Thursday, October 30, 2014

When you just have to decorate something...

This Friday is the big move, but we had furniture delivered from the storage units last week, and it was good to see a few of my things that had been packed away. I've been taking bits and pieces over to the new house, like baskets and pillows and some odd things that could fit in the back of my car. But a few days ago my deep inner need for some sort of a vignette took over, and I grabbed what few things that were within arm's reach and put together something (even if temporary) in the living room. I know I can do better, but bear with me...I'm ready to decorate this dang house!

This sofa table won't stay against this wall, but it was a flat surface (that wasn't being painted), so it was fair game. The lanterns made it, but no candles to be found. The basket and corbels from the baker's rack, one of my Autumn Trays, some bittersweet, pumpkins, and a wonderful soup tureen from a garage sale for a dollar. really. yes, a dollar. (and it's not even busted!)

You can see that the rug is rolled up while I'm working on the coffee and end tables. They're turning out great, but taking more time than I'd figured. It took me quite a while to mix the exact color, but I'll have pics soon. 

I'm not sure why the walls look blue, but trust me, there's is no blue in them. Just a great neutral taupe. (Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe). I never knew there were so many grays, taupes, and whatevers. My advice if you're thinking of painting your walls...get sample pots of paint, lot's of samples, You won't know what color it really is until it's up on your wall.

Speaking of pillows, my two little squirrels made it to the new kitchen. 
The perfect time of year for them.

And my hat boxes and old hats are up on the hutch 
above my computer in my new office.

Here are a few pics from the Dining Room; it's snug in there. I've realized my chair slips are in "no man's land" somewhere in the depths of the last storage unit that was filled. I hope to have them located and in my possession before Christmas... hopefully that will be this Christmas.

My Staffordshire bowl with velvet pumpkins that I hand carried over. I think my table runners are all with my chair slips, so ditto for having some decor tablescapes on the big brown DR table.

The clock looks a little "white" and by itself, but with the chair slips and prints up, I think it will balance out.

And here's a sneak peek of my new antique mirror I found a few weeks ago in a great little shop in Ozark, Missouri. It will go above the buffet that you see here. It's my gold scroll-y French-y mirror that I had been looking for.

I'll be without email and the computer for a couple of days, while we get things transferred to the new house. Have a fun Halloween and weekend. I'll check back when the dust has settled!



  1. I know that feeling! We moved 4 years ago and it was KILLING me to just get some things out and decorate! I actually was contemplating unpacking all my d├ęcor and pretting up something before actually unpacking dishes to eat! LOL Can't wait to see your new home all done up for the holidays!

  2. I'll bet you're just chomping at the bit to get decorating! Good luck with your move :)

  3. Good luck on the big move. Things are looking amazing so far.

  4. Good Luck with the final move in on Friday. I know it will all be so much fun to decorate at the holidays too in your new home Debra. Love that you started some vignettes. Makes it feel more like home for you.

  5. I totally GET wanting, no NEEDING to decorate something when moving! Best of luck tomorrow, I hope everything goes smootly!! We moved on Oct. 1st two years ago and I remember being SO excited to start decorating. It is wonderful that you will be there for Christmas!

  6. Love that mirror, Debra! I remember needing to do some kind of decorating amidst all the moving boxes when we moved. It is a little moment of sanity I think to make something homey feeling when there seems to be chaos all around you. I'm glad you were able to find some of your things to put a vignette together. Can't wait to see your rooms as you pull them all together. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Looking wonderful Debra!... LOVE your squirrel pillow, too cute!... Happy Halloween to you!... xoxo... Julie Marie

  8. Happy Halloween! Here's to a smooth move!

  9. Hope your move goes well! Decorating is in your blood!

  10. You sure do throw together a lovely vignette even if it's just a few things you had on hand! I cannot wait to see how you decorate everything. I can only imagine how anxious you are! Have a great week. ~ Jamie

  11. Debra,
    Your new French mirror is just beautiful.

    Happy Halloween and house moving.


  12. Yay - the move is finally here! Even working in progress, your stuff looks good, Debra. If I ever did a post before things were finished, I'm afraid readers wouldn't come back, lol! Just think, when you find it all, it'll be like early Christmas. Try counting how many times you'll say, "that's where I put it". :-)

  13. Can't wait to see everything all set up in your new house. We went through a move like you two years ago. Sadly some things are still in storage.

  14. Debra, everything so far is looking good. I can just imagine what you will do when you have all the right stuff!..Happy Halloween..Judy

  15. Looking good! Looking forward to seeing your new house after being Debrafied!

  16. Debra, I can feel the excitement in your post! I know the feeling of just having to "decorate" little corners when there are a million other things that need to be done. I'm drooling over your autumn tray tucked into your basket as well as the tureen you bought for only $1!! Every box you open will be like Christmas when you rediscover all your decorating treasures. Have fun and Happy November!


  17. Debra,
    You Go, Girl!!!
    You new home will be fabulously decorated once your furniture is moved into place.
    Love the new mirror!!!
    I'll be watching for more photos and future posts!

  18. Girl, I know what you mean about paint colors. I thought 50 shades of grey was a book of samples!
    Hang in there. It won't be long now before you have everything looking like thing you do exceptionally well!
    Love ya!

  19. Debra...What you have done so far looks wonderful. I love that antique mirror...just saw one a few weeks ago in Lancaster Pa and almost purchased I that I see yours I am sorry I didn't just grab it! Can't wait to see all your finished spaces...I am sure it will be spectacular!
    XO Barbara

  20. Already looking great, Debra!
    It will come together. Take your time and don't get
    too stressed though I know I would feel the exact same way!
    Patience is not my best attribute when it comes to moving in
    and decorating!!!
    Can't wait to see the finished project though!

  21. So difficult to move around the Holidays and get everything unpacked in time to Decorate. At least you now have a Blank Canvas to build a Vision upon and that is quite Exciting! Happy Holidays from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. How exciting to be finally moving in and getting settled! Soon you'll be sitting with a cup of tea with everything done.... and will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. It has been a long haul, but it is almost done! Thanks for sharing the pictures (love the pillow!). ; )


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