Saturday, April 8, 2017

Picket Fence Centerpiece for Easter

I have a pile of "stuff" just inside the door to our main storage room. Each time I open that door and walk in I cringe a little; leftovers from a purging of boxes of vintage goodies that I had unpacked last year. I've had intentions of packing it up and taking it to some vintage lovin' dealer friends to see if they could use it, but I just haven't been feeling up to messing with it.

This little "Picket Fence" garden box was perched on top of the mountain, and shamed me each time I looked in it's direction. I've had it for years, and used it out on the sun porch for seasonal fun; Spring and Christmas were my favorites. 

I was tired of it taunting me, so I thought I'd give it a chance as a smallish Easter Centerpiece. There are so many cute and fun interpretations with a window box or industrial box out there, surely I could come up with something for the kitchen table.

I lined it with cardboard to keep the shredded Easter Grass inside. I finally made it to HL, and they had most of the Easter goodies at 40% off.

I found these colorful Easter Egg picks a few weeks ago. They were part of my retail therapy, only problem was I didn't know what in the world I'd do with them. 

Here are a few pics as I sat down prepared for some much needed inspiration. I have so much stuff, I was determined I wasn't going to go out and spend more money. My old stand-by paper mache Easter Bunny that I've had for at least 30 years, was waiting for a tryout. Only problem was that her Bunny Butt was a little too big, so I had to think of something else. (anyone else have a problem with a Bunny Butt that's a little big?) I had to opt for a different paper mache bunny who wasn't quite so wide.

While I was setting here taking a few pics, my little buddy came up to check out Bunns.
Well, Hello there. Ooooh, just the right size to get a good scratch going. feels great...

whoops, sorry mom, I don't think I did that...
I was just a little to enthusiastic with the scratching.

I'm just glad she feels like getting into mischief again. We've doubled her insulin, but she still has higher than wanted glucose numbers, but she's doing so much better. 

Back to the little fence box... I used some vintage painted clay flower pots with votive candles inside, and added a few vintage Easter Postcards for some color and fun.

You can see that I changed up the quilt and pillows on the wicker settee. It was time to put away the brown and bring out the pastel vintage Tumbling Blocks quilt. I really enjoy using it for Spring, it's so bright and sunny with pinks, blues, and yellows. I'll share that next week.

I searched the linen closet for a lighter, fresher "tablerunner" and found this little antique linen piece that has an added crocheted fringe. 

This little centerpiece was so easy to put together, I just needed to have a few seasonal elements, with a few staples. It could work for any season with pumpkins for Fall or little evergreen trees for Christmas. Now that this little piece is out of the "sell pile", I'm going to try to use it more often.

Have a great weekend,
we'll be in the 70's.

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  1. Debra, your Easter centerpiece came together so beautifully! The picket fence box is perfect for gathering all of those goodies. The kitty loving on the bunny is so sweet. :)

  2. SO so cute, Debra! This is my favorite Easter decoration of all this year! Happy Easter!

  3. Cute idea, Debra! The kitty is so cute!

  4. It's a good thing you rescued that piece from the sell pile! What a great display, and bonus in that it corrals things - always a plus. The kitty's look on her face when she knocked over the bunny - too funny, given your script.
    I made a pathetic attempt at putting my glass bunny on my reconfigured wet bar shelf, where I now have an outlet and shelves for decorating fun. I tipped my bunny off his lighted base - he fell over and broke on my new and unforgiving quartz countertop! Learning curve.....
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Love this ever so cute picket fence centerpiece and that beautiful runner!! So happy that " your buddy" is doing better!!!

  6. Aren't you glad you kept that cute picket fence box? It looks adorable filled with all things Easter! It's nice to see your kitty feeling playful and hopefully she's back to her old self soon. I love the pretty table runner, too!

    Happy weekend! It's warm up north too, and I'm enjoying the sunshine.

  7. That is just TOO cute! I love the kitty sniffing the bunny, too. They do get curious when we are crafting something pretty, don't they~hahaha. Wishing you and your family a bright and blessed Easter, Debra. :-)

  8. Your centerpieces are always so cute. I love that paper mache scratching bunny. I hope you were able to find a spot for that.

  9. Your picket fence centerpiece is so darn cute, Debra!! I had something similar that I used for little pots of flowers outdoors. A mistake, as it didn't hold up to the elements. This is when I wish for a handy husband!!! ;-D I love your little kitty sniffing the bunny. Our pets are a constant source of fun.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

    Jane x

  10. Super cute Debra! Your kitty made me laugh. Too cute playing with your bunny. :)

  11. Too sweet, and I love your kitty bit. I remember when we had our kitty (for 19 years) there was never ending fun and disaster depending on her mood. Happy Easter very cute arrangement of wonderful vintage and new bits, Sandi

  12. Love this Debra and your little supervisor! Glad to hear she is doing better.


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