Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life is like an old cupboard...

(feeling a little Forrest Gump-ish today)

Inevitably, when you move and downsize many of the furniture pieces you love and have collected have to be sold. Or in order to make the cut, they have to be relegated to different purposes and function. I can't tell you how much was sold last year, but let's just say it was literally truckloads. A couple of pieces that I could justify keeping were for storing things. I bought this piece to use at my antique mall space before I started blogging, but once I finished it, I realized it would be perfect for quilt storage in the downstairs guestroom. Now, it's in the basement/lower level kitchen nook next to the bar, displaying some of my odds and ends "collections".

Here at the new house

before, at the old house

Unpacking boxes of my old dishes and pottery is bittersweet. I'm glad I kept most of my stash, but finding a place for all of it here has been hair-pulling. I don't have near the storage space for dishes, etc. as at the old house, and my allotment for shelving in the storage room has been maxed out. So things that would normally be hidden in a cabinet are now going to have to be out in view.

I'm trying to get somewhat creative, grouping odds and ends together, so they don't look like a bunch of misfits trying to hang out together. The stuff in the above pic thankfully looks "Summerish", so maybe I can get away with this for awhile. 

 here at the new house.
I had to hang onto my white painted suitcases!

Last year this old pie safe was in the kitchen sitting area at the lease house. I have to say, I really loved it there. It was great for storing my transferware, and with the doors open, it was fun keeping it Holiday and Seasonal. I think a good portion of my blog posts last year, had something to do with this old cabinet.

This piece kept me sane and blogging during that really hard time with my health. Just looking at it, filled with what I loved, was good motivation for me. There were many days that otherwise, I would have just stayed in bed.

Now, it's downstairs in the kitchen nook, too. Filled with white pottery, ironstone, pink floral china, and a few prints for balance. I'm using these old cupboards for storing all the little bits and pieces, that I'm not ready to let go of quite yet.

... and before the lease house? 

It was in my studio, filled with craft and jewelry supplies.

those things are still in boxes,
and hopefully I can get to them sometime soon.
or maybe not...

I guess it's sort of like life in general.

To be around and relevant for the long haul,
you have to be able to reinvent yourself...
be flexible and don't complain. 
Be grateful for the life you have and where you're placed.
make the best of it, and enjoy the job you've been given.
Don't let a few dings and scratches make you feel unlovely.
Stay thankful and be a blessing,
you might not know how important you really are.

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  1. Love how you tied in your worn, beloved pieces to a lesson on Life. Such wise words Debra. And boy I can relate to having to re-think and let go of a lot of stuff I had in my old home. I've still got boxes in my garage unopened and sitting there waiting for my decisions.

  2. Hi Debra - I know exactly what you mean about a beloved cupboard filled with all that you love to keep you sane at down times. I, too, have moved into smaller quarters for now and had to have my step-back with me to fill with favorite dishes and knick knacks to enjoy everyday. It's stressful moving and the comfort of a loved piece of furniture in the new space is a very positive thing. I can look at your beautiful cupboard and feel the love. :) Deb

  3. I needed that last paragraph really badly this morning. Thanks.

    1. oh, thanks for letting me know that. sometimes it's easy to feel like we're the only one going thru "stuff". have a good "rest of the day"! big hugs, Debra

  4. After a decade, I'm finally letting go of things I thought I'd use in this house. After all, it's not the things that make your house a home, but the people who live there and visit from time to time. We need the space more than we need the clutter. You've got the perfect cupboards to store the things that are special to you. Isn't it funny how a shelf filled with bits and pieces of things you love can make your heart sing?

  5. Everything looks so pretty Debra! You have such a talent for making anything look gorgeous!


  6. You have such cute pieces for storage. These were always two of my favorites so I'm glad they made the cut.

  7. Debra,
    Oh, my, dear friend. .. relocating is never easy,
    but then add in the fact that you downsized, too. . .
    I'm sure it can be overwhelming at times!!!
    You're o n e creative person, dear one!!!
    Proof of that lies in the amazing booth spaces you did all those years!!!
    I think you've "got this"!!!
    I adore your last paragraph. . .
    You may not realize how important you are to all of us,
    a true blessing in my life for which I'm thankful!!!

    1. thanks Pat, that means a lot to me. some days I don't feel like I have much of value to share or relevancy. Life looks good on the outside, but it can be tough for so many of us on the inside. not complaining, but constant health problems can make the "everyday" a bummer at times and really drag you down. You're such a sweetheart always leaving such uplifting and postive comments for everyone here in Bloggyville. We appreciate YOU!

  8. Love your suitcase stack! I had three stacked in my tea room and they got all moldy. =( Now I have one lonely one left in our guest room. Always on the hunt for more.


  9. Oh wow. This one hit home. RIght now it's relevant to how we feel when we style our spaces at the antique mall (too many things, not enough space, oh, let's go shopping), but life in general.....I know I sound like a broken record, but I am learning so much from you, and taking notes! Great post.

  10. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. I've never known anyone else who collects Japanese 'Majolica'. I have the exact yellow teapot (the one with blue ribbons and grapes). I found it at an old antique store in Galveston, Texas and fell in love with it. I don't see much of it any more but can spot it from a mile away!

  11. Oh, those little bits and pieces - so very difficult to let go of. I have the same issue, I just am not ready to give up many of my pretties, and it's because they give me so much pleasure just looking at them. I have stopped going to yard sales (too easy to acquire more stuff) and only attend larger antique shows or flea markets because the pricing tends to be higher and I really think long and hard before shelling out money to make a purchase. This strategy has really helped curb my collecting tendencies. I have also let go of so much, but now am following your lead and using various open cupboards for display of my treasures - no more hiding away in boxes and cabinets.

  12. I love that cabinet with the wire in the doors. I don't blame you for keeping it. It's too nice to get rid of. Plus, it's more storage! I've never had to downsize before, but I can only imagine that it's a challenge. Our next house won't be a smaller size either because we're already in a modest size home. As long as I have a storage area for all my extra stuff I'm good. You've got some pretty things to decorate those shelves with!

  13. Sounds like quite a few of us are downsizing these days. I had to let go of one of my favorite cabinets before we moved and I miss having a place to display my favorite things. I love all of yours. I like to be surrounded by all my pretties. These make me happy. I told my husband last night that I don't feel at home yet. I'm not into apartment living. This cramps my style but I am close to my babies now. Good luck to you as you adjust too.

  14. Looks great Debra. So happy even with downsizing you could hold onto a few precious things like your cabinets and the stuff to fill the spaces.

  15. I love your analogy of your cupboards to life...good reminders for me today!
    Back to the cupboards...I adore each of yours for their particular charm. Cupboards are such great places to display or store the lovelies we cherish and the collections that bring us joy.
    Mary Alice

  16. I love all your cupboards. They have so much charm. Everyday is a blessing!!


  17. Hey Debra! I just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks for being so real and for sharing the bitter with the sweet - they often go hand in hand. I'm praying that you're feeling better. Our homes are often an expression of our heart and it can be hard to let go.
    love and grace~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  18. I know the feeling. I've had to give up SO much. How about shelves over doors or windows to display dishes?

  19. SO true; so true......that philosophy of an old cupboard. It ought to be printed up and framed!

  20. You are such a blessing to so many! When someone such as yourself "SHINES" through life with the good and the bad it gives hope. You shine girl!

  21. Love this post and so relevant to our journey!

  22. I think everything that you are doing looks great and when I saw the post title I DID think of Forrest Gump, lol! :) Having said that I love the analogies in the post ...beautiful : )

  23. What a great post Debra and filled with words of wisdom. Love everything. Thank you for partying with me.

  24. Debra I loved your words at the end and how you connected it to your furniture and decorating:). Beautifully written!!! It is hard to let go of old pieces after moving I love how you made them work it your new place. Love what you said about being thankful and being a blessing. So so true!!! Thank you for sharing this at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link. Have a great weekend:) take care, Tara

  25. Debra, your cabinets are perfect and I think you have displayed them very tastefully. It is difficult getting rid of things that we love. I know that some day I will have to do this as well. I'm glad you hung on to your white suitcases because they are so cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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