Thursday, November 4, 2021

Cozying Up the Back Porch for Fall

November is here and it's time to bring out the warm snuggly blankets, long underwear, and cups of yummy hot cider. My wish for cooler, sweater weather has arrived and plunked itself down right here in Southern Missouri. It seems like each year the summers get longer, but then poof... overnight we plunge from the upper 80's into the 50's with an overnight jet stream.

All that shivering had me running for my stash of vintage Pendleton wool blankets and Tartan Scottish plaid throws. That was fine with me, because I've been wanting to do a little photo shoot out back here on the porch. I grabbed a cup of hot tea and started bringing out a few late fall items that work together and celebrate this transition time from Fall to Winter... Thanksgiving to Christmas. 

My husband and I bought his mom and dad this metal park bench about 25 or 30 years ago for Christmas one year, and of course it sat outside in the elements for most of that time. When they gave up housekeeping we brought it back to our house and used it on our lower back patio. By the time we got it the wooden slats were already deteriorating, but my husband just hasn't had a time to replace them. Hopefully we can get to that because it's such a great piece, very heavy and well made.

I think it had been "natural" wood stained with the metal being black. It needed help so of course I painted it white. Now it's a squirrel "hangout" as are the rest of the chairs and furniture out here in the back porch. Every morning I have to come out and swipe away the acorn and hickory nut shells before I can sit down. So covering it all up with a plaid blanket only helped it's appearance!

I have a few other pieces of furniture out here, including this "married" garden table 
that's made out of an old furnace grate on top of an antique sewing machine base.
It has just the right amount of rust on it.

Not long ago I happened to be browsing Michaels website and found this really cute pumpkin sign for Thanksgiving that was on deep discount. It's a deep charcoal gray and made to look like shiplap with gold leaves and an engraved initial monogram. I thought it was perfectly "subdued" and not too in your face for this time of year. Which in code means "not bright orange". See how I casually placed it next to the little lighted Christmas tree? 

Last year I posted my late Fall thesis entitled

I brought along my vintage orange plaid Thermos and a couple 

of grain sack pillows that I made several years ago.

This is my favorite Fall/Christmas wreath with Hydrangeas, 
preserved leaves, berries and pinecones. 
I didn't have anywhere to hang it out here, so it's just

lounging on the park bench looking pretty.

I also brought out my faux mums from Hobby Lobby in the smaller olive bucket.
I honestly can't believe these things aren't real. They're much nicer than real ones.
There's a little squirrel that just can't wrap it's little head around the fact
that these blooms aren't real. He tries to chew on them, and I've had to scoot

him away multiple times. Not sure what he's thinking...

The goat cart is a reproduction I bought many years ago
from a company in Northern Missouri.
Sorry, I don't remember their name.

The other side of the porch is where I keep the Potting Bench.
So I moved over here to get some other pics
where I didn't have to compete with the bright afternoon sun.

You can see the scattered bird seed and sunflower husks
under the wicker rocker.
The birds aren't the mess makers.

I haven't shown this antique chair for years.
 It's very very old and was covered with wicker once upon a time.
Now it's down to the heavy metal frame.
Weatherworn and old, it's still beautiful.

(not functional, but a pretty shape)

I hope you're enjoying some lovely late Fall days and evenings.

We put our new firepit together last week and I'll try to share some pics soon.
It's nothing fancy, but I think it will be fun.
(p.s. not a sponsored post)

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  1. Lovenyour back porch decor, Debra. That pumpkin you found at Michael's is a nice addition. I can't to get settled in. I need to get a couple large and heavy mirror/silkscreen hung. The squirrels in my corner are lost without the tree, lol!

    1. Thanks Rita, oh poor squirrels. Tell them not to come to my place!! When they sit in your patio furniture and stare at you, then climb on your screens let me know. haha

  2. Oh, Debra! Your back porch looks marvelous! You have carried your decorating outside and I love it! Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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