Saturday, August 28, 2021

10 Tips to Transition to Fall

If you know me and have been a reader of my blog for long, you'll know that Fall is my favorite time of the year. I've always loved the cooler temps, changing leaves, and knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the way. It's a fun time to cozy up our homes and spaces. 

Today, I'm excited to be a part of fun Transition to Fall Hop that shares how we make the way from Late Summer decor to Fall. We each have our own style and aesthetic which includes color palettes and preferences, so I'll just share my photos and ideas which have been tried and true for me for seasonal change ups in decor. 

If you're coming from Marty's blog A Stroll Thru Life, I'm so glad you're here. We hope you'll continue to visit around the Hop with the Linky list at the bottom of the post. Thanks to Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home for putting this fun Hop together! So let's get started as I share my list to consider when I get started on my transition to Fall.

Here are some of the ways I start the decor change up to Fall.

1. Look to Nature for the Color palette. My first consideration in whatever I might be using for this time of year, I bring out the colors of  Late Sumer and Fall. This means looking to the Harvest-y colors of nature. Golds, deep greens, browns, a little orange, deep reds and purples. I let the season dictate the colors I use. Think about golden maize colors, garden produce at the local farm stand, Maple leaves starting to change, prairie grasses, and Hydrangea blooms taking on their last metamorphosis of color. Even if you prefer whites and neutrals, I think it's good to have a touch of seasonal color to add to the backdrop. One year I did an all neutral Fall decor and I was totally depressed. Just a little color, even pastels help to set the stage for a seasonal reset.

The casual eating area in the Garden Room 
always has a colorful seasonal tabletop grouping.

The sitting area in the Garden Room always reflects the seasonal color palette.

2. Texture and Warmth in Textiles with Quilts, Pillows, Throws and Bedlinens. As the days and evenings cool a bit it's time to bring out the cozy throws on the sofas and chairs, more comfy pillows, fabrics with a warm cozy feel, and an extra quilt on the bottom of the bed. Take the opportunity to bring in those seasonal colors in your layered fabrics. You can use warmer and more coarse textures and fabrics as you head into Fall like grain sacks, burlap, cotton/wool blends and heavy linens.  As we move further into Fall those light colored textiles can be exchanged with woolens and darker colors. I love Pendleton blankets and Scottish woolen "throws" so those come out as Fall progresses.

Using seasonal colors and themes with decorative pillows is a real favorite of mine. It's easiest if you have actual pillow covers you can change out while using the same pillow form. I really love decorating with new and vintage quilts for the seasons. Having my little sitting area with a wicker settee has been fun through the years in having a place to display quilts and pillows. Using a quilt on the back of a sofa or love seat or even a chair, can bring in color, pattern and texture that's fun for Fall. 

The Hearth Room is another spot for decorative pillows, quilts and throws.

3. Florals, Plants and Arrangements that reflect the season. One of the easiest ways to transition to Fall is to change up faux floral arrangements to keep pace with the flowers that are common with late Summer and Fall. I like to see seasonal and natural looking florals whether they are real or faux. Keep flowers, fruits and naturals elements seasonally current. Hydrangeas are my favorite decorative flower, since they can be used for each season. Adding Sunflowers and leaves to a bunch of dried summer hydrangeas or faux blooms can easily take you into Fall. Then, later in the month add some Fall leaves for more color. Mums are starting to show up in late August and faux mums can now be found that look just like the real deal.

I keep this big ice cream bucket filled with
 seasonal faux flowers throughout the year.
Mixing Hydrangeas and Sunflowers is my go-to look for late Summer into Fall.

This Italian metal basket is a fixture on my dining room table.
It has a base of moss and ivy, then I change out the faux florals 
throughout the season.

Hydrangeas and sunflowers always show up in late summer to early Fall.

Dried early summer Hydrangeas mix with faux Hydrangeas in the Garden Room.

A late Summer grouping of cut Hydrangeas from the Garden
show off their gorgeous green, mauve and purple hues.

4. Seasonal Prints and Wall Decor. New and vintage prints and wall decor can do a lot to change the "feel and vibe" of a seasonal home. I've always loved vintage prints so I tend to lean in that direction. I keep this in mind when strolling the aisles of an antique shop or vintage market. Favorite Fall pieces for me would be fruit prints, still life prints and paintings with a garden theme, and landscapes that are done in Fall colors.

The  Entry Console is a spot I change up frequently. Small vintage prints
that are seasonally appropriate are rotated as the calendar changes.

Late August Entry this year.

A few years ago.

Mid September Entry

The mantel is another spot that is easy to change up for the seasons.
Small prints and paintings usually accessorize the other seasonal pieces.
My vintage "French" mirror stays here, but other pieces can be added.

This Sunflower print has been on the mantel this late Summer/early Fall.

Later in the Fall season I swap the Sunflower wreath out
for this Fall Leaf and Pear wreath.

Antique Fall Botanical in an oak frame.

5.  Table Runners and Table Linens. I like to keep my Dining Room tabletop seasonal by using a table runner that's in autumnal colors. In the Fall I gravitate to darker neutrals and heavier textures. I've mentioned before that I'm lazy when it comes to table runners in the Dining Room, so I just buy a length of fabric and fold and press it to the right width. Super easy and if I ever prefer to use the fabric for something else like curtains or pillows it's at the ready. 

One of my favorite runners for Summer and early Fall 
is using a large piece of indigo ticking.

Late Summer arrangement.

Grain sack fabric.

I was using this length of grain sack fabric with the old window box
 full of Hydrangeas in Fall colors at one of our previous homes. 

This is one of my favorite easy table runners for Fall.
It's just a piece of 3 yard fabric folded down the middle
in shades of grays, rust, and golds.

This floral fabric print is what I'm using this year in the early Fall season...

6. China, Pottery, and Ironstone. Going along with colors and table linens using table settings that reflect the season is another way to bring in the feel of Fall. I don't have a lot of dishes, but I really love Transferware and have several pieces of Brown and Red. During late Summer and Fall, the Brown transferware pieces get top billing, whether I'm displaying them in the China Cupboard or using them for a Tablescape. Take advantage of Harvest gatherings and Thanksgiving by bringing out the seasonal china and pottery pieces.

I love to display my dishes, china, and pottery in the Holiday Cupboard.
I keep this seasonal with a color palette and collectible pieces.

A display with my Brown Transferware as a base,
 from last year in the Holiday Cupboard.

My Brown Transferware pitchers are are
a great way to decorate for Fall.

A late Summer buffet using brown transferware.

No matter the season I love incorporating my pieces of ironstone.
It works for any season and color palette.

7. Create Seasonal Centerpieces, Vignettes and Tabletop Displays. Whether it's a simple bowl of seasonal fruit like apples, pears, pumpkins, or hedge apples, or a grouping of cloches, be sure they reflect the season. Using dried leaves and Bittersweet can go a long way to add some "Fall" to your everyday transitional vignettes and displays.

A grouping of pears in a basket or bowl is a great way to ease into Fall 
without going all out "Pumpkin Crazy".

But when September rolls around, I'm ready to bring out the pumpkins!

A tapestry stuffed pumpkin nestles in a vintage ironstone compote. 

Ironstone small pitchers on the buffet in the Dining Room.

Late Summer cloche with bird.

8. Bring out your Seasonal Collections: anything in multiples such as squirrels, chipmunks, sheep, villages, pumpkins. They look perfect for a Fall Grouping.

I love sheep and incorporate them throughout the seasons
 in displays and fun vignettes.

9. Fragrances and Aromas of the Season. I love the yummy aromas of Apple Pie, Blackberry Cobbler, Pumpkin Bread, Caramel and Cinnamon... those are some of my favorite smells of the Late Summer into Autumn Season; not a coincidence that those are all flavorful and nostalgic aromas that come from the kitchen. I like to bring in Harvest aromas of nature during the Fall; earthy smells of woodsy campfires and Fall leaves with candles, room diffusers, potpourri, and if you can enjoy these home baked goodies for real, then all the better!

10. Don't forget the Porch. Fall is such a fun time to decorate the front porch and deck. Clean out all the dead summer pots and grab those Mums as soon as you can. I know they start showing up here in late August. I try to buy mums in their various stages of bloom. I find the ones that have just a hint of bloom are just as pretty as those in full flower. Keep your ferns alongside for greenery, and when the pumpkins and gourds hit the market stand, I say "more the merrier". Can't do live plants? then find some realistic faux mum bushes for some color instead. Enjoy the cooler evenings on the porch with decorative pillows and quilts too.

A wicker door basket that I use each Fall is filled with faux Hydrangeas,
Sunflowers, and a few darker coneflowers with berries.
It's the perfect way to easily go from August into September. 

We have seating areas and a potting bench on the back porch.
So it's fun to add a little seasonal touches to the setting. 

I'm always in a hurry for September and for Fall to get here. I love the Autumn season so much it's worth it to get ahead of things just a little. It's never too early for me to start thinking about the transition to Fall. Keep these little tips in mind when you feel the urge to embrace the idea of Fall. And no matter what the season, these same little tips can take you into the next season, just use the colors and flavors of the season you're heading into. Have fun this next few weeks making the transition from Summer to Fall!

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  1. Nobody celebrates Fall like you do, Debra! I love, love, love all your gorgeous vignettes, how you layer in beautiful bits of nature and texture and how you use so many pretty flowers too. It all just makes me want to stop and study each photo. I'm constantly inspired by you. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thankyou so much CoCo, that means so much! I DO love fall!

  2. Debra,
    Gorgeous!! Love everything that you showcased here!! But i have a weakness for your Sun Room and adore how you decorate it no matter what Season it is!! thanks for sharing!!

    1. thankyou Debbie, that sunroom is such a fun place to decorate; sort of an addiction for me!

  3. So many pretty fall vignettes. I especially love our porch, such an inviting space.

  4. I love that you have neutrals in your decor but then bring in textures and colors of the season to bring dimension and interest. Always so pretty. Happy Friday. xoxo

  5. You are the queen of table vignettes! I love how you utilize the old and chunky. And each area has something wonderful to see. From the gorgeous pillows, the ironstone and transferware to the little animals. It's all so adorable. I bet you have so much fun decorating the cabinets too. I would! Always love hopping with you. :)

  6. Debra, you have such flair for creating cozy sitting spaces and gorgeous nature-inspired vignettes! Your post is brimming over with lovely ideas--your ice cream crock floral arrangement is one of my favorites. It is always a pleasure to join you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  7. Your fall decor is just stunning! It's obvious that fall is your favorite season because you do it so well! I love how all your colors stand out against the white backgrounds. Great hopping with you again. Pinned!

  8. Debra I always come away SO inspired when I visit you. Your amazing vignettes have filled me with inspiration.

  9. Love all your amazing vignettes and your mantel ideas too. I never thought of mixing dried hydrangeas and faux together but I'm going to give it a try. Your arrangement is so pretty!
    Thanks for all the fall inspiration Debra!

  10. You really do have a wonderful collection of framed art to choose from. They always add so much to your beautiful fall vignettes.

  11. Debra, I always love all of your displays but I think fall decorations are my favorite. All those beautiful earthy and jewel tones just look so perfect against your white backgrounds. Fall colors are my most favorite also and I am so looking forward to getting to that point..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  12. So many good ideas to inspire! thanks for sharing them

  13. Beautiful! I love all things fall, and your vignettes are lovely! I'd love to have you share on our link parties, Happiness is Homemade & Traffic Jam Weekend at!

  14. As much as I totally love fall (it’s my favorite season) I just can’t bring myself to even think about fall with it still being so darn hot here! It just makes me feel all that much hotter. I love what you’ve done and your tips are certainly spot on so enjoy your pretties and maybe soon (late September or early October) I can get into it a little more.

  15. Debra,
    So many great tips and beautiful styling. I'd love to share this post on my Sunday, Dirt Road Adventures. If that's OK. I will link to your blog post.

  16. Debra,
    Your home is just so cozy and gorgeous. You have always had a gift for arranging flowers!

  17. Debra this post is giving me all the fall feels! I can't wait to be over this Covid crud so I can dig in the totes! Your early fall decor is lovely. I love all the vintage prints so much and your use of pears and hydrangeas for early fall.
    Man I hope I get my sense of smell back soon too so I can smell all the beloved fall scents!

    Everything you shared is so inpsiring. Thanks for joining the hop!


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