Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Container Planter Inspiration

I was starting from scratch this year when it came to getting containers planted. Up until last year, I had Geraniums that were 5 and 6 years old, as I would winter them in our basement. So last week I went looking for some container pot inspiration. I was mostly interested in plant varieties that would work for full sun. I do have some shady spaces that I will get to later, but my first round has been for the deck, lower patio, and a large concrete container for the front courtyard.

When I'm hunting for inspiration, the first place I head is Pinterest.
You'll find all the sources for these beautiful plantings
 on my Pinterest Board, Flowers, Plants, and Containers

 I really love this mix of pinks and yellows with Lantana,
 Million Bells, and Trailing Geraniums.

These next three are from Yvonne at Stone Gable.
Love the wonderful, colorful mix!

I like to use Geraniums as the main attraction,
then fill in with plants that will be trailing.

Having a variety of containers makes it more fun.
This oversized galvanized vintage tub, 
is perfect for a large selection.

The formula for a balanced container planting is for "Thriller, Filler, and Spiller". That would be something that's upright and attention grabbing, then a "filler" for the midsection, and then the "spiller", which would be the trailing varieties.

Using "shades" of pinks, reds, and purples are fun,
but this year I chose to use a varied assortment of crazy color.

Love this urn with a variety of Geraniums,
 Creeping Charlie, and Verbena.

Here is one pot that I worked on last week.
It looks a little bare in spots, 
but once they start growing, it will quickly fill in.

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I'll  be back on Friday to share what I've been working on, 

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  1. You apparently have a much greener thumb than I do, Debra. Your pots are going to look so amazing when the flowers fill in! I love your color selections!

  2. Love all this inspiration. Just started my garden flowers too. So nice to see the sweet signs of summer.
    Have a great week.

  3. I love gardening in containers. Perfect for me. Less work! I particularly like white and purple in the garden. And all colors really. My galvanized gardens really look pretty right now.

  4. I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a garage sale where the owner of the home was selling every pot of flowers that came with the house she had just moved in to. I asked her why in the world would she not want them and her answer was that she would kill them as she was just too busy. So up into the truck went two fabulous pots with huge geraniums. Now to add the fillers, and spillers and I certainly got the thrillers. Thanks for the inspiration on what to add to the mix.

  5. Oh I so love gorgeous container the inspiration here. Just starting to do some flower planting!

  6. Wish you were closer as I have five varieties of lantana growing here. I give it away all the time.

  7. The containers are absolutely gorgeous! Loved all the color and variety! Do not plant in the desert for summertime but will remember these for next fall & winter!

  8. I just finished some container gardens over the weekend. I, too, love geraniums! I added in ivy for my spillers and then some little yellow flowers for fillers. I also planted trailing lobelia seeds for more fill and spill. We'll see what they do! In other pots I have solely petunias. I like the idea of planting perennials in pots and then overwintering them, like coreopsis. You certainly get more bang for your buck then!

  9. Debra, I love all of your garden containers and flowers. Everything is so beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. When you bring the geraniums in for the winter are they bare roots or in the container? We are new to "winters"!

    1. Hi Priscilla, I just keep the geraniums in the pot and cut them back, taking off any old blooms. then in the Spring, I also trim them since most of the growth over the winter is scraggly, I also add new soil and fertilize. just make sure they have some light and water each week.

  11. Beautiful, I love the zinc pots and that first pot and all the inspiration flowers are so pretty!

  12. Such beautiful inspiration!! Thank you for sharing! ~julie

  13. Well learn something new every day..I didn't know that you could winter geraniums in the basement! : )

  14. What a perfect post! I'm just getting ready this weekend to plan my containers. Now, I've been doing this for years and where have I been, never hearing the "Thriller, filler, spiller" theory. Now that's just a brilliant and easy way to be creative. Love the soft pink and white combo.

  15. Oh I can't wait to get my flowers - 2 weeks longer here in Montreal !
    Your's look simply gorgeous Debra and make me want to start sooner !

  16. Debra,
    Your containers are gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    Love the harmonious blending of varieties and hues!!!
    I've never been brave enough to "mix" 'em up. . .
    so I stick to a single variety in each pot.
    Boring, I know. . .but safe!!!
    Thanks for all your inspirational photos!!!

  17. Debra, I have been having so much fun planting my pots and vintage containers. I too love using geraniums. I bought two flats. One hot pink and one white. A local nursery sells them for $1 each every year for mother's day. Love your inspiration photos. The pots always do look a little sparse at first, but fill in nicely. Yours will be beautiful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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