Monday, October 17, 2011

Take a Walk on the Dark Side

I love my white and shabby, and my white and frenchy, and my white and cottage-y, but I also love my "black".  Especially when this time of year rolls around.  We drag out the jack-o-lanterns, and the creepy and spooky, so I'm lovin' all things dark, Victorian, and a little off beat. The Victorians knew how to use "dark" so well in decor; heavy tapestries, lush fabrics, dark woods, and vibrant hues of the deepest colors.

These are the things that have inspired me this time around,
putting together my outside soiree. 

Actually, this very old parlor table cloth was my inspiration.
I found it several years ago and have used it as a base 
for many Fall and Halloween displays.

It's made entirely of silks with so many wonderful fabrics.
All edged and banded in black.
It's tattered and threadbare in places,
but it has always reminded me of a "party"
 with it's gorgeous pieced patterns and festive "banner" design.

I rummaged through my storage room
 dragging out this large black mirrored candle sconce.
I'd found these two sets of orange cups and saucers too,
they had to be used!

A couple of vintage cabinet cards
sugar and creamer,
old wire basket with some Fall flowers,
and of course my fine feathered friends are here.

The two caned seat antique chairs are a set that I keep downstairs 
at a round table for games or computer work when the kids are visiting.

The small table is an old sewing machine base with a wood top,
which usually sets behind my loveseat in the fireplace tv viewing area.

An antique luggage stand with an old tray holds my heavy pottery teapot.

My napkins and silver are tied up with a jute string and a
freshly picked soft maple leaf or two.

I have a funny story to tell you. I'm my dad's daughter and I don't like to let things go to waste, so I tear up old bread and throw it toward the back of the yard for the birds and critters. We live by the lake and woods and we have "critters". The crows have been my lunch guests lately as they love the organic sprouted grain bread that I buy. The whole time I was out here setting up the table they were perched in the trees "talking" to me. If you've been around crows for long, you know they have a variety of "voices" that they use. It's a real chorus of strange and creepy...

So....I had taken some photos and came inside to download them, checking to see how things were looking. When I came back downstairs my husband said it had been really noisy outside and that the cats were spooked. I go back out to take some more photos and one crow was knocked over and the other one was on the ground; nothing else out of place. We think they saw my fake crows as interlopers and didn't want them to share in the goodies. very strange...

So glad you dropped by for the fun...
watch out for the crows!

I'm partying with

I'm up to my eyeballs in Fall!!!


  1. Hi Debra... oooh, how I love your darker side for Fall... everything is just beautiful!... I love crows too, infact my faux ones have been snatching my vintage rhinestone jewelry and wearing it... they "snatched" my beautiful key pendant I bought from you!... we have real crows too and they are a hoot to watch and listen to!... I would love to visit your house and see all these fun things you show... you are such a talented lady!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I love your outdoor table setting, Debra! What a beautiful quilt! I love the edging. How funny about the crows. One year we had black birds {smaller than crows} dive bombing us in our backyard and found it was because of our dog. She must have been harrassing them.

  3. Very pretty! Perhaps that was why there was always an air of mystery to the Victorians...

  4. That is gorgeous Debra, love the tablecloth, so funny the real crows attacked the fake crow. I guess they're not big on sharing.

  5. Love your darker side and everything Victorian except I love Victorian deep rich colors all year round. Have a fun Fall. Hugs Marilou

  6. The tablecloth is the first thing that caught my eye. It really grounds the entire setting. Love your darker colors, and creative display ideas.

  7. This tablescape has it all...the colors, textures and symbols of fall. I love the fact that you did all of this outdoors...I can almost smell the cool autumn air in your photos. Just perfect!
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  8. It is all just lovely Debra!
    You know just what to arrange-
    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  9. Love it, Debra! The quilt is really lovely and all the beautiful and whimsical pieces make for a charming vignette! I love black, too!

  10. That is such a funny story about the crows! That just goes to show you how real your crows look. Your table setting is perfect for the occasion. Very creative too!

  11. Love your tablescape and colorful quilt. Your yard looks so wonderful......

  12. Perfect!
    You should be a party planner, you know that? :-)

  13. So funny about the crows. The real ones that come around every once in a while are so spooky to me. Love the quilt and your setting is totally stunning. Love it all. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. VERY funny about the crows... I have one similar to yours but can't seem to find it this year... maybe a local crow or two decided to make off with it???

    I love the orange teacups and saucers, I've never seen ones like that before. And the vintage photos look so stern that that they really fit in! Great idea!


  15. Love, love your beautiful quilt, fall touches and the crow! What a great fall vignette Debra!

  16. You are right about the crows, there was a lot of them in my yard yesterday. Loved your dark things. Hope you have a great week, T

  17. Beautiful tablescape! The parlor tablecloth is unique and fabulous! :)

  18. I just knew little Mary Sunshine HAD to have a dark side! Welcome to my world! You'll know you've fully arrived when you start talking back to the crows.
    Love it all. I happen to be a huge fan of orange (especially the bittersweet color) and always look forward to the fall when I don't get strange looks for using it.
    Girl...I haven't even done that much decorating inside...much less outside.

  19. Hey Debra!
    Love It!!!!
    {and just watched a documentery on Crows....{pbs} they are Amazing!!! Very...Very....Smart!}
    Love the Quilt... and all the Fall Gatherings...
    Take care....
    Barb C.
    {Happy Fall!}

  20. Love this....I always like the display outside...but the black of course is my favorite!

  21. I really like your vintage Halloween outdoor table, The beautiful parlor cloth really sets the stage for all the interesting things you added! Beautiful!

  22. Hi dear Debra ,
    I love your settings in the nature,and this is fantastic, first the silk patchwork cloth so beautiful, and the lanterns with light visited by the two crows and the woman from long ago, the silver,and orange cups - -so wonderful dark- And the crows -oh my- how funny they did not want companions at the" plate" lol.
    BIG Hugs, Dorthe

  23. Love the soiree, especially the crow story! Shall I call before I come over for tea? xo

  24. What a gorgeous setting Debra! Love the orange and black!
    XXX Ido

  25. Wonderful little table setting! Just the right amount of spooky :) I love the old photographs tucked here and there.

  26. What a lovely post. So many pretty patterns, textures and a few fun (and a little creepy) ideas!!!

  27. Your autumn table is spot-on in those dark colors. Stunning!

  28. Hi Debra! Well, your walk on the dark side is one of the prettiest that I have ever seen! What a fun setting, as well. The crows are just the crowning touch! Well done!

  29. Hi
    Well, it looks like you had a fun day... crows and all. I don't especially like them and I shew them away, aren't I the mean one. I had a bad experience with them and a bunny-I can still hear the poor little thing scream. Anyway aside from the crows your table is wonderful and I wish you a beautiful week my friend.

  30. Oh Debra, I love this. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Your tablecloth is wonderful and I love the use of the old photos too. Way too cute. Hugs, Marty

  31. Everything looks great, love that quilt and those orange tea cups! Crows like shiny itmes, they took our car key one camping trip! But I am sure the crows were jealous they were not ask to be at your table!

  32. Sooooooooo pretty. Add some pumpkin chai tea and I'm there!

  33. What a delightful post! Loved every word and every photograph... Your tablescape is perfectly wonderful and just spooky enough to be fun. Loved the part about the crows. ":o) You had asked me if I used the reverse side of a quilt on my table... I did. The quilt was one I picked up at a flea market 20 plus years ago just for things like that. ":o) You have a good eye!

  34. Very lovely Debra, I hope you have a fantastic fall, God bless you as you decorate and have fun doing so.

  35. Loving the way you put your treasure. Texture, elements and colour combo is perfectly sets.

    You really have the féelings of design.

    TY for sharing.

    Happy TTT...

    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,

  36. Oh, Debra, I love it all! What a super setting. Thanks for sharing it at Wow.

  37. Love It! So cute. Love the setting outside,Thanks for sharing,Joann

  38. Your dark side table setting is darling Debra! Love how you scattered the real leaves in the chair and added the little pumpkin too :)
    Big hugs,

  39. love all the color you are using for fall - it's so pretty!!!! That quilt is absolutely stunning - i was at costco the other day and almost bought a sewing machine just to teach myself how to sew! ha - wondering if i could do a quilt? you've got me thinking........i'd love to sit out there & visit with you at this table! oxxo

  40. oh, & thank you for linking up to the Outdoor Fall Decor party! so great to see this party grow! xoxo

  41. Love it! Love the colors, the dished, and the crow story!

  42. Funny about crows! Great Halloween post and loved all those outdoor ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  43. Beautiful the table covering. Love that the cats were doing away with the crows!

  44. You're a hoot girl, what a fun post! Always a delight to visit your page Debra!

    Thanks for linking to Farmhouse Friday!


  45. Great use of that sconce, Debra! It's great the way it mirrors back the candlelight!!!

  46. That is gorgeous, Debra! So many lovely vintage treasures here. What a unique parlor tablecloth. I've never seen anything quite like it. Beautiful.


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