Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hey Everyone, hope you're having a great weekend! We just got home from another doctor's check-up trip to St. Louis. Great progress on my husband's inner ear surgery, and we always have a wonderful visit with the kids and grandpuppy.

I mentioned last week that I had "recycled" my white wheelbarrow with the veggies and rabbit tureen after they made their appearance as a tablescape. I was still lovin' the garden veggie theme, so I made a place for the wheelbarrow on the sideboard in the kitchen hallway.

But I wanted to bring out the hens and chicks for summer, so I changed out the rabbit tureen for a "chicken" tureen. Both of them white ceramic, that usually live in my kitchen china cabinet along with their sister tureen, a duck.

I found the vintage chalkware momma and baby chicken years ago at the flea,
and they are always part of my "Summer" decor.

Here's the "Veggie Garden-Vintage French Seed Packet Label-Flowerpot Wreath".
Try saying that 3 times fast...

I found these order forms in the little seed catalog that I'm sharing here too.
So naturally, they had to be showing garden seeds!

Each time my husband walks by the sideboard
 he's attacked by crazed carrots grabbing onto him.

so sorry...
fine...I'll tuck them in a little better.
Be careful, you might get pecked.
Like I always tell my hubby,
 "Don't mess with my livestock!" 
...or the decor.

(Just being silly)

close quarters and bad lighting.
but I just love this spot.

You wanna know where all the roosters might be?
I have them all corralled downstairs.

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Have a great "rest of the weekend"!


  1. Debra,
    So adorable. Love your vignette. Glad to hear your hubby is getting so much better. That is such great news. Have a great rest of the week end too.

  2. I love your "henpecked" vignette! Have a great week end...hugs, Penny

  3. Debra, what a FUN vignette! (My hubby knows not to 'mess' with my livestock, either-ha! :)

  4. So happy to hear the news about husband.

    Great summer the vintage seed packages, well really all of it!

  5. So happy to hear the news of your husband. Love your summer display..the vintage seed packages, the chickens, the veggies..everything looks lovely!

  6. Love your arrangement! Love that little cart. You will be able to do so many cute things with it. You are so talented and have such a beautiful home!


  7. Such a nice, summery, homey vignette. So enjoyed this. It's lovely!

  8. I love it, Debra, and am so glad that your hubs is recuperating nicely!

  9. Hi Debra, LOVE the farmhouse style vignette... hen pecked and all. Your wreath is adorable!!! Finishes the vignette perfectly!!! Those order form could be framed!

  10. Hi Debra! I always love when you share your decor on your sideboard. This is one of my all time favorites!

  11. Debra, your wreath is adorable. It's perfect for your "henpecked" vignette. Looks like you've been having fun! '-)

  12. When I first saw "hen pecked" and "inner ear" I thought Oh No! they told you his vertigo stuff was caused by being hen pecked!


  13. Hi Debra: Everything looks so cute. My favorite is your wreath. Have a blessed Sunday. Martha

  14. Everything you do is magical! Love the chickens.

  15. What a wonderful summer time gathering of fun, and sweetness!
    Love the way you've styled everything, Debra. It's cute...yet classy.

  16. Love it Debra...a perfect summer vignette!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  17. This is so cute! Love the old chickens and the seed packets! SO glad to hear the good news regarding your husband's ear surgery! Hugs, Leena

  18. I love it! Is it okay if I copy cat you? It is the highest form of flattery you know lol.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  19. The chickens have a great patina and look at home there on the side board.

  20. I love everything about this vignette, Debra! The seed package graphics are wonderful!

  21. I love the vintage seed packets. You don't see too many of those old cement chicks in yards anymore. Love all the colors. Alaina

  22. What a fun post! LOVE the wreath:) Have a blessed week dear Debra, HUGS!

  23. Debra,
    This entire tabletop vignette is perfection for Summer, dear friend!!!
    Had to chuckle about hubby being attacked by faux carrots. . .same thing happens on this side of the Prairie!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

  24. Your wheelbarrow looks so cute with the hen tureen sitting proudly inside the pile of veggies! what a great sideboard for summer, one thing is cuter than the next!

  25. What an adorable "henpecked" vignette! Wishing your hubby well!

  26. I love chicks, yours is such a cute vignette!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  27. You are the master at creating such adorable, lovely vignettes! Thanks for sharing!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee


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