Friday, August 7, 2015

Late Summer Kitchen Sitting Area

I've piddled around with this kitchen sitting area post so long,
 that if I don't show you all soon, 
I'm going to be ready to change it up to be the 
"Early Fall Kitchen Sitting Area".

Anyway, I've actually seen a few posts on Fall, and it doesn't take much to tip me over the edge. We've been having temps in the 90's and I have to admit, when August rolls around I'm daydreaming about mums and pumpkins. I know some of you have had a "short" summer due to the weather, but a little "summer" goes a long way with me.

Besides, the Autumn edition of The Cottage Journal came last week, 
so it's a done deal.
Countdown 'till September.

I'm enjoying my sunflowers though.
...and just to give you a heads-up,
 there will be a Pillow Give Away
in a week or so with my favorite pillow gal,
 Heather from Elliott-Heath Designs.

I love this quilt that my Mother-in-Law made years ago,
this Grandmother's Flower Basket, in lots of bright summery colors.

It's best folded on a chair, otherwise we have to wear sunglasses in the kitchen.

Don't you love the baby chicks on the feed sack graphic?

Monsieur Mouton still in Country French Red.

This time of year I like to use the deep golds, greens, and reds;
 the bright colors of summer flowers.

and my little chewy bench, the new addition to the sitting area.

The Seed Box came over to the Baker's Rack,
since the sunflower pillow moved to the chair.

I have a couple of old Advertising Thermometers; 
love this little cottage.

A couple of roosters are strutting their stuff.

I don't share the kitchen often, it's usually a little cluttered and messy,
 but I tried to make it presentable today.
 It's still a little cluttered...

I know there's a bunch of you all, just like me, 
who are ready to welcome our favorite time of the year.
How are you all making the transition from late Summer into Fall?



  1. It feels like September/October already! Can't believe the change in the weather this week. Love your spaces.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I too, am so ready for fall! ...and pumpkin everything! :) Your room looks so charming and cozy! Love the touches of pretty cheery colors, and everything is styled so well! ~Rhonda

  3. Hi Debra! Oh, I love your kitchen sitting area! You have dressed it up so sweetly Love your style and I love your kitchen too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Oh I love every bit of this post Debra!... Autumn is my most favorite season of all and I wish it could last forever!... I am with you!... so fun to always see your "late summer" "early Autumn", "mid~Autumn" posts!... I have already begun to decorate... just did a post, the first in a long while as Tessy has been terribly ill... trying to catch up on your posts now, much love, happy "early early Autumn"... xoxo... Julie Marie

  5. Everything looks great... especially Monsieur Mouton! We have an "endless" summer of sorts in Santa Barbara, California. So, I use the calendar to decide - rather than the weather. I will put out my fall decor September 1st. Again, great job on your room!
    Michelle from

  6. Everything looks so good Debra! Love all of your quilts;

    Have a great weekend.


  7. It all looks so wonderful, what a delightful space!! I too am ready for my most fav season!! The air has begun to smell like Fall, there is dew in the morning and the sun has a new slant, so at times it looks like Fall. We've had a short summer here and lots of plants are just blooming. My hydrangeas have no blooms but tons of healthy leaves!!! xoxoxo

  8. Your home looks so pretty! I love your quilts. Your kitchen is very pretty with the black trays, I have a few in mine as well. I don't do the heat well so I cannot wait for Fall. My yard is drying up we need rain and I can't believe it after so much rain early in the season. Take care.

  9. Oh Debra, love your delightful space. The quilt is stunning and I love all your pillows. I wish that I could have a little setting ares in the kitchen. I couldn't whip a cat in mine LOL. I would never whip a cat.
    I am so ready for FALL - have been thinking lots of designs for the house. I like to decorate right after Labor Day and keep it up until just before Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas decorations. These are my two favorite times of the year.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Debra, having a sitting area off the kitchen is always nice in my mind. Ours is small, but ends up being a favorite spot. Your kitchen looks crisp with the white cabinets and black details. Love the tole tray backsplash. '-)

  11. Debra, Everything is beautiful! It's been so hot here in Florida I haven't even thought of Fall. Of course, there is not much difference in the temperature between Summer and Fall.

  12. Hi Debra everything looks so cozy and pretty. I am not on the band wagon just yet for fall. We just got summer here in Chicago land about a week ago. Our whole month of June and a lot of July was like April rain filled days and cooler temps. We finally have gotten some well needed summer days. So I want to hang on to summer a little longer. Have a great week end.

  13. First time in a long time I have thought about fall approaching and not cringed. I do love the coziness when it gets here. I just hate letting go. And then WINTER! .But I do love your cozy kitchen corner with so many homey things tucked in.

  14. Loving your spaces ...your setting area is done up so cute and your kitchen is just beautiful... We too have had temps in the 90's, but the humitity has been a little to much to yes I am ready for fall!

  15. I'm glad you shared your summer kitchen, Debra, because I have a feeling you are moving in the autumn decor at this very moment. Come on, fess up! I'm drooling over your 2 quilts you've got on display and the shades on your kitty are pretty hilarious! I could grab a stack of (autumn) magazines and sit down on your wicker love seat and be right at home. So many wonderful old treasures in this space!

  16. Debra,
    Gorgeous late Summer kitchen sitting area, dear friend!!!
    Both of your quilts are gorgeous!!!
    The photo of your "fur baby" with the glasses had me chuckling!!!
    I'm like you. . .in the sense that I'm at the starting gate raring to get at the Autumnal decorating!!!
    This past week, I re~styled a cabinet using "pears", but will soon switch them over to pumpkins!!!
    Here's wishing some "cooler" weather for the both of us , soon!!!

  17. Love the cat with the sunglasses! And of course those pretty quilts! Your place is really looking like "you" now.

  18. Beautiful! You have such a lovely kitchen. I love seed boxes as well! Love your black trays on your counter.


  19. Beautiful! You have such a lovely kitchen. I love seed boxes as well! Love your black trays on your counter.


  20. Debra, you have so many wonderful little goodies in your sitting area! I especially love Monsieur Mouton (and your kitty wearing sunglasses!). Even though I love fall, I don't want to think about it right now, since that means the hectic Christmas season isn't far behind. Eeeek!

  21. I'm needing a large baker's rack like yours
    just need to get out and find one
    of course it may not be white but I can fix that LOL
    love all your stuff
    and I am not a fall person


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