Friday, May 24, 2019

Vintage White Pottery

I did a pretty good job of packing and labeling all my breakables. Boxes of Transferware (brown, red, and green) ironstone, majolica, china, etc... and several boxes of White Pottery. At the previous place I kept it put away in the basement bar area because I just didn't have room to display it. So now that I have the garden room, I'm making a seasonal spot for it here. I may rotate it after Summer is over, but for now I've gathered all the white pottery pieces together for a little collection.

Nothing fancy, just a few pieces of McCoy, Hull, Haeger, USA, and some unmarked vases and plant pots. I had this little shelf in the basement at the other house on top of my "family" washstand. Here, it's on top of an antique foldout table that had also been downstairs.

This little shelf was in pretty rough shape, but I had given it a coat of white paint before we moved. I was hoping it would work in the Garden Room, and I think I'll enjoy using it for seasonal vintage decor. So right now it's holding a few pieces of the pottery and some other little Springtime odds and ends.

My favorite of the rectangular pieces is the one on the right that looks like bamboo.
The little lamb covered butter dish is new. 

I'm really fond of the matte vintage pottery pieces, but for some reason I don't see a lot of it here in the Midwest. I haven't been frequenting the flea markets like I used to, so it could be that I just am not out looking enough. I do have enough pieces to put together a little display, so that's really all that I need. I've mentioned that my closet and cupboards are full of stuff, so I need to take it easy with the "collecting".

I have a few little pieces of green kitchen glass shakers, and I have to give my paternal grandmother credit for this. She kept sugar in the larger one on her kitchen counter. Not sure why she used sugar from a shaker, but she did. I used to keep a cinnamon/sugar mix for toast in it in the past, but I didn't use it fast enough to keep fresh. Anyway, it's out here now with a few other green pieces.

As you can see, there's a little sheep theme going on here as well.

Katie had a really sweet birdcage with a lamb figurine at Easter, so I thought I'd put together one for Mother's Day. I just changed out the vintage Mother's Day postcard for a "Best Wishes" card last week.

I remember growing up, these rectangle pottery flower pots usually contained a Philodendron. Did your mom or grandma have one on top of the TV console? I think every house back in the 50's and 60's did. They came in all colors and were perfect for Philodendron because they are really hard to kill. haha. They can withstand almost anything. Sitting on top of a hot TV was perfect for them! 

I have a few more pieces of the white pottery on my Baker's Rack out here too. 

We had a horrible group of storms come through on Tuesday, several hours apart. I can say I've never seen it rain that hard or forcefully in real life. It looked like a "remote" on the Weather Channel of a hurricane. It was crazy, you could not see the street from our house. I get a little nervous during wind and rain events, since they usually come with strong straight line winds and tornadoes. Having a basement is good so you can head down there to wait things out, but it always makes a person nervous on another level concerning possible leaks or flooding. We made it through okay, but I know there must have been a lot of damage in other areas. I wouldn't be surprised if there were many in our town with water coming in.

We're actually having storms again this evening (Wednesday evening) just to the north of us. These strong and massive thunderstorms always come up from Texas, roar through Oklahoma, then come through SW Missouri up to St. Louis. That's our weather pattern 95% of the time. I'll be glad when were through this month because it's the worst for tornadoes and wind related thunderstorms. Plus we now have sticks to deal with... a boatload of sticks to pick up from the boatload of trees. 

Stay safe everyone, 

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  1. Love all your vintage white on that cute shelf unit. The birdcage is adorable too. Happy Thursday.

  2. Debra, so glad you weathered the storms and that your home did too - what a relief, right? I love your new little shelf unit, and all the white pottery. The covered butter dish is special! I have already found a new "field" to put my little flock of sheep in here at our condo. I smile each time I mix things from various other rooms into new spaces. Some rooms are a complete mix up of other rooms' furnishings. I love seeing your new home come to life with your collections. My dishes are mostly in storage, but well labeled, so I can't wait to start getting into them.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Love that little table and cute shelf unit!! All the white is perfect for a cool calm summer.....xoxoxo

  4. You have the coziest accessories! I love white pottery displayed together. Love that seed box too! Those storms would make me crazy. Glad you made it through all right!

  5. Debra,
    LOVE your collection of vintage white pottery!
    I, too, collect vases and pottery pieces.
    The three tier shelf is adorable!
    Your Baker's Rack is one of my favorite pieces to view on Common Ground!
    I can only imagine how lovely these two pieces are within your Sunroom.

  6. Hi Deb - nice to be back in blogdom, been a long while.

    Love you are displaying these lovely collected pieces - they look awesome.

    Hey will you write me and send me your cell number? I see matte stuff in our secondhand stores sometimes - would love to give you opportunity to get it for a good price if you want, if I see any.

    I took an entire year off of shopping secondhand stores and I am allowing myself to get back into it - but with caution and care - I have too much in my basement and I am following the "for every piece that comes in, one must go out." So I am being more selective, and that is a very good thing, haha.


  7. You have such a flair for styling things.

    I get what you mean about cutting back the collecting. There have been so many fun Pop Up Shops around me lately and I find such great vintage goodies. So, when I bring something in I make myself part with 2 so-so pieces in my collection.

  8. I bet we are having as much fun--experiencing your collections as you are. How fun to find new spaces and new homes for your precious goodies. Love the sheep oval print---gorgeous!

  9. I love this collection. You have some adorable pieces. Thanks for the link back. I have a green rectangle flower pot. I couldn't even get a philodendron to grow in it. No drainage holes is what I suspect was the problem. I do think white pottery is so popular it doesn't stay around long. I've had a harder time finding it lately. I love all you sheep. Adorable.

  10. We really underestimate the beauty of pure white!


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