Monday, February 22, 2016

The Living Room and Leopard Print Pillows

Hi Everyone, things have been quiet around here and I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone so to speak, in regards to my quest in sorting through more boxes of decor and organizing my storage room downstairs. 

I'm sure some of you can't imagine any one person having so much stuff in storage that it takes you over a year to go through it all, but what many of you probably don't remember is that I had a large booth at an antique mall that literally had to come home with me when my health took a dive in August of 2013. That meant most of it ended up at our home (and garage) for Hubbs and me to have to deal with later. ouch.

So I'm making headway on that monster project, but I wanted to share with you what has been going on in the Living Room since Christmas. I wanted to use my Leopard print pillows from PB again, because they are "furry" and look good in the wintery months. Since we've been having some warm temps I thought I'd better get busy, before it was time for all the Spring bunnies to start romping around.

I hadn't used these gold damask pillows with these sofas before. I'd bought them at TJ Maxx quite a few years ago and used them on "The Twins" (sofas) at the other house. I didn't think they'd look good on these, but I think they work since I have so many gold accents in here.

The Leopard throw is also from PB and there's usually a cat attached to it.

The coffee table hasn't changed much from Christmas,
 I just removed the greenery and a nest.
I've unearthed a few more deer shed antlers, so they've been making their way
 into bookshelves and on the mantle downstairs.

 Faux Paperwhites surrounded by a willow wreath in my PB urn...

a few mercury glass tealights and demijohns.
I've been a really lazy decorator since Christmas!

We have a little snow and slush coming tomorrow,
but then we're back to the 60's. 
I'm ready to get outside and see some "green"
and play in some dirt.

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  1. So pretty! I couldn't find a Pin It on your photos or I'd have pinned it!

  2. I was looking for something "new to me" and your blooming bulbs in the urn are the idea I'm taking this year! Thanks Debra. Hope you're feeling good.

  3. Everything looks beautiful, Debra. A little touch of leopard with a pillow is the way to go. Well actually, I have a chair and an ottoman too. :) I love what you've done. You are the queen of layering.

  4. Very tasteful Debra....Lovin the tray vignette...gorgeous

  5. I am a leopard pillow lover too. Just took mine off of the sofa and starting to think about spring. My leopard pillows are not furry, but more of a chenille. I have had them a few years now, but still love them so much. Sheila

  6. The leopard is fun and cozy! A little fur always warms things up! It looks lovely!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  7. I'm still going through stuff from closing down my booths and sales,'s such a big job...but you do find some goodies for yourself! Your room is so lovely...and I am in LOVE with the urn of paperwhites. So pretty with the grapevine wreath around it!

  8. I adore Pottery Barn and just posted about it on my blog. It has been so warm here that some spring decor has sprung. I'm glad you are feeling better!

  9. Since I closed my shop in October I've been going through a basement and garage full of stuff. I've always said this you certainly are the vignette queen. Never shop at Pottery Barn unless they have a thrift store I don't know about? Hope your reaching the end of everything you need to go through.

  10. How pretty, Debra! These pictures look like they are from the pages of a magazine! You have such a talent for decorating and you really inspire me to step out of the in leopard print!!


  11. I love it! First time visitor to your have great taste! Nice to meet you :-)

  12. Those papaerwhites are fabulous, I was going to ask how you have kept them blooming!!! You know I LOVE anything animal print so am in love with your pillows and throw. I started on Sunday getting the bunnies out since Easter is so early this year! I love bunnies so wanted to see them:) I totally GET about having so many things in storage. I didn't have a booth and I have 2 LARGE storage areas that are so full it is nuts! I have gotten rid of some stuff but then have bought some new stuff too:(:( OY!!!! Have a beautiful day, Debra.

  13. Your leopard pillows work nicely with your room. You have a lot of neutrals in there so they really pop! It has been warm and rainy here. Ugly weather this week for sure.

  14. Everything looks so pretty. I have that same urn and am going to use a grapevine wreath with some pretty flowers too !! Thanks for all the lovely inspiration

  15. Everything looks so pretty. I have that same urn and am going to use a grapevine wreath with some pretty flowers too !! Thanks for all the lovely inspiration

  16. I feel your pain, I have been going room by room and decluttering! It is a lot of work but also satisfying.

    Eveything looks beautiful and ready Spring.

  17. I love the leopard pillows and the gold ones! Your centerpiece on the coffee table is amazing! Love it all!

  18. What a beautiful room. It does look like it's right from a magazine, and I love the leopard print!

  19. I love your leopard pillows and coffee table vignette. I thought your paperwhites were real. Very pretty!

  20. Debra,
    Gorgeous Living Room, dear friend!
    The pillows and throw make the room warm and inviting!
    Glad you're feeling better!
    Don't be in a "rush" to begin outdoor Spring things. . .we've not had Winter, yet!
    When Winter arrives, I fear it will be with a vengeance!

  21. Debra, I love the colors in your rug! The paperwhites look so pretty and real with the wreath around it! Take care.

  22. Hi Sweet Friend!
    Wow!! Just caught up on your newest blog posts, and it makes my heart so happy that blogland {and moi} have your voice, inspiration, and creativity to enjoy again!! I know breaks are necessary...I take them all the time. :o) I am praying for you, and trusting that God will continue to keep you in His healing care, and perfect all that concerns you! Oh and of course, I love how lovely everything favorite urn EVER, those fabulous demi johns, the leopard pillows...everything!!

    Love ya bunches!

  23. Oh wow, this room is gorgeous! It looks super cozy, especially those leopard print blankets and pillows. I'd love to have you join the Inspiration Thursday link party at my blog to share your awesome projects. Hope to see you there!

    1. So glad you stopped by! Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Yes, you had alot to go through and I don't blame you for pacing yourselves. Certainly does look cozy Debra. I especially love the faux paperwhites in the urn.

  25. I couldn't find your email address, Debra, but I really wanted to thank you for your insightful comment about our shared issues with eczema. I've done a lot of research on autoimmune deficiency and I recognized what you have. I suspected an autoimmune problem was behind my unusual and very serious breakout and when I met with this wonderful doctor today, I had so many fears laid to rest. Nothing is related to my thyroid but I will be taking medication work with my immune system to stop inflammation. I'll also be taking a specific probiotic and several other remedies since this is so advanced right now.

    I'm really hopeful. I like that you and others left comments about their experiences...I think we ladies can really offer something to each other. I felt so much comfort reading the comments. I'll do a post soon about what I found out today but I wanted to stop by to thank you right away. You are a dear. By the way---where is your email address?!

    Jane x

  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I want those pillows! Just so you know, I really enjoy your blog immensely, but I do not always comment as I am in a hurry. :) I Pin a lot too! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  27. This is so gorgeous! I stumbled upon this post on Pinterest. I just ordered some faux paperwhites from Potter Barn and I can't wait for them to arrive! I also am getting excited to see your new home!


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