedrooms and Master Bath.
    Continuing right into the upper level Living Room.
    The Galley Style Kitchen is always last,
    as it requires many trips up-and-down the ladder.
    This year our son and daughter-in-law host Thanksgiving.
    Makes it so-o-o much easier on getting my Christmas decor
    up and ready for a Celebration of Christmas On Crooked Creek!

  7. Love your Thanksgiving trees Debbie! I have a small one on our front porch. I have thought about bringing out some of my trees and doing them for fall as well but I am always afraid I will be having to replace lights to often if I did that. I already do not have any luck with prelim trees lasting more than a season.

  8. I still haven't even shared my autumn house tour yet, haha - first it was too danged HOT - then I was having some paneling work done that's taking forever, and now it's been gloomy and raining for a week now.

    Too early for Christmas for me. : - )

    Anyway please stop on by and see how big my granddaughter is getting - posted her pumpkin farm visit. Hugs. ♥

  9. What a great idea Debra to decorate your trees for fall and Thanksgiving and then just have to transition to Christmas. This way you can enjoy the pretty lights of the trees longer too. Great idea.

  10. Your fall trees are lovely, Debra! I enjoyed seeing all of the inspiration photos!

  11. I was looking at small trees online this morning. After reading your wonderful post, I think I have to go back and look at the small trees again! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Lots of inspiration here the Thanksgiving trees!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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