Sunday, January 5, 2014

New House Living Room Inspiration Board

Last night I needed a diversion from packing. Can I admit I'm already tired of it and I've only scratched the surface? I've spent most of this week in my office/studio trying to make some sense out of all the crap,  junk, supplies, treasures,  stuff that I have. I may not be at my all time "best" through this move. It's a good thing my husband is patient and longsuffering... 

So I hopped on Polyvore once he went to bed and thought I'd put together an inspiration board for the Living Room. Our "soon-to-be" house is small, folks, so nothing is going over there that isn't functional and doubles as storage. Let's just say that most of my furniture and fun stuff is destined for a very large storage unit.

The new little house has a lot of  "wood", in the form of cabinets, woodwork, trim, etc. not my favorite "white". So I'm having to go with a more masculine vibe. Maybe I can translate that into a little of my favorite, "English Country". I can't paint the walls or anything else, and frankly we'll probably only be there a year, so I'm not going to totally "decorate", but I have to feel like I have a "home". (we'll just be leasing until our house sells, then buy something permanent or build) So hubbs and I came up with a plan and we pooled our pocket change and bought a Chesterfield Sofa and Loveseat. Believe me, there is some great looking furniture out there that doesn't break the bank, and I was determined I'd find it.

So we purchased the sofa and loveseat and a couple of new lamps in a bronze tone with linen shades. I have to decide what I'm going to sell, but for now I'm justifying this purchase because all the downstairs furniture will likely be sold. (And it was our anniversary present to ourselves.) I was secretly wanting to do something different downstairs anyway, so please... be careful what you wish for.

These examples of furniture from Polyvore are just representative of what we're using. I have an old cedar chest that had a horrible finish that I painted a Country Gray, which I'm going to use as a coffee table. It's pretty rustic and not at all what you'd find in my current living room, but hey, I'm making the most of this and using or repurposing what I have. 

I have a beautiful black area rug that hopefully will work
 under the coffee table/trunk. If not I have my taupe-y one.

Then, I'm hoping to use some stacked suitcases and a few decorative tole trays and wooden boxes for end tables. I also have a really wonderful very old school desk from Atlanta that's like a tea table. It's been hidden downstairs the whole time we've lived here; I think that will work with a lamp for an end table.

Hubbs has a great leather recliner that we'll use 
and I have another chair that hopefully will fit.

I love me some leopard/cheetah print so I'm going to try to find some throw pillows, cause the pillows that came with the loveseat and sofa are not what I'm going for. 

Love that chair above, but like I said, just "representative" of what I'll be using, something that I already have. How many of you bought the "required" massive entertainment center when big screen tvs first came out? Oh yeah, we bought a doozy, but it's still pretty, and we have one large wall that needs to be filled, plus we need the storage, so we'll be using that puppy.

Every time I feel overwhelmed I take a few deep breaths and try to remember why we're doing this. Let's I remember why? Oh yeah, we're downsizing so we'll be ready for retirement and whatever else that might bring. Actually, this house is adorable, and I'm super grateful that we found it. It will be perfect for us, I just need to get used to this downsizing business. 

you get the idea?

Hope you're having a great weekend, 




  1. Quite handsome, Debra! Your mix will definitely give it a nice feminine/masculine appeal.

  2. Maybe you have downsized too quickly.. You can downsize right where you are..getting rid of the same stuff you are now and not have to pack at the same time. Once you have gone through everything, then the move. This may be to much too soon??? Dianntha

  3. Мне нравятся такие вещи, очень.. У нас деревянный дом, и внутри - дерево, и снаружи. Я знаю, как это сложно правильно и красиво сделать декор. А еще у нас сейчас очень холодно - -27 C, и очень много снега...
    С Праздником!

  4. Debra,
    The plan when we moved to this side of the Prairie was to downsize. . .
    but "Mr.Ed" decided he wanted a fireplace and a large yard.
    We moved to a two level home an "extra" bedroom(4) & "extra" bath(3).
    I would have been happy to have stayed in the two bedroom, two bath,
    two car garage duplex witha patio slab and a mini yard and flower garden!!!
    I love the "Luxe" look you're going for, dear friend!!!
    Remember to exhale, go out to lunch with the "gals" and don't be afraid to shed a tear.
    This is a H U G E adjustment for you both...and the cats...give yourself time to adjust!
    When we served during "Mr. Ed's" Military Career...I loved the home decor sign that read...
    "Home is Where You Hang Your Hat."

  5. Perhaps this year will lead you in an entirely new direction. Maybe you will embrace smaller living. Not as small as houses I've shown on my blog, but "downsized" like many of us "about seniors" are embracing so our bills won't be outlandish and we can enjoy life. I love what you've put together. I've started gathering things I "don't need" as well.

  6. Oh, you do have a big job ahead of you, Debra...but it sounds like you are embracing the change and looking forward to the future!

  7. Debra, I really think you will enjoy your time at the rental. During 2000, while our home was being built, my late husband and I rented a 2 bedroom apartment near town. I only took what I "had" to have to get by, and the other things were in storage. We carried the washer/dryer, sofa and 1 chair, table and chairs, a sofa table, 2 beds, the chests of drawers, my pie safe (used in the bedroom for linens), tv,and that was it! I look back on that time fondly now. We were uncluttered, the apartment was furnished with needed items only, and it looked just great! There were only 3 windows and a set of french doors, so that was really simple also. It really was ideal for the 2 of us, with a guest bed for our grandson to spend the night with us. I think you will end up enjoying this transition, unfettered by all the trappings we love so much. So, just try to enjoy this, and I know you will. Take care, and take plenty of breaks from the packing. :)

  8. I just love your new blog banner. Your new sofa and style will be very cozy. I just gave away some leopard fuzzy pillows that I loved but did not fit in with my decor anymore and were like new. I wish I would have known I would have nailed them to you! I adore your home but look forward to seeing your new cottage.

  9. Debra - love the new look althought I adore your white that you have now. I know you will make the new house a beautiful home.


  10. Being I am a senior citizen definitely came as a shock. One day I was 40 then the next time I work up I was 63 UGH! So I see it coming soon we'll be moving our bedroom down to the main floor. I love the look you are going for and understand the adjustment. Before I got divorced I lived in a 3,000 sf home and moved to a 700 sq apartment. I kept opening doors expecting to see another floor! Take deep breaths, this is overwhelming, change is never easy. But when you feel overwhelmed go to your are so strong in it!

  11. Love, love the English country look and so perfect for a smaller house...that I know firsthand:-) It sounds exciting Debra...getting to work on a new place even if it's only for a year. I used to move around a lot in the military and find I kind of miss that these days. Downsizing, I know too well. I came from 3,800 sf to a small 2 BR cottage, then finally when I remarried we moved up to the house we have now, although still small. I do miss the extra space but wouldn't go back for anything. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  12. Hi Debra, our new house is a bit smaller also but I really love my new house. Hopefully you can come see it sometime since we don't live to far from each other. I thought we would never get packed and moved also but we did and I am so happy in our new home and I bet you will be too.

  13. Beautiful choices! I'm sure it's difficult to break away from what you 're used to and downsize at the same time, but the reward will be worth it. Good luck with the move and decorating! Hugs, Leena

  14. Oh, Debra,
    I have been so out of touch with what's been going on with you?
    With a move and down sizing its a job and a half. You would think getting rid of so much, storing pieces and rebuking would be easy? No, no, no, I did just that 4 years ago and it felt like it was multiplying . Everything I tossed, packed, gave away, seamed to never end. All and all the down sizing felt great and living with seemingly less was a joy that inspired so much more then the love of home, it inspired more of who I am and what life had in store for me.

    Excited to see your new cottage, where is it located, what is the sq footage and why do you think you will be there about a year. Well, no need to answer my questions personally, I am sure you will keep us posted in your future postings.

    Blessings in your new journey.

    And by the way, I just love the English cottage look, so many of your pieces will fit right in and at home.



  15. I love masculine styled living rooms and dining areas!!! In the bedrooms I prefer a softer look. I think your little nest will be absolutely charming. Right now you're thinking its super small you might be surprised once you adjust to the size it may not seems as small I as your thinking right now. It's going to be great!!! Remember good things cme in little package 😀

  16. sounds to me like a wonderful adventure....will be fun (after all the packing is finished) to "feather your new nest." right? i can't wait to follow along and see the transformation of your little abode! Bonne chance Debra!! (oh and...I need your addy so i can mail you your magazine!!!)

  17. I'n still thinking about a Chesterfield sofa, Debra, so I can't wait to see yours in place! I know you'll create a homey atmosphere in your rental home using your vintage pieces. Moving is exhausting, physically and mentally, and you've just got to make it through these next few months. I made the mistake of getting rid of too many things during our one and only move a decade ago, but you just can't take it all!!!

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog to see how I updated a chair with the pillow I won on your Elliott Heath giveaway. Thank you again, I love it!!!

  18. Oh your living room is going to be beautiful. I love your idea board. Good luck with the downsizing. We did the same when we retired and honestly I still feel like I am squeezing the juice back in the grapefruit. haha. Hugs, Marty

  19. I hope you'll show us pics of your new smaller home when you can. I love the ideas you've come up with on how to decorate it. I'm sure it will be a big change, but a smart one to do before it becomes a necessity. You'll be glad that you did this.

  20. Not that I think I can give any advice... But I do live in a small fisherman's cottage. The secret I think is to have anything in the house be both pretty and functional. For example, I love turreens, but none at the cottage are empty. They are used for storage of some kind. One holds the keys in the entry, an other the cookie cutters in the kitchen. You just need to get used to it! I'm looking forward to see what you'll do with your new space!

  21. Debra,
    We downsized a few years ago and I thought it was never going to happen just hang in there it does and works out great. I love what you have picked out for your new nest. It will all work out I promise.

  22. We didn't downsize enough when we downsized 3 years ago. My advice is do a plan of what you're looking for and stick with it. We sold our house with an acre of landscaping and bought a house on a third acre that is just as much work as we had before. I'm ready to sell as don't want to spend the money to remove all the lawn and replace it with beds and patios.No longer would want a great room or 12 foot ceilings either, they are too hard to decorate. Good luck, will be following your decisions with great interest.

  23. I know exactly what you're going through, Debra. When we moved from our lake house which had large, open floor plan to this old farmhouse with it's small, multiple was definitely a challenge for me to make it all work. Lots of furniture did get sold or stored in the attic. And to think eventually, we'll be downsizing to a smaller house (hopefully with an open floor plan). Yikes. lol The furniture and style of decor you chose for your new abode is just so chic and elegant and comfy looking. :) I dream of having a Chesterfield sofa someday....

    xoxo laurie

  24. Your inspiration board is so pretty and I hope your move will prove to be one of your biggest blessings when all is said and done! Deep breaths...
    Blessings sweet friend!

  25. What a great plan! I love your ideas and know you'll put it all together and it'll look beautiful in your new home! I've not been out in blogland lately and I'm happy I dropped in. You've always been such a wonderful blogger~

    Stay warm!

  26. Debra, I can only imagine what you have squirreled away that can be called into service. If you're going to go with Cheetah, why not reimagine the whole area as an "Out of Africa" design board. Romantic...which you are. Masculine...which he is. Win/win I say and maybe just maybe...he would wash your hair with a white ironstone pitcher!

  27. I really like your design living room with sectional fabric sofa or leather sofa furniture. Well, I can also choose modern or classic sofa furniture to make your living room looks so beautiful. Well, I think if you are living in small spaces maybe you can design your living room with minimalist decoration. Room Decoratin

  28. Hola! I'm visiting from Cozy Little House's Tweak It Tuesday. I love your inspiration board. I've got a serious crush on Chesterfield sofas. I'm just wondering though, how large your space is since you plan on fitting in not only a sofa, but also a love seat, two chairs (that aren't all that small) and the big entertainment unit, besides assorted tables. Holy Hathor! When I think small living room I think 9 x 12. I"ll be doing the downsizing dance in a few years myself. I probably should begin now (I'm 62 and will retire, Goddess willing, in 4 years). But you know what, I'm still in the process of getting my house just to where I want it to be. And then I know it's going to happen, I won't want to sell. Oh my. Downsizing can be such a traumatic thing -- I've read so many articles about it in Elle Decor and Architectural Digest, and even in Traditional Home. But downsizing has an upside! It does force one to really focus on the things that are most important to one, the 'must haves' in one's home. Styles come and fashionable trends go, but some things are forever. I've a feeling everything is going to turn out just splendidly, but I know, sometimes it is just a little difficult to embrace that kind of change. Good luck and Goddess bless you and yours.

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  30. Awww... i love the little cottage picture at the bottom.. and your Chesterfield sofa! It's gonna be hard work going through all your stuff, but it might be really fun doing up your little cottage... You're smart to prepare for retirement too...



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