Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's Growing On...

Between the late Spring and snow in early May, to the every other week out of town doctor visit trips for hubby, I'm way behind in getting plants potted and the deck and outdoors spiffed up. I was able to get a few containers put together for the deck this week, but it's been slow going. (so many of you have asked how he's doing and it's also been "slow going", but he's making improvement little by little. Thank you all so much for asking, and for your prayers)

I was able to winter one of my mint plants, and after cutting back the unusable winter growth, I'm just now getting some new leaves. I use mint every day in my green tea and lemonade or my new favorite Crystal Light Mojito, club soda, fresh lime and mint. So easy, tastes like it's alcoholic cousin, no calories, and creates a party in your mouth!

(angel vine)

My small urns are planted with variegated Impatiens...
always a favorite, and so easy.

We recently gave our humongous gas grill to our daughter and her husband. I'd never liked using it; I swear I could taste the "gas" on the steaks. (they don't notice it.) The deck is now 3 times as large without that eyesore taking up so much space, and we're on the hunt for a smaller charcoal grill. One that actually produces a great tasting meal. 

These are a couple of the new containers filled with Million Bells, Geraniums, and Verbena. I winter my Geraniums, but this year when we were gone for a week with my hubby's surgery, they became a salad bar for the rabbits...nibbled down to the stubbs. So getting them back will take a while.

In the front yard, Iris are blooming. I transplanted them from my m-i-l about 5 years ago, and they've not been much on blooms, but this year I have some beautiful ones.

I'm also having Peony blooms for the first year,
but the ants are loving them too.

A Knockout Rose that creates a little secret sanctuary for the bird bath.
The robins love it, and have a great time flopping, chirping, and cooling off.

This rose bush has gone nuts this year.

 A few just potted red Geraniums with "soon to be trailing"
Verbena next to the garage.

And more Impatiens in the twin urns on the front steps.

It looks pretty bare out here without color, 
hopefully, the Impatiens will add some soon.
(If the brick looks wonky, it's because I "cloned" out the house number plaque)

Last year this Hydrangea was all but dead. The drought and temps in the low 100's almost everyday caused it to wilt and killed the blooms. It was so disheartening. No matter how much I watered it, the bush just couldn't take the heat. But I started treating it with coffee grounds, and it rallied late in the season.

Now, it's covered in little immature blooms...
and I'm so excited.
This may be it's year!!

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Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend,


  1. Your planters and gardens are so pretty, Debra! Too bad the bunnies had their way with some of the blooms! I use a spray on "deer away" natural product, to keep the critters from making a buffet of my gardens! Ohg, I also am in love with your gorgeous bird cage!

  2. It's all shaping up to be beautiful! I can just imagine how it will look in a month. I'll be anxious to see. How is your husband by the way?

    I grow mint every year too. I leave it and it's pot which is not a very big one out all winter and it always springs back to life. My rosemary has done super good over the last like four years too being left out in its large pot.

    I am crazy for the Crystal Lite drinks. I love the margaritas and the mojitos too! I will have to try adding club soda...I have not done that. I like to put big green olives and some olive juice in my margaritas and they taste just like the perfect margaritas available at local restaurants. I don't put alcohol in any of my drinks either. I don't want or need the calories and as I get older I feel drunk most of the time anyway without the use of alcohol.

    I need to keep my wits about me!

  3. Debra your gardens are looking wonderful. The ants on the peonies are ok, they take the sap from the top of the plant and help it to open. If you are cutting the flowers to bring in the blooms, just lay the flowers on the ground for a little bit and the bugs will crawl off. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am busy planting, planting and planting.

  4. Darn ants! Your flowers still look pretty good I think. My hydrangeas have just gone crazy this spring. I bet I have over 100 blooms on one plant. With the crazy weather we've had the last few years, I'm surprised any of us have anything left.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Debra,
    You've begun an amazing show of container gardens, dear friend!!! I will be waiting to see more as the Season progresses!!!
    Here on our side of the Prairie, the iris and rose bushes are beginning to awaken with a hint of color! Such a welcome sight after two years of drought!!! I'm loving all the various shades of green!
    My favorite pasttime is "deck sitting"!!! Sitting on the deck with a cup 'o tea and enjoying all the "new life" in the Garden!!!
    "Mr. Ed" found a rabbits furrow today and some baby bunnies scurried for cover...can't wait to watch for them to come out of hiding,soon!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear one!
    I may get brave and try your new drink...sounds divine!!!
    P.S. Our Sunflowers are up to a foot in height!!!

  6. Debra,
    Looks like you have been a busy bee outside...everything will be in full bloom soon. Happy to see that your hydrangea bush has made it and has blooms:)


  7. Everything looks great, Debra. We're back to rain(I knew it was too good to last) and I haven't had time to get out and get my pots planted yet since I've been busy getting ready for Farm Chicks.

    I love all my angel vine plants:-)


  8. I love that birdcage! Gorgeous!

    I'd love for you to come link up to my Sunday Blog Hop.

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  9. Love your vignette with your singer table base, plants, and birdcage Debra! I didn't know coffee grounds would help hydrangeas, we get full afternoon sun and I have to water twice a day if I hope to keep ours alive in the summer!

  10. I'm a little behind in planting my pots up and getting a few hanging baskets, too, Debra. I really need to go this week before it starts to get too hot. Your hydrangea looks none the worse for wear. I planted three new ones last year and, with the heat and humidity we had here, I was watering them everyday, and keeping my fingers crossed they would survive.

  11. I'm in the same boat this year. With no spring at all, and out of town trips every weekend, I haven't even visited the greenhouses yet. We've got our old window boxes taken apart for repair work, so it may be just a few urns filled this year. You're off to a good start! I hope the bunnies don't stop by for a snack!

    p.s. Do you know that you are set up as a "noreply" blogger?

  12. It always feels so good to sit back and watch the flowerpots grow. Yours will be amazing! I would love to have peonies here but perhaps the good Lord is sparing all of us Floridians from fire ants. lol Although they are my favorite flower with a close second to hydrangeas.
    I am happy to hear of your hubby's improvement.

  13. Everything looks beautiful at your house Debra! I love seeing how you are planting and arranging your pots-so pretty!
    I do hope your hydrangea does awesome this year :)

  14. Beautiful! Must try the CL mojito...yum! Tell me about the coffee grounds my friend...


  15. You have a very lovely garden full of nice flowers! Very nice hard job done :)

  16. Oh Debra....those ants! I had to use some regular long lasting insect spray on some of my containers because of earwigs! I thought it was slugs but turns out it was earwigs!! I sprayed around the container at the level of the soil and I've noticed that the leaves are not getting munched anymore. Can't wait to see your lovely Peonies.

  17. Debra, you are actually ahead of me on planting outdoors. I have not bought the first plant or flowers. It has been unusually cold and wet this year. Just started feeling like spring last week so maybe this week I can get some planted.

  18. Looking good. It all takes time and work. You are further along than me, I live in Utah and we can't plant anything until after mid May. We usually have frost before then. I am just now getting some of my pots filled. Thanks for sharing all your hard work. Karie

  19. all looks wonderful sweetie.
    love the sewing machine base table set up.

    You are right where you are supposed to be for this very moment...and the pace of life is just how it should be for you, for this time.

    God Bless you


  20. Oh I love all of your gorgeous plants and the little lamb in your vignette is just the most precious thing. I know you have a collection. Everything is looking fabulous. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  21. Peonies, roses and more, oh my! Spring has been good to you!

  22. Love your stone wall, Debra, but it all looks so pretty! Your knock is huge! Can't wait for mine to start blooming:)

  23. Hi Debra, I love your table made from an old sewing machine stand. It's wonderful and perfect for your lovely flowers and other pretty decorations. Hopefully it won't get too hot this year and your hydrangea will bloom beautifully.

  24. Every thing is just lovely but LOL you were an advertisement for a mint plant in the beginning...I made a note to myself to go get a mint plant or some seeds! That drink sounds wonderful! :)

  25. Debra, It looks like you've done quite a bit of gardening with all of your pretty flower pots. I'm also loving that sweet wire birdcage on top of your sewing machine table.
    Mary Alice

  26. Peonies must be sweet...ants are all over mine too! Several years ago we bought my hubby a nice gas grill for father's day and it ended up going to some good friends of ours who love it. My husband also felt it just didn't taste right, he loves to grill using charcoal. The weather has been so odd this Spring that I am just now getting flowers and ferns in my urns.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me appreciate having you!

  27. Your flowers are beautiful. I especially love iris' because they are the Tennessee state flower.

    I am sorry your husband has been ill. I do pray healing for him in Jesus mighty name!!!


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