Sunday, March 24, 2013

A good hare day on the sunporch...

I don't want to talk about what's outside at the moment, except to say there's nothing Spring-y about it. These last few days have been gray and snowy and altogether yucky. I bought some tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths last week that I was wanting to get planted, but forget it...they will have to wait until the snow goes away. So I'm choosing to boost my Springtime thoughts with what's going on out here on the sunporch.

 Yep, it's definitely Spring on the Sunporch!

Decorating out here always starts with different seasonal quilts.
Changing them out gets me in the mood for whatever the season may be.

 Then layering on the pillows, and bringing out the fun vintage goodies...

I'm not really a "blue" person, 
but this wonderful floral quilt has me almost there.

It was from my mother-in-law's stash
 that I think was from her mom back in the 40's.

I have the tail end of the paperwhites in that little USA yellow planter
and I've been browsing through my vintage Better Homes and Garden binder.

I can always count on it looking warm and Spring-like out here,
even if the outside temps don't agree.

This is another favorite quilt of mine in the Tumbling Block pattern.

My white paper mache buns is sitting 
on the little green chair from when I was a baby.

We won't talk about how old that rickety little chair actually is...

Vintage pink rabbit planter, birdie tin, and seed packets...

Hey, an old chalkware chicken is even roosting out here.

One more chance for snow this evening,
and then I hope we're done!

Just a housekeeping note...
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Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,


  1. Love your home it always looks so warm,welcoming and full of charm
    Pretty pic's too

  2. Everything does look so Spring-like, Debra! We have a "Winter Storm Warning" in our forecast, which I can't believe. I have a feeling it's going to be a cold Easter. I just love that first bunny you show.

  3. Hi Debra, Your sun porch is such a charming place. I love your vintage quilts and your beautiful spring decoration. Your kitty seems to enjoy that place too. How cute!
    Have a happy weekend! I keep my fingers cross that spring will come to you very soon.

  4. Debra, I always love to see what you do with your sunporch decor each season. It's always so pretty. I love the old quilts, especially the tumbling blocks one and that little green chair is adorable. We have LOTS of snow on the ground still and it's chilly this weekend. But, it's spring inside my home and heart. :) Blessings, Pamela

  5. You're right it's definitely spring on your sunporch! Our kids are looking at a house with a sunporch - I hope they get it!

    Just added bloglovin to my blog too! Love to follow you!


  6. Well, it's definetly Spring on your sun porch, if not outside. We had snow yesterday, but it didn't stick and they are calling for sun and low 60's for next week.....I hopethey are right since my kids are home for Spring Break.

    You are so lucky to have a sunporch...I've always thought it would be so fun to have one:-)

    Stay warm!


  7. Debra, your sun porch has made my heart sing. I know how you feel ~ no more ****. It's becoming a bad four letter word S N O W ~ go away ;-)

  8. Oh Debra .. the room looks so lovely ..It's spring inside and winter's holding on outside.

    Although I know the freezing temps are good for killing off those buggies that come out in spring and summer and I hope it helps some with the drought too.

    You have a lovely touch with your decorating ..your rooms look like they are right out of a magazine.

    Blessings ..Sara

  9. Oh Debra the sun porch looks heavenly. I think Kitty likes the view too!!!! That is a cute picture of the kitty looking out. I love all your old quilts so pretty and very spring/summer feel. Love the bunny too. Please stop by my blog sometime today I think you will see a surprise waiting for you.

  10. I think it really spring on your porch as I sit wrapped in my robe in front of my heat dish listening to rain falling and hoping I do not need a Rx for Prozac soon. Kidding a bit... it was sunny and warm here four days ago.

  11. What a great spot and I love the gardening theme. The bunnies are a cute addition and the little chair even more special because it was yours.

  12. Debra,
    Lovely Spring SunPorch, dear friend!
    Ilove, love, love all your bunnies and those quilts are splendid!!!
    Snow here on our side of the Prairie, as well!!! Hopefully, warmer temps are in the week ahead!!!

  13. Your porch is stunning. I love your decor, gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  14. I would so love to have a sunporch. I think it would be a perfect place to sit and relax and of course to decorate for the seasons.

    Blessings, Amy

  15. There may be snow on the ground but your sun porch looks very " springy" ! It looks beautiful

    Enjoy till spring actually gets here.


  16. lol - winter took forever to come to Montreal it seemed - and now it's taking forever to leave - so I can sympathize completely - I did a post on a Spring walk here in my neighbourhood - gigantic snowflakes falling on me as I snapped away with my camera!
    BUT wow - Debra - you'd never know it's wintery outside looking at your sunroom - just gorgeous - and it captures spring beautifully!

  17. How wonderful to be able to get the Spring feel with decor! And it all looks absolutely charming, Debra! I do that with Fall here in Florida. There may not be any cool nip in the air, but it will be Fall in my home. Just love that!!

    Spring will come soon, gal, and I know you're gonna love it!

    Hugs to you!

  18. It's always a treat when you share your sun porch, Debra. I just love the vintage pieces and homey feel. Things are really "hopping" out there!

  19. Who needs spring when we have your pretty sun porch to look at?! You have such a good eye for pretty detail and I can't help but dream of gardening when I look at your pictures! Lovely!

    I have been hearing good things about Bloglovin' and that may be the way I'll go in the future. Thanks for passing the info along!


  20. How I envy you that porch! It's raining and cold here. Been gloomy all day. Enjoyed seeing your porch!

  21. debra, love the decoupaged bunny and your spring time porch. we share a collectible in bunny planter. Come on over and check out my Vintage Easter display...Tiff

  22. Hey Friend,
    I'm wondering if you found your bulbs locally and where? I've been looking and haven't found any.

  23. Your porch is beautiful, Debra! I can only hope it will be nice enough to use ours again soon! I've just hooked up with bloglovin, too and I am really enjoying it!

  24. Nature might have forgotten how it's supposed to be spring, but your decoration makes up for it!

  25. So, so pretty I love all the quilts and the mix of textures and colors. Perfect sun porch!

  26. It all looks so inviting . . . unlike the outside here as well! Expecting MORE snow today -- cruel. Love the bunny and your idea of changing out the quilts and pillows -- really does set the tone for spring!

  27. That little decoupaged bunny is too cute. I was going to say I see a gray hare, but he looks more greige.


  28. Your sunporch is decorated so wonderfully! Gorgeous quilts and lots of spring-y touches that hopefully help you forget the weather outside!


  29. Debra, your spring-y porch makes me smile. Love seeing the quilts and other vintage touches you have around. It's definitely springtime here, so most of my days have been spent working in the garden. Just yesterday, I found some time to bring out some bunnies. Things are "hoppin" around here now. ;-)
    Hope you see some spring weather soon! ~ Sarah

  30. Oh Debra, just perfect. I really adore that favorite one I have ever seen. I pinned one similar a few weeks ago, but it did not have that aged look. I just want to come over and hang in this room for a while. SO many pretties.

  31. Debra- I love you sun porch and that blue quilt is just a gorgeous old vintage print. I really love that little green chair, too. Isn't it funny what different things catch people's eyes? How fun to find Common Ground in that old BH&G binder. I guess I am going to have to jump on the bandwagon for Bloglovin' reader. I hope it is easy enough for a computer idiot (not mentioning my own name here) to do. xo Diana

  32. You've definitely brought spring to your sun porch-so pretty! Love the bunny! :)

  33. What a great look on your porch. your little bunny is so cute! I love to see rabbits in the yard. They are so sweet!

  34. Debra I love the blue quilt. It really is the perfect color right now to organize your Spring goodies around. Reminds me of the blue skies and everthing good that comes with Springtime!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  35. This is all cute, cute, cute. Certainly says spring.

  36. love your quilts, bunnies and cute chair, debra:) the door with the mirror, wreath and umbrella--love it!

  37. Your sunporch is so inviting and would definitely be the place to enjoy the not-yet-spring weather. In our local, the pollen is about to drive us crazy so being inside right now is the place to be if you live in the south.

  38. Your wonderful sun porch is so pretty and ready for spring and Easter. You would never know it wasn't beautiful outside because your pics are give a spring like feeling. Your decorations are adorable. I love your vintage things and noticed your older garden book.

    Have a wonderful Easter. I am sending warm temps your way in my thoughts. I lived in Alaska for almost five years and all my family was in Alabama where it is so mild all year so I can relate to how you feel. Snow is beautiful but you get spring fever.

  39. Hi Debra! Everything looks so cozy and ready for Spring on your porch. Would love to curl up out there with a good book.

  40. I love your quilt collection. What a unique way to display and enjoy them rather than keeping them put away in a closet!

  41. I love your sunporch!!!!!!! It is so cheery and I love that you have your childhood chair! I don't have a thing. Love your bunnies too. XO, Pinky

  42. Good hare day indeed Debra. Love your vintage quilts! I just posted about my seasonal quilts too. Not old, but hopefully they will be heirlooms some day. Hoping we both get some sunshine. We had snow for two days also.

  43. Oh my Goodness! This is the kind of post I don't want to miss! I love, love everything! I just want to be there and look at everything! But wait a minute.. I know you posted your cupboard and I haven't seen it!
    'm going there!

  44. Totally charming, from beginning to end! Your porch is certainly Spring-ready, now if the weather would just cooperate? Snowy and COLD here today in Colorado. Thanks for sharing your pretty Spring things!


  45. What a beautiful spot to spend the afternoon and dream of spring! We're supposed to get snow tonight too - argh! Love all of your decorations! So cute! Hugs, Leena

  46. Your porch looks so wonderful..its been decorated very beautifully

    pet meds

  47. I would love to spend a sunny afternoon on your porch! It looks so dreamy. Its a nightmare here, since it is still snowing. Your porch is beautiful, love all your spring decor.

  48. I am totally jealous of your sun room! It is beautiful and I could spend all day just lounging around in it! Thanks so much for sharing.

  49. The sunporch is beautiful. I love all the vintage touches you've added. I could see spending some serious time out there looking at garden books!

  50. The porch is looking very pretty Debra (as always)! We actually hit 50 today, yahoo!

  51. Well it is Spring in your sunroom anyway! Very inviting.

  52. Cozy, cheerful and inviting ! The bunny in the basket is so cute!

  53. So cute and I love the post title!

  54. O, Debra...I have, and always will be, totally in luv with your sun porch. It is looking especially springy...and I hope all that ole white stuff outside melts into the BEST water for your garden. :))
    Over from Common Ground

  55. Love the sunporch ideas, nceto see someone share the sunporch!
    Follow me over to Simple a visit!


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