Sunday, August 24, 2014

Inspiration Board for the New Living Room

I had so much fun putting together an inspiration board for the New Living Room here at the lease house that I thought I'd try it again for the Great Room living area at our new house. I didn't use any actual photos of my own furniture pieces, but just found approximations of items that were already listed on Polyvore.

Below, you can see what I put together 
for my current living space that we're in now at the lease house. 

There will be a few differences in the two spaces, the main thing will be that the new house living space is larger, and I'm hoping it can be a little more formal than it is here at the lease house. We will have a large family/media room in the lower level walkout basement, that will be a more informal area. But upstairs, even though we will be using a tv, I want it to look more pulled together and traditional.

I'm hoping that I can use this armoire that matches our bedroom furniture to house the television. We'll be downsizing the tv a little, and putting our bigger one downstairs with the media center. In the new house we have a niche above the fireplace for a tv, but that's a "no way" for me. I'm not sure what guy first came up with that clever decorating/design idea, but I can bet you he didn't consult a woman...just sayin'...

Not sure yet how we will cover that up, but we have our contractor/handy man meeting us next week to discuss some options.

Another big change will be the lighter hardwood floors.(OK, I've gotten over the shock of them not being darker, but I'm embracing a lighter look, so I'm making sure my happy face is on at all times.) I love hardwoods, but I also want a large area rug. I've been scoping out rugs, and after trying to imagine a variety of styles and colors, I keep coming back to something that is lighter and in a traditional pattern. I'm looking for something that blends in with the hardwood's color. I haven't made any decisions yet, I'm waiting till we have the wall paint up before I make a huge commitment for 2 area rugs and a runner...big commitment. This is one of my ideas.

We need to find another recliner, and that's something else, that even though I looked at Lazy Boy and found just the right style, I couldn't choose a color or fabric until I find the right rug. Are we seeing the domino effect? Gotta keep Daddy comfortable, so maybe something like this...

Hopefully, not either of these...

moving right along...

Another change I hope to make is going back to my distressed antique white coffee table, end tables and sofa table. They were way too big for the lease house space, but I'm hoping that they will work at the new house. Not sure if the off white will be right, but the other option is to paint them a taupe-y gray that will blend in with the sofas and wall color.

These are photos right after I painted them back in 2011. Gosh, I got so much flack about painting these pieces. One person hounded me for days saying I'd regret it. So far I haven't.

I don't think I told you, but my sister adopted my twin damask sofas and I have to say that they "look mahvelous" at her new house!

The white Balustrade lamps that I found this Spring will be going on the end tables (hopefully...I'm using that word "hopefully" alot) Truth is, I have no idea how all this will go together until we actually get there. I can see it in my head, but who knows. At least it looks good on the inspiration board. Love love love those wonderful linen lampshades.

We stopped by to get samples of Benjamin Moore paints, and after about 45 minutes and studying them all around the store, I came home with these two sample pints. This will get me started, I imagine there will be a few more sample pots once I get these up.

Ben Moore Nimbus
(more gray undertones)

Ben Moore Smokey Taupe
(more brown undertones)

There are tons of things to do and think about. The design board just helps keep me focused. Right now I'm concentrating on paint for the walls. one thing at a least that's what I'm trying to tell myself.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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  1. Debra, your inspiration board looks great, and all of your ideas seem to convey your knowing what you want. Taupe-y grey consistently pops up with the rug choice (beautiful!), the possibility of painting the tables, and your narrowing down the paint choices (the 2nd one). I really like them all. When we refinished our floors, I had my husband sit in every chair choice before finally deciding on one (Hickory & Moore). It fits him like a glove, and he's been thanking me for the last three years for that chair (and he is NOT one to get excited about much of any decor).

  2. Oh this all sounds so beautiful. I love your inspiration board, and I love your colors. Can't wait to see it all together.

  3. Dear Debra,
    I just love all of your ideas!I have just looked at the photo with the niche above your fireplace and I know what you mean. How could you have a TV above a fireplace? I personally don't like the idea of that too. But .. on the other hand you could turn this into a focal point with a beautiful wall clock, a painting ,a floral arrangement or a gathering of found treasures. Just some food for thought. Also love the smoky taupe shade of paint.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  4. Looking forward to see what you do with that space above the fireplace. Your board looks great!


  5. Oh my gosh that motorized lazy boy scooter is just too much! I love the direction you are taking with your new home.

  6. Your house is beautiful and you have the touch Marty! You made it happy with all that gold and yes, never thought gold would be Summery, but it is and I love it! The tangerine is awesome and very classy, indeed. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.
    Interior Design

  7. Debra,
    Your inspiration board is so great. I cannot wait to see the actual room finished. I am glad you can use that armoire that is one gorgeous piece. I know it will all be so beautiful. I can hear the excitement in your writing to get into your new home and get it decorated. So happy for you.

  8. I love your inspiration board and am so excited to see how everything turns out in the room. I think the light floors will work - they would actually better for me since I have a big shedding golden retriever! Have fun decorating!

  9. What a great idea! Debra, our house plans call for a corner fireplace. I am not use to that, but this room is our everything room "great room" I am thinking it will be fine. But I don't have pictures and I will be housing our TV there also. I agree with you on the no TV over the fireplace...and now you have me thinking of a cabinet!! So happy to see your boards. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  10. Loving everything on your inspiration board and am looking forward to to see how you pull everything together. I know that you have the touch! I would of praised you for painting the tables white....I think they look great, love how the details come alive. Mr. C would want the big flowers lazy boy :-{.

    I've wanted to do an inspiration board for a long time....what did you use to do it? Thanks.

    Have a great day!

  11. Love the recliner you choose, perfect design!!! About that tv sis has the same problem, the tv above the sit with your head tipped upwards and results in neck problems!!! She has now moved it to a table with lower shelves to house the devices, and it is eye level and so much better!!!

    You could add glass shelves in the space to house some of your lovely collections along with a painting or floral piece. You always have great ideas!!!

    Your design board is lovely, but way too pale for me. I would have to have more color and interest. But hey, its your home, do what is comfortable!!! I've never been one to pay attention to trends. The armoire is wonderful and calls for another dark piece in that room, maybe even in the rug.........xoxoxo

  12. Debra,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the inspiration board, dear friend!!!
    I agree, paint is of the uttermost importance of your decisions.
    I adore the photo of a, hopeful, possible living room rug!
    Your personal furnishings are gorgeous!!!
    As I switch accessories about from here~to~there. . .
    Season~to~Season, I, too am embracing my Traditional Styling Roots!
    Thanks for keeping us"in the loop" of progress!!!
    Here's to a wonderful week ahead and happy decision making!!!

  13. Love your ideas, Debra! I know you are eager to get in there and get started. I'm looking forward to seeing which of the paint colors you wind up going with. Absolutely love that area rug and I think those colors will go really well with the wood floors you have. I can't wait to see it all come together!

  14. I like your design board! That sofa is wonderful. I know you must be enjoying the decorating planning process. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes as you make them.

  15. I'm still laughing at those photos of the "man" recliners as I'm sitting on my recliner right now! On the plus side, light hardwood floors don't show dirt and dust the way that dark floors do. Our daughter had dark floors in one of their homes, and it was terrible with a dog leaving footprints and water spots everywhere. I bought lampshades like yours to replace my old shades and they make such a difference in the look of the lamps. I love them, too! I need to learn how to make those idea boards. Maybe it will motivate me to get something done around here. Have fun arranging your furniture!

  16. I totally know what you mean about having your husband be "comfortable." I'm just not sure what it is that makes men so attached to their recliners! I've never allowed my poor husband to have one, you're a much better wife than I am lol. Love the idea board ~ I have the clock in my foyer!
    xo Kathleen

  17. Loving the living room ideas. Have to say, nimbus is one of my all time favorite Ben Moore colors...we have used it everywhere!! Good luck!

  18. How exciting! Love your ideas :)

  19. Debra, You have amazing style and I know your new home will be gorgeous!

  20. Love the boards...and looks like you are well on your way to designing a most fabulous living room...

  21. Polyvore is a fun little pastime, isn't it? Your new LR is going to be great. Somebody actually fussed at you for painting your furniture ? What's up with that?

  22. Love your inspiration board, Debra...this is going to be a fun adventure for you! Love the chandelier you shared on your last post! Moving in won't be long now!

  23. Beautiful almost-choices :>)) I think you should definitely use the white-painted furniture with the recliner on wheels. Seriously though, I am awaiting how you make the hole above the fireplace disappear. Enjoy this new journey.

  24. I'm getting excited for you Debra! It's always fun decorating a new home. I hear ya about the t.v. niche!

  25. Great inspiration board. How exciting it is to plan for a new home (I'm doing the same thing myself). I'll look forward to seeing the final result as your home decor always inspires me. Blessings to you dear Debra,


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