Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Decor Philosophy for Cupboards, and Life

It's been said, more than once, that I can't leave a flat surface alone. Meaning that I have to "decorate" every square inch, and it wasn't often said with an affirmative attitude. I think I may be a little better than I used to be. When you have goodies you love, they just cry out to be used and appreciated!

Having higher ceilings in this house just gives me more space to fill up...
why would I want to waste it?

Case in point is the Kitchen China Cupboard.

I've tried to make seasonal decorating a little easier on myself
by keeping the main elements of my vignette the same.
The chalkboard against the wall, the white vintage laundry basket,
the vintage white bird cage...
Then I just add in the seasonal items to change up the look.

I'd had several old watering cans that I'd just picked up for a couple of dollars, but a few of them had the bottoms "bowed" outward because water had collected inside and then it had frozen. When that happens, they're hard to use since they don't sit up straight. I figured I had nothing to lose by taking a hammer to them, so they got a good pounding and then they actually flattened out. Now, I don't know if they'd hold water, but at least you can use them for decor, not to mention I got to take my aggressions out for a good cause.

I've also said before, that one of my seasonal decor habits it to just
"tie a ribbon on it" (whatever that may be)
and instantly you have some Holiday or Seasonal color.

I filled up the bird cage with old mini whitewashed flower pots
 and added some small faux gourds and pumpkins.

I've always incorporated Fall Harvest Fruits and Vines for wreaths and decor;
I love the Earthy feel for Fall and Winter.
Apples, Pears and some Bittersweet along with a vintage metal tray
and the heavy ironstone tureen.

I'm thinking about Christmas change ups now,
but thank goodness that's a few weeks away.
It's still been in the 80's here.
The leaves are falling but it's too hot.
I'm looking at my sweaters and boots longingly;
I was tired of my summer wardrobe a couple of months ago.

(sounds like a 7th grade attempt at a Hiaku Poem)

I'll share the cupboard this weekend.
Have a great rest of the week 
and don't feel intimidated by those
 who just don't have the same decorating philosophy as you...
As I like to say..."enjoy your stuff,"!

P.S I had the Occipital Nerve Block yesterday.
That's an injection of Cortisone with an anesthetic.
My pain was gone for several hours, which is a good sign they look for.
Today my neck is sore, swollen and I don't feel like turning my head.
But the headache is better, and I'm not dizzy.
Good signs, and I'm believing for a good result!
They say the Cortisone kicks in within 3-5 days.

I'm thinking I could be this for Halloween.
Just wrap me in some gauze,
I already have the moves down. ha ha.

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