Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Mantel with Sunflowers

This time of year I'm captivated by Sunflowers.
They are the symbol for late Summer, relaxation, casual dinners al Fresco, 
and all things French Country...

and I love to have them taking the stage on the mantel.

I'm not one to change up a mantel much when I've found what works.
This mantel is taller than I am, and to move things around I need a step ladder.
So I'm happy to keep the "basics" and work with changing out the faux flowers
and a few of the accessories in the center.

My Wolff Pottery clay vases from Restoration Hardware are a permanent fixture, here. They're just the right size for a nice full flower display without becoming overwhelming. But they're heavy, so I don't change them up on a whim. It takes some planning and muscle. Especially when I can't decide, then keep tweaking.

up and down, up and down...

One thing I did want to add were a few of my pieces of white pottery.
Some are Matte and some are Glazed.
Most don't have any markings,
 but a few say USA, and I think one is Hull.

other side...

I finally have most of my ironstone and white pottery gathered in one place,
 downstairs, so that made it easier to pick the few to use up here.

 Not much change in the rest of the Living Room...

Here are a few pics from past posts on my Sunflower Obsession.
I think this only scratches the surface!

if you'd like some wonderful Inspiration.

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Have a great weekend, everyone,



  1. Sunflowers are my fave! They are so "happy"! Your mantel looks great. Where did you get the monogram cut-out?
    Michelle from

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty. :-)
    When are we ever gonna talk again? XOXO

  3. Debra,
    Breathtakingly beautiful, dear friend!!!
    I, too L O V E SUNflowers!!!
    Our SUNflower Patch looks terrible this year. . .
    it has been planted and re~planted three times,
    but the teeny tiny bunnies keep eating the seedlings!!!
    This year, I'm afraid "faux" will have to do!!!
    Love the white pottery on your mantle!!!
    It's possible I have a "twin" of one of your vases in my collection!!!
    Stay "cool", dear one. . .triple digit temperatures have landed on the Prairie!!!

  4. It's such an elegant fireplace. Everything you put up there looks so pretty.

  5. Very pretty Debra. Always love the way you style your mantel. Love the sunflowers. Gorgeous.
    Happy Week End.

  6. I pulled out my sunflowers today. I decided to pop by and see if you had any inspiration and you do, off course. I love your sunflowers on the mantel.

  7. Sunflowers are such happy flowers it seems! They look lovely in your mantel... and I love your collection of white pottery! ~Rhonda

  8. You have such a lovely way with everything Debra. This looks breathtaking! Love, Mimi xxx

  9. I love sunflowers too! I cannot believe it is time to start planning fall decor. Zoom went summer. Sheila

  10. I always enjoy your posts so much, you have such a lovely home. How you think up all the gorgeous vignettes don't know but I sure do drink up lots of ideas when I'm on your blog. I can't duplicate many of them but do like to make my version of what I see on your posts. For me that's more fun than copying exactly as I use my own ideas of what you've done, even if it's only little part of your gorgeous decorations. Guess could say you truly inspire me. Keeps me out of trouble and off the streets making things for our home. Happy weekend

  11. The sunflowers look so pretty on your mantel. They add a nice spot of color to your room. I like the symmetry as well.

  12. I am crazy about your dried sunflower head under the cloche! That's a little different and is timeless.

  13. Debra, what a lovely fireplace! I like the way the dark wood mirror complements the creamy white molding on the fireplace. I like your white pottery pieces too-- I have quite a few USA ware things-- all mostly green and teal colored.

  14. There's just something about a sunflower that gives you warm glow inside and a smile on your face, I can see why you love them. Beautiful mantelpiece decoration.


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