Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Blooming 'Brella" and Friends

I've been bringing out some "Spring" around here this last week. It will be "Spring" until the end of March and then I'll get together some Easter decor. I really prefer Easter being in April, otherwise it's just too chilly and I like being able to enjoy both early Spring and then Easter. I know there's a fine line, but rabbits and bunnies, chickens, eggs and nests can do double duty... do I sound like a crazy old woman who doesn't have anything else to do except chit chat about seasonal decor items? please don't answer that.


It does my whole body and soul good to just think about the change of seasons. I'm always ready for whatever comes along next, I cannot imagine what it would be like to live someplace where it was the same thing each week of the year.

That's not to say I don't get really tired of the cold and heat, but I really would be bored if it was gorgeous and 72 degrees everyday of the year. (I know, some of you have that and it works for you) I love a big fluffy snow as much as I do an afternoon on a raft at the lake. Keeps things from being too "perfect".

Do you remember this vintage umbrella from a few years ago?
I don't think I've used it here at this house, 
I had it in the kitchen on the dish cupboard at the lease house
and it really brightened up those first long days over there.

I "fluffed" it a little bit and added a new little peep.

He was peeking out of a cute little galvanized tin
my sis gave me for my B'Day.
I thought he'd add some "cute" to the mix.

One of our favorite sayings around here 
is if something is just too cute,
then you just want to "eat it right up".

I want to eat this little guy right up!

This is one of my favorite Spring pillows
that I found a few years ago in Ozark.
too. dang. cute.
He's a little too big to eat,
I might choke on the burlap and the stuffing fluff.

(can you tell I've been trapped in the house for too long?)

don't you love that brown floral fabric as a backdrop?
Brown is a color I love for early Spring.
very "earthy" and "loamy" and digging in the dirt...

I've been working on the newly painted little wagon on the Dining Room table.
I'm covered in moss, and I've clogged up my hand held vac.
but it's really really looking like Spring!

p.s. it's supposed to snow here in about an hour...groan.

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  1. Love the brella, so nice and Spring, like the chick too. I am ready for Spring except that it feels like summer. Oh well.... just have to roll with the punches.

    Have a great week.

    1. Hi Mary, I just came from your blog, I hadn't been by for a bit. sounds like you've been one busy lady. I hear you on the thyroid. You're running circles around me. Thanks so much for leaving a note! xo Debra

  2. Love your brella and the little chick is just too cute!!, you gave me a good chuckle... your really are cute!

  3. Nice to see the brella make a come back!! Love the pillow too...... I'm with you kid, love the change of seasons, works well for me. We are also having snow and frigid temps, Mother Nature on crack!! I think we are all having a touch of cabin fever right now!!

    Take care and have some fun!!

  4. I've loved your spring vignettes for so, so long, Debra. I simply love the freshness and your love of bunnies as I'm so guilty of. That!! :-D

    Happy Spring!

    Jane x

  5. So much spring cuteness here. Deb

  6. Yes, we use that phrase "could just eat it right up!" That felted chick is adorable. I could see a little flock of those in your wagon! I love spring. I wish my house was ready for spring but I guess it'll come a little later this year - hopefully by Easter. Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy everybody else dragging their stuff out and showing me, lol. Yours looks great - love the colorful umbrella and that pillow.

  7. Oh i love that umbrella and that pillow is gorgeous. Both real treasures for spring.

  8. Your Spring Setting is so lovely. I could eat up that Bunny pillow myself and that picket fence is adorable. I'm ready for Spring too.


  9. I love your sweet spring umbrella. Darling. We usually have a little more winter weather than we have had this year but today is very cold. Have a wonderful week. Spring will be here soon!

  10. Debra you always amaze me with your seasonal decor. That umbrella is darling! Incorporating brown in spring decor is honestly something I wouldn't have thought of but you are right! It's loamy and earthy. I love it. :)

  11. That pillow is wonderful! Down in Dallas this week at Pottery Barn they had a whole slew of plates with bunnies and napkins with bunnies...and so on. But they were just too sweet! Your bunny pillow will be a classic and I would never tire of it. And your little fellow peeking out of the flowers is adorable too.

    1. oooh, if I only had a Pottery Barn closeby. It's always on my agenda when we visit St. Louis. I know they have great sales, just wish I was closer to take in all the wonderful goodies!

  12. Love your bloomin' brella !!!...I have always wanted to create one of those cuties! Love the adorable bunny pillow too!

  13. After seeing your pillow will have to make one but first have to clean out sewing room. Love shape of your bunny, little different.
    Almost have studio done, worked on it all last week. Had to put bunch of "stuff " was in room out on back deck covered by tarp. Our house is so small, just no place to work on purging/organizing except front hallway, then hubs rightly complains. Things got too overwhelming for me and gave up for while. Plus now left shoulder is letting me know it needs to be replaced as right shoulder was 12/7/15. Pretty soon will be bionic woman as both knees have been full replacement.
    Love your umbrella. Could emulate yours by wrapping some flowered fabric around plain umbrella then poke hole in fabric. I need an adorable little peep tho, so sweet peeking out of flowers, love forsythia branches poking up.
    Don't mean to be nosey, was curious about thyroid comment. When I was born mine didn't work at all, was 3 weeks late being born. Was 6 weeks old when pediatrician in Cleveland, OH figured out what wrong with me. Have been on thyroid all my life. Had goiter in throat so had thyroidectomy when 2 months pregnant for 3rd. child, 2nd. child was only 9 months old when I had surgery. Didn't tell surgeon was pregnant. They took blood one day and later dr. came in to holler at me. Baby was fine on delivery, lucky I guess. Had surgery before was 24. Do you have thyroid condition? Mine is severe hypothyroidism. My hair is getting thin on top.
    Look forward to seeing all your Spring/Easter decorations. Have borrowed some of your ideas in past.
    We've lived in Tucson, AZ for 20 yrs then San Diego for 21 yrs. them we moved to MT in 1992 to 1999. Then we lived in KY for 5 yrs., have been here in western CO since 8/2004, definitely love 4 seasons. Our winter was exceptionally short and mild compared to many others, missed the snow.
    Have wonderful week

    1. yes, I have Hashimoto's which is auto-immune thyroiditis. It's always been low, but now it has gone in the opposite direction. way overactive. I've really felt just as bad as when it was too low. I think it was due to a pain pill I was taking, so I'm off that now. I go back for blood work in a few weeks. I hope I'm evening out now. sounds like you had a real roller coaster of a ride, too.

  14. Love your spring decor! But then you always have the best seasonal goodies to show.

  15. You got what it takes! Such a cheery umbrella. Love that bunny pillow too. I'm with you on the brown. Love the picket fence pulling it all together!

  16. Awesome your spring decorations!!! I love it!! Bloomingbrella...a new word for my english vocabolary!! :-D

  17. I love your Spring decor. The bunny pillow stole my heart, but then I love bunny decor and keep some of them up all year. Pinned

  18. Cute, cute, cute spring decor. Love your brella. Love your pillow on the chair too.

  19. Your Spring decor looks great! I think the brown keeps things from looking too sweet. It's a good balance. It has been ugly weather here this week too. Last week was beautiful. I think I could get used to having sunny warm days everyday but I agree that every now and then having bad weather does help you appreciate the good days more! Hopefully, you're not getting the bad storm that is hitting the Northeast today.

    1. didn't get the storm, but we've had snow off and on all day, and it's supposed to be down to 22 tonight. Everything is blooming, but it's been too warm, and now we'll pay for it. bummer.

  20. Love your Brella Debra. So cute. Love the felted chick inside too. We are getting snow in Illinois today but hopefully Spring is just around the corner. Have a great new week.

  21. Love your Spring touches! That bunny pillow and umbrella swoon.

  22. So adorable! I just held a bridal shower at my house and that would have made a perfect decoration. Next time I guess.

  23. Such a sweet idea; love the little chick!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  24. I came over from the Vintage Charm party to admire your flowers. Gorgeous.


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