Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Mantel

I've realized that if I don't get with it, Christmas will be here and I haven't had a chance to share all that I've been doing. Actually Christmas decorating has been low key this year. I've been snowed in, the weather just keeps dumping ice and snow on us, and we live in a subdivision where nothing is done to the streets. My hubbs has to brave them each day, but I'll just be here at home...complaining.

(I never thought I'd say that I miss the mall, and all the wacky Holiday traffic...)

Not much has changed on the mantel since right after Thanksgiving. I did get the Holly cut and arranged in some of my ironstone pitchers. I had had 5 of them lined up, but when the Holly went in, it was too much. I've tried adding greenery and several other little accents to the mantel, but each time I've taken it down. It just felt like too much "stuff". So, this is my version of "understated".

I had been wanting white lanterns for several years and just couldn't find the right ones. Originally, I had wanted to put them on the front porch, but after my pumpkins were stolen at Halloween, I decided against it. And they are wooden, so it wouldn't work for them to be in the weather. These came from Pottery Barn, and even though I knew how tall they were, their size surprised me when they arrived. So the hearth was the only place they "fit".

I wanted to find big fat candles to put inside,
 but wah wah wah, I'm snowed in!!

They got a little fancy schmancy damask ribbon and I ended up putting some paperwhites inside. I ordered 80 bulbs this year: a little ambitious, so there are paperwhites all over the place. I'll share some other containers full this week.

Sort of plain, but then I'm not feeling like "over the top" this year.

I have two HUGE Holly bushes out back who most of the year my husband fusses about. Thank goodness they redeem themselves this time of the year, otherwise they would be gone.

Just a teensy pop of red in this room, this year.
All the plaid is in the Dining Room and Sunporch.
(now, that's where I went crazy!)

a bit more festive...

I wanted to join in on Pamela's Mantel Party
and I'll be partying around the town this week.

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Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, 
Guess it's time to get out of my pajamas...


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  1. What a beautiful room. I feel the same way about decorating this year -- and I've heard many other bloggers say it as well! Are we all... coming to our senses? =) LOL Merry Christmas Debra!

  2. Stunning!! I love the green inside the lanterns!

  3. Beautiful mantel and I just adore those lanterns ~

  4. I adore those lanterns from Pottery Barn, just adore them. Oh, your Guy Wolff pot is absolutely stunning, I've wanted one forever! I love your simple decorating and there are days I sure wish I were snowed in - of course living in the desert that would never happen. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

  5. Very pretty and I like the simplicity, Debra! Nothing wrong with understated. I kept things simple this year, too, using what I've already got. I think I bought one new thing this year for Christmas d├ęcor. Love the lanterns. They are a great size. Love the cuttings of holly you added in. I had planted two holly bushes, at our old house the year before we moved, with hopes of cutting some for Christmas.

  6. Heavens, if you're snowed in, you might as well stay in your comfy pjs. It looks very pretty. I need to learn "understated..."

  7. Your mantel looks just beautiful Debra!... love your holly berries... and your new white lanterns are fabulous!... sorry you are snowed in... but isn't it nice you can "travel the world" on the internet!... I think I decorated a bit "over the top" this year, dragging out ALL of my stuff... but Jack likes it... and he's my "little boy" at Christmas time, hee hee hee... next year, I AM paring down... remind me of that next November, 'k?... love you!... xoxo Julie

  8. Everything looks lovely, and love your lanterns and what you did with them. Wish I had your snow! Merry Christmas!

  9. I think your mantel is just right! It looks very pretty with the boxwood trimmings in the pitchers. Sometimes less is more especially if you're doing a country theme. Love your new lanterns on the fireplace too. They look pretty with the paperwhites in them. Hopefully, you'll be able to get out of your house soon so you won't get cabin fever. Thank goodness for online shopping though!

  10. Your Home is So Beautiful, it's Award Winning
    Hope your staying warm

  11. It really looks gorgeous, Deb - every single thing looks perfectly put together.

    Sad about holly- I had the hugest most awesome holly bush in my back garden and I had a landscaper do some re-designs and I came home to it GONE - chopped up and tossed. I about died. Now I don't really have a perfect place for one, dang it every single Christmas I get mad all over again, haha. They never even ASKED me - oh it was the worst landscape designer ever - half the stuff she put in we replanted elsewhere or it died. I could go on and on, but this is about your gorgeous world. AWESOME.

    Now, tell me, how the HECK do you get your pictures so light and bright? Seriously on the sunniest of days I can't get mine to look anything like that, love them.

  12. Beautiful! I love those big lanterns especially.

    Stay warm in all of that snow. Wish we had just a little here in Tennessee.

    Blessings, Amy

  13. Debra,
    The paperwhites in your lanterns are such a creative surprise, much more beautiful than the usual candles. I love the simplified look of your living room and mantel.

    Merry Christmas,


  14. Debra,
    We are getting similar weather to you. Lot's of snow and now very cold temps moving in!!! I love your mantel and I love when I see our whole living room it is so pretty. Love the paperwhites in the lanterns. They will look so beautiful when they bloom. Very pretty.

  15. It looks beautiful, Debra! I used to like lots of decoration but recently tend to enjoy the less is more look as well. Your new lanterns are wonderful and look gorgeous with the paperwhites inside. It's very sad that things get stolen from your front porch. That takes quite a bit of fun out of decorating it.
    Have a lovely Sunday and stay warm!

  16. Oh, how wonderful to go outside and cut your own holly! I think the lanterns look perfect with your paperwhites just starting to grow. Imagine how pretty they'll be when the flowers bloom! The roads have been clear here, but it's been below zero since Thanksgiving, so getting out to shop hasn't been pleasant. I hope your roads are cleared so you can get out to join the madness at the malls this week, Debra!

  17. love the big lanterns, debra! and the topiaries and hydrangeas look sweet with the holly bits:) so sorry about the pumpkins:(

  18. I like the understated look....It looks elegant and timeless. I'm sorry to hear that you've been snowed in, I definitely know the feeling! We got 9 inches dumped on us Friday and Saturday but thank goodness by noon they had the plows on the side streets and the roads were salted. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some strong sun and milder weather to help clear your street so you can run free lady :-)

  19. We really do operate with a shared brain my sister from another mister! I challenged myself to do a more subdued front room and boy oh boy was it a challenge. I kept reaching for the jar of glitter and had to slap my own hands more than once! The rest of the house was an "anthing goes" theme and it's just that, but I was glad I held back in the living room. It centers me.
    You have just proven my point. Your mantel is beautiful in its simplicity.

  20. Love the understated elegance of your fireplace. Stay warm and cozy in your home. No sense risking icy roads. xoLaura

  21. What a pretty mantel Debra. I am loving those big lanterns with the paperwhites.

  22. Debra, this is such a beautiful mantel! I adore your room! It's so inviting and serene!

  23. Debra, you do understated very well-it looks gorgeous! And I'm really loving those big lanterns :)

  24. I love those big lanterns with the plants. Those are gorgeous and so unique.

  25. I like simple decors. your mantel is perfect and the view in the mirror is amazing.

  26. I love your mantel, Debra...and such a great idea to use the lanterns for paperwhites!

  27. Debra,
    Your mantle is extremely calming amidst all the "hussle~and~bussle" of the Christmas Season!
    I adore your Pottery Barn Lanterns!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us!!!

  28. gorgeous! those ceiling beams are amazing! I love how they are reflected in your mirror. the paperwhites are the perfect addition to your lanterns, very clever!!

  29. As always, this room is just amazing. I love your big lanterns, and the paperwhites are just heavenly. Such a pretty touch of green, and the anticipation of that scent is just too lovely...



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