Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vintage Valentine "Love"

I'm getting a few things together for Valentine's Day here in the Kitchen Sitting Area,
 but it's taking me a little longer this last week to get things accomplished. 
So, I thought I'd share a little Valentine's Love while I'm getting the rest of it together.

I found this smallish topiary a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd dress it up a little with a Valentine "Love" ribbon. You know my motto for instant Holiday decor..."tie a ribbon on it". I have this precious vintage Valentine probably from the 30's here with the topiary. It was never signed or sent, and someone kept it carefully packed away...

so this is a quick post for an idea
 to give you some "instant" Vintage Valentine Inspiration.

You all know I have two kitty girls that are litter mates. One is a very big girl, Maine Coon. (Miss Wrigley); She's the one that's the camera hog and sleeps with us, The other is a short-hair tabby, and about half the size of her "big" sister. They are just now turning 13.

Miss Jenkins (the petite camera shy sweetie), started in a rapid decline a little before Christmas. She started losing weight and could no longer jump up on a chair. She was walking funny, and would slip and slide when she tried to sit down to eat or drink. Last week she was diagnosed as diabetic. No organ damage as yet, but I think we caught it just in time, as her blood sugar was over 500 and is supposed to be below 100. I've started giving her injections morning and evening, and I think it's been more traumatic for me than for her. She's showing signs of a teensy bit of improvement beginning just yesterday. So I'm praying and believing she will continue to get better. We have to use human insulin since her blood sugar is so high. I'm searching for ways to get the medication at a reduced price. No pet insurance so one vial of insulin is costing almost $300. It will have to be replaced before we use it all. yikes. If you have a diabetic pet, please let me know and if you have any little tips on medication, care and/or food.

OK, we'll be doing better soon. Love you all! Thank you for coming by to visit, and for always being dear sweet friends!

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  1. Walmart has Reli-on insulin for $25 a vial. It is human insulin and we buy it for my husband. Best price anywhere! Hope your kitty gets better. Linda

  2. Oh I am so glad someone had a source for the insulin! Sweet kitty. I have been wanting a round topiary like yours for awhile. I am going to go to a local nursery tomorrow to look.

  3. Your Valentine's Day touches are lovely.

    And I am so very sorry about your sweet furry friend. I will keep you all in my prayers - it's difficult, and golly she is a sweetie. Hugs.

  4. Oh wow, your kitty's symptoms sound just like humans'! She will be feeling so much better within a month I'll bet. My brother-in-law reacted just like her about a year ago before being diagnosed. Glad one of your readers could help on the sourcing of the insulin. Feel better, Miss Jenkins.
    That Valentine...."Why do you seem so cold, My Valentine?" Kinda sad, isn't it? Here, I'll make a happy ending: the sender bought the beautiful card when he/she thought his/her lover was mad at him/her and wanted to turn the sentiment. Things got better, hearts warmed up, and the Valentine never got sent. The card got packed away, only to be found when the drawer was cleared many years later. The End.♥ :-)

  5. Beautiful Valentine and I love Rita's thoughts/story about it!!! Love the topiary Debra!....and I hope Miss Jenkins is having great results with the Insulin and getting better each day!

  6. Check with the company, some of them have great programs to great reduce the price. I'm glad she's on the mend. Hugs,

  7. Poor kitty! My mother's dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes and it's been way harder on her than it has been for her dog. Her dog is under control now and life has settled down for them. I hope you can find a source for less expensive insulin!

    Your topiary is adorable and I love your ribbon motto. I'll have to remember it when I'm stuck with a design challenge.

    Get well wishes to Miss Jenkins.

    xo, Vickie

  8. Hi...I am so very sorry to hear this..poor sweet kitty. Nearly two years ago my son's dog was diagnosed with diabetes. She was experiencing much the same symptoms as your little kitty. He found out that Walmart sells the insulin and has an exclusive contract to distribute Novolin type N long acting insulin. He purchases it for 26.10 a bottle. Walgreens sells the same bottle for 125.00 a bottle. So please search this out. Our sweet Opal lost her sight last week and we were told that cataracts do develop in diabetic animals. We are saving for her surgery now and searching out Veterinary Ophthalmologists. We were told that this surgery is expensive but successful!
    WE all do what we can for our beloved pets. Good luck!!

  9. Oh no. Your poor kitty. My sister in law's cat had it and lived for a long time. I hope you can get the medicine figured out. I love your Valentine card.

  10. Yup Debra, tying a ribbon around it works! :) I'm so sorry about your cat. That is a lot of money. I hope you find a better source!! THANKSF or sharing with SYC.


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