Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Last year I bought these wonderful wooden monogrammed letters for my sis and the girls for Christmas. They turned out so pretty; all scrolly and interesting. They loved them, but I didn't order one for myself because our initials are sort of boring... D-O-D (could be worse, it could be DUD). But after seeing so many people use these in different ways last year, I decided I'd have to go ahead.

I haven't been able to decorate or change things up after putting away the Christmas decor since everything is on it's way into a box. But I did have a sunny day because of all the blinding white stuff that's outside...that made for a great photo shoot day. I had to take a picture of something...

So I put together a little New Year vignette on the Hallway Sideboard. I don't know if I'll have room for this piece at the new "little house". My "vignette" days may be severely hampered.

But one thing I know for sure is all my sheep and lambies will be grazing around 
and that my scrolly chalkboard will be leaning against a wall somewhere.

We're supposed to get the keys on Friday. We've had so much crumby weather that we're hoping that the cleanup and painting has been done over there; if not we'll have to wait. But we're praying for better weather, so we're hoping it all goes as scheduled.

Just thought I'd throw in a few pics from last year this time...

I've decided that I have way too much stuff stored in my office. I've had to go through and decide what is necessary and what is not. It's ridiculous. It's a good thing this move will be in stages, since I'm not making much headway. I told my husband that if I didn't finish this up soon that he had my permission to turn me in to Hoarders Anonymous. OK, back to work...

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  1. Beautiful monogram! Loved seeing your beautiful vignettes! Good luck on this move!

  2. Your fireplace is always such an inspiration to me....we just moved into our house (new build), and our great room is situated very much like yours, but not quite as big. I keep finding myself saying "how does Debra style her fireplace?" :) Love your monogram too! It's hard not to be primping and fluffing.....we were in temporary housing for 9 months waiting for our house to get itself built, and it was maddening not having anything to truly decorate :)

  3. Love your monograms Debra... excited to see your new home... and I knew of course your lambs would be grazing there... I am in the middle of cleaning and sorting my crafts room... I just can't seem to part with anything!... I keep thinking I hate to throw something out then decide I need it and have to buy it again... I am not really a hoarder... I am a collector... hee hee hee... there IS a difference!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Really love your monogram, it is gorgeous, actually the whole vignette is.........lovely!
    Also like your fireplace...........did you paint that white or whitewash it yourself. Would love
    to do mine..........lots of pretty pics, enjoyed my visit.
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. When I had to pack my husband's office, I enlisted some help, just to [what I thought] pack. It's amazing how someone else can objectively help you get through the 'stuff' at a much faster pace than when you're by yourself - not just packing, but eliminating!

  6. Love the monogram. It's such a beautiful piece. Your vignettes are gorgeous as well. Hope to see you at my Winter Blues Wednesday party going on right now.

  7. I think we all have a bit of hoarders in us! Love the monogram. But I love anything with letters!!

  8. The monogram is beautiful, Debra! Your move is coming up quickly, it's nice you can spread it out in stages!

  9. Love the monogram! Moving is a good thing in some ways, it forces us to get rid of a few things:) Enjoy your evening sweet friend, HUGS!

  10. Debra, Everything is beautiful and I love the monogram! Best of luck with the move.

  11. Such a pretty scrolly monogram! My heart is with you! It would be such a huge challenge for me. I have systematically reduced possessions since closing shop three years ago. It seems endless, but we are finally seeing a big difference. Take care of you. xx

  12. Beautiful monogram!! I trust your downsizing move goes well...huge job, I'm sure!
    Mary Alice

  13. The monogram and chalkboard are just fantastic!!! Good luck with your move!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  14. я в восхищении! Уюта и светлой радости в новом доме!

  15. Happy New Year!
    Debra- it sounds like you are embarking on a glorious adventure.
    It is going to be wonderful!

    White Spray Paint

  16. Love the monogram, Debra! Don't worry, I think you find a place or two for a lovely vignette....maybe just on a smaller scale:-)

    Stay warm, my friend.


  17. Debra,
    I love that monogram! Can you email me back and tell me where you ordered it? Everything looks so beautiful! XOXO

  18. Hi Debra!!!

    I love your wooden letters!!!! It's so classy against the chalkboard!!! Let's face it you could have a
    number of initials that wouldn't be good...As in DUI, DIE, SEX, APE....There's a lot of them, but,
    I love yours the most!!!!

    I too would like to know where you ordered them from...Please and thank you!!!


  19. I LOVE the letters on the chalkboard background…perfect look!…

  20. Love it! Love your mantle piece too. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Debra, I like the way your initials look together. Very pretty against the blackboard.

  22. Love the monogram vignette! Can't wait to see the small vignettes in the new house and know the house will be beautiful as always! Been downsizing for awhile will end sometime :) Hugs, Jeannie

  23. Debra
    God has a great plan and he is right there with you
    so excited to see your new home

    Blessings sweet friend

  24. Well one way to look at it is that you won't have to go shopping for anything new in your new home! You'll be able to furnish it quickly too. So many people have to wait to fill it up. You can also sell a lot of stuff to make money! I really like hour monogram! That's definitely a keeper. I've also seen them hung on front doors which is always another option for you.

  25. Love the pretty monogram with the blackboard! And the sheep, of course. We are still away from home (since before Christmas) and if I don't find something to create or "pretty-up" soon I may go mad : )

  26. love the monogram, and so many of the houses in my area have them on wreaths on their front door but I wanted to do something different~I love how you used yours in an interior vignette! I always love how you layer things, so attractive!

  27. Debra, Everything you do looks fantastic! Congrats! This week I'll be featuring you at Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Debra, you'll turn any house into a beautiful home. I wish you all the best with your move. Love the monogram.

  29. Debra....this vignette is fabulous! I liked last year's...but this one is perfect! And I think your monogram is beautiful!! I know you'll have lots of fun creating vignettes in your 'new' home.

  30. That's a really sweet and scroll monogram Debra. I'm sure you'll find places to put together new vignettes. I've been frustrated with moving to a house half the size, but when you settle in its amazing how you can change things around. I have to admit that I couldn't part with everything, so we got a storage unit. Now I just have to rotate my beautiful things.
    Good luck with the move. I hope it all goes well on the day.


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