Monday, August 8, 2011

Somethin' to crow about...

Which came first...
the Chicken, or the Egg...
or the Rooster?

Well, if we know Roosters, we'd know they think it's all about them!

Here's a vintage group from my kitchen counter,
raising a ruckus.
Roosters fit right in whether you're decor is French Country,
or "French Farmhouse"!!

A little box I found a few years ago,
and look it has an "egg" in it.

Hmm... a rooster with an egg?

My sunroom baker's rack has a summer farmhouse theme going

Here is another fella sort of "chalky"
and very colorful.

And a teensy chalk hen on a nest

This cutie little vintage planter definitely needs some ivy on it's backside


And this mom and baby are another vintage set
 that is hollow on the inside
some sort of chalk, cement-y mixture.

Love them!

Shelia is having one of her "Heart of the Home" parties
be sure and join in the fun at Note Songs

and I'm joining in with these other great parties,
links on the sidebar buttons.

Be sure and come back tomorrow for

love ya,


  1. Just love all the roosters. I see some familiar faces in the crowd!! I love my roosters & I have a very retro kitchen!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  2. Hi Debra, what a wonderful collection you have, love all of your roosters and chickens. Have a great week!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. How fun. I love your roosters and chicks and you have them all displayed so beautifully. Hard to pick a favorite. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. You have such a great collection Debra!! And it was so fun to see your gorgeous entry in the last post. You have such beautiful pieces and you have created such a warm and welcoming home...a true reflection of it's owner! :-)

  5. Love all your roosters! I have got to get me some vintage roosters, yours are awesome!
    I love all of my roosters, my 2 year old goes around the house pointing out "roosters"

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. What a sweet collection of roosters you have, Debra!! It's amazing how different they all are, but all so colorful! I love the one with the egg in the box!!

    Love your French Farmhouse look, too!!


  7. HI Debra! Oh, you have some beauties and I love your lovely displays! Thank you so much for coming to my party!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I love all of these Debra! I also love the apothecary jar with the fruit in it behind the roosters on your counter. SO pretty!

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. Debra, Your roosters have lots of character!
    Enjoyed seeing these.

  10. Love all your Roo's! I must get busy and snap some pics of my roos for Miss Sheila's partay!

  11. Love your roosters!! So charming Debra! Loving your new header too! :)

  12. I do love your roosters, and I do love your decor on the sun porch. Perfect for any farmhouse/French style. And I noticed you got a new header, and it is great - the quilt is perfect on the settee. Thanks for sharing!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  13. Wonderful collection, I suppose I might 'catch' one of two of these in the future but for now I am enjoying my 'real' girls...I'll be posting my Chicken Mansion over at The Heart of the Home Party tomorrow. See you there!

  14. Debra, you have great vintage roos. Love them.

  15. What a fun chalk collection, I love their vivid colors.

  16. Debra, you have such a cute collection, and you have displayed them all so well! Very cute vignettes. LOL I love what you wrote about it being all about the roosters! ;P

  17. Love all your Roos and Chicks. Here in the south we sometimes call them "Yard Birds". Roosters always remind me of Key West. They run around all over the place and are really beautiful. Looking forward to Design Challenge!
    fran @ eleven-o-one

  18. The concrete garden pair is my favorite, we had some like these on the farm where i grew up. I am not sure what ever happened to them. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  19. Hi there, your chickens and roosters are all beautiful! I loved the old ones, the mother and baby! They just add so much to a home I think. :D

  20. My neighbor growing up had the hen and chicken in the yard like yours. I love the chalkware one!

  21. Love your collections, especially that chalky old hen in a nest.

  22. You have a great collection of roosters and chickens. That chaulk one is really interesting!

  23. I love all these wonderful roosters...especially the chalkware ones!

  24. I love roosters as they remind me of my sweet grandma's everyday dishes that had the cutest roosters on the plates!
    I don't have any in my house... i have bunnies and birds,,, a few German pink pigs and lots of Staffordshire animals.
    In my last house, I did the French Country toile thing and had roosters in my kitchen there.
    They flew the coop when we moved to this place!

    Great collection, Debra!

  25. You have such a great collection of Roo's Debra and I love that little guy in the nest! Martina

  26. Your hens and roosters are wonderful! What a fun post, I will have to keep my eyes open for hens and roosters whenever I shop.
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. My favorite is the white mama chicken and her baby but they are all adorable. Thanks for sharing their pictures with us.

  28. Love all of your different roos! The chalky colorful fellow has to be my fav:@)

  29. I love that you have a special place in your house for those awesome Roosters!

  30. Love the roosters, and chickens, I use them tru out my home to. Hugs Mary

  31. Debra,
    Adore you collection of Roosters, Hens and Chickens On Common Ground! What a lovely display on your baker's rack! Mine is out on the deck and exposed to the elements so I have to be very careful what I put on it for display. Sadly, all too late, I've found two "treasures" broken from blowing off the shelves! The winds are fierce on this end of the Prairie! Thank you for sharing your collection!

  32. My Mom had a wonderful rooster collection in her kitchen too Debra! I kept 3 favorites that I rotate in my kitchen now. Thanks for the memory today!

  33. Enjoyed seeing your flock. I love those little hinged boxes - especially when there is a little treasure inside.

  34. Love your collection of roosters! Ugh, I missed this party but I sure am enjoying all of roosters. :)

  35. Debra-- it has been FOREVER since I've visited. Your collection is wonderful and that tiny egg is precious :)


  36. The older "chalky" ones are adorable. Trish

  37. Oh be still my heart! I am in rooster heaven looking at these photos. I love all your roosters! I have lots of roosters myself. Some of mine are Jamaican art.


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