Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Inspiration #85 Fleaing France

Hello all, time for some Vintage Inspiration, and do I have some today!  I want to share a blog with you that I've recently found through Pinterest, Fleaing France.   And then I was surprised and thrilled to see that Simone had linked up with the party last week. Where else but blogland could you make these wonderful connections?

Simone is an American from NYC, who is living her dream in France. She had traveled to France regularly for years when she decided to make a permanent move to Provence. Simone is now putting her love for the Brocante to work in her business, "Fleaing France". 

In Simone's words:

"Fleaing France sprang out of a love of all things French and brocante related. As an American who traveled to France regularly for 15 years, I lived the trials and tribulations of trying to find those special markets, brocantes and restaurants, often arriving as they were folding up tables or pulling in chairs.
Once living here full time, I found myself answering questions and taking those sent to me by friends and former guests to see the treasures of my adopted home..........thus FleaingFrance came to be.

Whether you are flying into Paris for a weekend or visiting Provence for a week, I am happy to be of service. I offer both guided tours and customized itineraries should you wish to explore on your own.
Please feel free to send an email and I will answer as promptly as possible.

If you can't make it here and are dying for something French and fabulous in the mean time, peek in the FleaingFrance Brocante to browse, dream or bring home a treasure!
When you are ready to shop France like an insider....just.....
Say "Oui" to the Flea!"

Thanks so much Simone, for allowing me to showcase your blog!

Hope you'll take a few minutes to visit Simone's blog.  She's in the process of redesigning her website, so look for more info and shopping tour dates soon. And if you have an hour to spend immersed in all things French, then browse her Pinterest boards. just beautiful!

And now some more inspiration from last week!

Jennifer from Town and Prairie recreated a wonderful clock 
for her family room.

Revi from Revisionary Life made over an old trunk into a real beauty.

Marcy from Antique Chase made this wonderful burlap runner
and then like a pro, hand knotted it for a real French feel.

 Tracie from Fishtail Cottage found a wonderful whimsical piece
to transform into her own potting bench!

has me in love with her vintage sink/tub turned flower box!

Just Gorgeous, Jann!

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  1. Hello Debra,
    It is marvelous to meet virtually - to share and to find common interests! Thank you for sharing this marvelous blogger - I'd love to visit France one day - this way I can through her images! Thank you for being a gracious hostess,

  2. Oh my, what a great blog, I will go by and visit. Thanks tons for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a great dream to live out! I wish I could go and visit and take one of those tours! Awesome! Thank you for hosting and for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  4. Wow! I have to go and visit and see such fabulous things. Thanks for sharing and for having me at your great party. Hugs,

  5. Thanks you for coming over to say hi and showing all of this lovliness!

  6. I'm heading over for a virtual tour of France, such lovely treasures.
    Love your features, especially the burlap runner.
    Thanks for hosting Debra.

  7. Thanks for hosting! The France gal is truly living a dream! how fun. Little Bit

  8. WOW! I've always wanted to go to France! Off to visit! Thanks. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I am leaving for Paris in just over a week and am so excited to visit the Marche aux Puces myself! I follow Fleaing France and her finds are to die for! You will love looking at her things!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  10. I will have to check out her shop. Thanks for introducing her and what fabulous features. Love the planter idea. Now I need an old sink.

  11. Wow and you know I have an old sink in the back yard of the old house. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Thank you for your kind word Debra! You've made my day...actually I think it will carry over for a few days :) So happy to be in the company of such talented ladies!!!!

  13. Thanks so much for the party!!

  14. Thanks for hosting Debra. Lots og great eye candy!

  15. such fun frenchy stuff

    i'll have to give
    miss Simone a visit

    thanks for hosting!


  16. Love it all!!! Thanks for hosting!!

    XO, Aimee

  17. Just beautiful!
    Thanks for hosting ...lovely features :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  18. Thanks Debra! All linked up! Fleaing France has some luscious stuff! I loved her white post!

  19. Love the features you have chosen. Thanks for hosting!

  20. Oh what fun!!

    Just started a blog and hope to link up next week!!

    Robin ~ Southern Bella

  21. love that potting bench! thanks for hosting, debra!!

  22. How fun that you featured Simone this week! I just found her blog this last week through someone's favorite blogs list! :) great stuff! Thanks for hosting!

  23. You always such beautiful "vintage inspirations", and this week was just a treasure. Thank you for hosting. -K

  24. Simone is living the dream life - I would love to his the Paris flea and if I do, I'll give her a call!

    Love that tub planter!!

  25. What a beautiful blog Simone has! Thanks so much for sharing it with us Debra and for hosting us here each week! :-)

  26. Lot's of wonderful inspiration, thanks for hostessing this fun blog party!

  27. Thanks so much for hosting your vintage party, Debra! Most weeks I don't have a vintage post to share but I love looking at other posts here at Inspiraton Friday...I was happy to have something that I could 'bring to the party' today.
    Great pictures of fleaing in France and wonderful features too.

  28. Thanks for hosting each week, Debra! And for the lovely round up!
    xo Becca

  29. Thanks for hosting, Debra. And thanks for featuring my clock. I'll be sure to check out Fleaing France!

  30. Fleaing France is a great blog. Nice features too, Debra. Thanks for hosting.

  31. Love all the features and appreciate the opportunity to link up. Thanks so much. Look forward to checking out Simone's Blog.

  32. France? FRANCE? I am so envious! Thank you for sharing!
    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  33. Thanks so much for hosting, I'll have to stop by her blog♥

  34. Debra ~ i'm so honored that you would feature Fishtail Cottage's new potting bench in your post... thank you so much! xoox, tracie

  35. HI lovely lady.
    Great features, thanks for hosting,
    I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  36. Hello there,
    I just discovered fleaing france recently, too - I'm thinking I stumbled on to it on facebook - I can't remember - so many ways to meet folks these days!

  37. Hi Debra,
    So neat about Simone. I am hopping over to visit her. Can you believe that I don't have a new vintage post to link up today? I'm sure I'll be back next week. Just want to say thanks again for the feature. I really appreciate it! Some great ones. Love, that trunk of Revi's!

  38. Thank you for hosting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am in love with that burlap runner- may have to try it...

  39. Love your fleaing France post, and thank you for hosting your party today. It's a perfect place to link my pillows! Have a great weekend.

  40. Simone is leaving the Dream :)
    I have spent my fair share of time at Paris flea markets.
    I would love to try that burlap runner.

  41. Hi Debra,
    Great pictures and thanks for posting all the blogs that go with them. I had actually seen one or two myself. I didn't have time to do anything vintage from my home today to join your party, but I will definitely be back next week.

    Take care,

  42. Hi Debra,
    Thanks so much for the feature of my trunk! I always enjoy the visual feast you prepare for us, and it's made my week to be featured on Common Ground.

  43. Oh to be able to flea in France one day! Have a wonderful weekend Debra!

  44. Such beautiful examples of all the creativity that bloggers are sharing.

    Thanks for hosting.

  45. Hi Debra!! I'm a bit late linking up but am all linked up now!! Thanks for hosting!

  46. Hi Debra!! I'm a bit late linking up but am all linked up now!! Thanks for hosting!


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