Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chirp, chirp

You know how they say "a little birdie told me"...?
well, my little birdie has a message he wants to share with everyone.
He's a sweet little birdie with a smile on his face,
but he's sad cause he's having a hard time leaving comments.

So many blog friends where he's tried to leave comments.
Those that have word verification, 
have been a real bummer for the last day or two.

I haven't had word verification for over a year, maybe longer.
Blogger is doing a great job on filtering spam. trust me...
99.9 percent of the looney tunes are filtered out!

and on another note...
thanks for all the sweet comments on my new blog header.
After the shock and upset of Picnik calling it quits,
I've spent hours and hours looking for alternatives,
(those of you who are Picnik addicts like me 
are having advanced withdrawal.)
Picasa seems to be a contender, but I'm still fussy and fumey.

If you have issues, (and who doesn't) just Google your questions,
there are some great tutorials out there.



  1. Love your header! Have a great day:)

  2. Love your new header. I've been having blogger problems as well, sigh. This too shall end ~ have a great day ;-)

  3. Blogger problems here too Debra.

    I love your new blog look.


  4. Hi Debra... your little birdie is so "tweet"... I did away with word verification some time ago too and all is well with my comments section... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Love the header! Great post. Di@cottage-wishes

  6. Thought you said blogger was doing great with keeping out the loonie toons.... yet here I am leaving a comment!


  7. I dropped word verification years ago and haven't had a problem. Some of those things almost impossible to figure out...especially if you have any type of visual limitations!
    Love the Birdie and the header!!!

  8. Oh your Little Birdie is ADORABLE.... I am SO SO SO Sad over this whole Picnik thing.. I have only been using it for about a Month now and I am ADDICTED to it... So you can imagine my SHOCK when I logged in and found this very SAD note... So Sorry to hear about the commenting troubles..

  9. I love your bird and your new blog header, Debra! Your sunroom is looking wonderful. I'm with you on the word verification. I have noticed more spam/anonymous comments in the past week. What's up with that? Thankfully, they do go into the spam area and I just delete them.

  10. Ah.....well I just went back and got rid of the word verification. I couldn't even remember if I had it set or not. So thank you for the mew about the issue.

    Like many others, loving your header and Valentine's Day porch! Beautiful!

    Hugs and purrs!

    "Her" and Romeo

  11. I'm ticked about Picnik too. Harumpf! Glad I'm not the only one. Just when I have it mastered I will have to learn a different program. I guess many of us are in the same situation and we will have to learn something new....

  12. Your header is lovely! I like Picassa. I'm certainly no techie pro and I've found it easy to use. ~Roberta

  13. Blogger would not let me backup (export) from the new layout so I went back to the old one and it still took 3 tries before it backed up. Worried me.

    I am really sad and not very happy about a great online program just poof. I use Picnik more than once a day and have found nothing that works as well.

    I am trying BeFunky for frames and Picasa for not even close to as useful headers. Sad. If you find anything else please blog about it. I will too.

  14. Blogger problems here to Debra, not with commenting but with trying to add new blogs to my blog list. Love your new header!

  15. Almost forgot.... I am a picnik addict too and I'm so bummed about Google dropping them:(

  16. Hi Debra, I was having problems leaving comments too. Using Chrome solved this. I also read that google made some changes and the blogs with embedded comments were a problem. I loved all the options I had with Picnik and I am looking for a another program.
    Hugs, Sherry

  17. Hi Debra~~ Loving the new header, I have been trying to change mine,but I really don't know how.I am like you and so sad about Picnik.It was easy to use and FREE:))I will try out Picasa. Also, thank so much for following my blog.
    Hope you had a great day

  18. I also love picnic and am sooo sad to see them go. I am having no luck with picasa. Your header is awesome!

  19. I like this bird.It is use for the decorate home in the occasion.I really impress by this blog.

  20. love your header and i always enjoy peeking into your sunroom...i am only a follower not a blogger but i have many days that i can't comment then i can....and i never change anything!!!

  21. Since I changed to Google Chrome I haven't had any problems commenting! Hope it all gets better:) Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  22. I agree with Theresa. When I use Firefox or Safari to view blogs, I don't have any probs with Blogger. There's clearly some type of compatibility issue between Blogger and Internet Explorer.

  23. Cute birdie..... love your header, it's beautiful.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  24. Your new header is fabulous! I decided know I'm going to have to actually learn photoshop, something I've been putting off because I use Picnik instead.

  25. Hmmm...I didn't realize that I still had word verification. I'm so un-techy, it's scary. Sorry you were having problems. I've been having problems with blogger for months and about 50+ blogs that I clicked to follow never show up in reader, even though it says that I'm following! Very frustrating and it all happened just because I changed my profile pic...

    Thanks for letting me know about the word verification problem.


  26. Yes, boo to word verification!

    I have found that I can leave comments if I am on Firefox.

    Hopefully blogger fixes the glitch soon as I prefer google Internet Explorer.

  27. Someone has to say it, Debra. Good for you. Captchas are impossible on smartphones.

    I've had zero verification for over a year and unfortunately you miss legit anonymous comments, but all the trash goes into a bin you flush with a few clicks.

    Someone brought an oddball spam comment to my attention in a two year old post. That's it.


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I'm not happy about the closing, either.
    I often use FotoFixer. It might work for you.

  30. Blogger problems seem to never cease...but I LOVE your header!! Gorgeous

  31. LOVE your header Debra! I have had trouble leaving comments and I am distressed about picnik too! What is up with that?

    My comment issues seem to be fixed this week...I reported it several times :0

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda

  32. Good luck on trying to get people to get rid of word verification...I've tried and tried, and it's like spitting into the wind.

    On the bright side, PS Elements isn't nearly as scary as everyone thinks it is, I say give it a go!


  33. Your header looks great.I am new to blogging.I am not familiar with picnik.If you find something that works better please share I would love to know.Thanks.

  34. I admit, I sometimes do not comment when I can't read the Word I am trying to verify! I saw you over at Laurie's this morning and well, I've always been a fan of yours, so I popped in. I LOVE your blog header, so beautiful and your photos are always lovely. Especially your French Couple. Gorgeous!! Have a Happy Thursday!

  35. I LOVE your cute little bird. So regal!

  36. I stopped word verify and even moderation on my new blog. I had more problems with them than without. I really have never had any spam on my blogs, but I'm a little one so they may not want me ;) So I agree it isn't needed. Sorry about picnik, I never knew about it so I feel I may have been missing out hehe
    Hope everyone finds one that works for them!
    Hugs, Lisa

  37. I'm only tiny so I don't have too many problems. Maybe it comes along with growing....sort of every silver has a cloud lining....LOL Being a newbie, I love Picnik bc it's so user friendly. I need a header and have put off doing it bc it's so scary for me but I guess I'll need to ....soon. I LOVE your new header....the touch of red is great!

  38. Debbie,
    Your header is gorgeous! Love the bright red...makes me smile! I agree with that word verification thingy...especially since I wear trifocals with imbedded prisms!!! What appears simple to some many times won't allow my comment to be published simply because I can't type in that curvy lettered UNword thing! Your white bird with his crown sings a lovely tune!


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