Monday, March 14, 2011

Out and About for Some Spring Inspiration

I always look forward to the Holiday Open Houses in our area.
We have some great shops who go all out for their Spring Open House week.
Leola's in Ozark is always tops on my list for never fail inspiration and fun.

Here are just a few of the photos I took that are all about Spring and "white".
I'll be sharing more soon for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday.

So many fun and Springy ideas for your house and garden.
I'm linking up all this fun with

for some great ideas for your porch

for some great ideas for your table tops and vignettes.

for some white goodness and inspiration.

Mary at Very Merry Vintage Style
Share the Love

cause all this fun sure has the WOW factor.

Hope you're off to a great week,
it's cold and rainy today with a chance of snow,
but close to 80 by the end of the week!

love you all!


  1. I think that Spring Open Houses are a great idea. We do not have them in Birmingham, at least not very many of them. Thanks for sharing these spring open houses with us!

  2. LOVE the tiered garden table centerpiece & the chippy slat shutter dipslay by the bench...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. So gorgeous, Debra! It would take me hours to go through all of this ~ I'd be lingering over every vignette! I love the wreath you ended with. I'm looking for something simple to put together for Spring and something like this would do nicely.

  4. How fun! I really love the old wicker pram!! Great stuff look forward to your pictures on Friday.

  5. Everything is simply breath taking I am still drooling over the gate doors and all of those clocks! Tick tock my heart. God Bless Debra have a beautiful week!


  6. Love everything!!
    I want some of those clocks!
    And what that big chick on top, a cookie jar?? I love it!

    Happy Spring to you!

  7. Hi Debra, boy would I love to shop in their!! So many pretty things. Martina

  8. What a lovely shop! Thank you for the great photos, Debra. We all need a dash of spring!


  9. How do you feel about dust bunnies...'cause I got an awesome display of those going on at the Casita de Trash!

  10. I'm loving all those great photos especially the finish on the tall hutch! So pretty! Clocks are another love! Don't know what is is about them that's so appealing. Funny thing, as much as I love different clocks, I'm one of those people that always runs a few minutes late. That's terrible. I know. *smiles guiltily over here*

    Thanks for sharing such great inspiration,

  11. LOVE those images of the shop!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Debra, love the enamel wash basin filled with treasures! I have one and I am always trying new ways to display have given me new inspiration. Blessings, Abbey

  13. Deb....Fantastic, Inspiring pics as always! Hugs, Janna

  14. The shop looks like one I could spend hours in! I'm loving the enamel washtub and those pretty pillows - both are AMAZING!

  15. Hi Debra,
    I love the clocks would love to own some, there is a new antique store opening soon in my area hope they have some good stuff:)
    I love the first picture of the scale and book page covered plant, would it be ok to use the picture and give credit to your blog if I post about it?
    My email addy is on my blog, my lap top isn't set up for your type of email so this is the only way for me to ask.

    Thanks Rondell

  16. Hi Debra... oooh, I always want to visit these places you show us!... LOVE that tub with plants and bunnies and eggs!... everything is so cheery and Springlike... wishing you a most beautiful day!... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. I love all the alarm clocks , the baby wicker pram,chippy shutters on the table, etc.... All wonderful things! judy

  18. I went around that place twice and still missed alot of stuff that's in your pictures. I did the same thing with mine, when you look at the individual pictures you see all the things around what you were taking a picture of . Does that make since ?

  19. Oh my, I could do some serious shopping and damage to my budget. I love everything. The scale is perfect, and so is the buggy and the old white wash tub. Great pics and eye candy. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Hi Debra,
    OMG, what pretties! I would love to shop there.
    Spring inspiration indeed!


  21. What beautiful and inspiring pics! I'm sooo ready for Spring / Easter! Love the hues and those gorgeous mirrors always do it for me, too!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  22. Love these pics. Looks like one of those places where I always have to remind myself to look up! Some of the best finds might be in the rafters. Love your Spring shots.

  23. Looks like you had a fun day and time there. It is definately my kind of place.


  24. So sorry I missed you on Fri. It was a crazy weekend but a really good one. You are doing so good with your new camera. The last one could be a card. I WANT A NEW CAMERA!!!! Thanks a bunch! Jan

  25. Lovely post Debra. Sure puts me in the mood for Spring.
    Did you get a new banner? Or did I just miss it? Lovely!

    barbara jean

  26. Dearest Debra, this is land of wonders,--I love the baby carrige, and the beautifull box, with bird and greens inside- and all the fantastic things in between- thanks for being able to see all this, here,--things I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE IN DK---
    Tuesday hugs,

  27. Oh my word...I'd need a buggy to shop there....loved seeing all that beautiful eyecandy! Hope you're having a great week....Picket

  28. Looks like the kind of store that would make my heart go pitter patter. Thanks so much for sharing.

  29. Awesome pictures Debra! I want to go shopping there RIGHT NOW!

  30. Hi Debra! What a great place for some spring inspriation, everything is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see more.. xoxo

  31. Thanks for the inspiration photos! Beautiful! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  32. I feel the same way this time of year -- need to take in tons of new ideas, and your photos (and everything crammed in that shop) just get my creative juices flowing. I looked over them 3 times -- what to look at first?!?! Love, love, love that scale.

  33. Wow!

    Beautiful displays Debra ~ thanks for the inspiration!!

  34. I LOVE the time travel display!!! AUGH! Makes me want to go redecorate my living room... again.

    HA! Gorgeous - ALL of it!

    ;-D robelyn

  35. Oh my, my heavens! I love each treasure! The little statue of that precious little boy, the awesome clocks and oh my, the lovely pillows, that to die for bench, Wow factor, indeed!


  36. Hi Debra! Oh, what lovely snaps! I see so many things I need, well...want! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  37. All those greens tucked in there are heavenly! I NEED to see green right now! Still too much snow here :)

  38. Hello NEIGHBOR. When I saw the town's name of OZARK in this post I knew immediately you must be talking about Ozark, Missouri. Sure enough I was right. I also live in Missouri (Cuba, MO)so NICE TO MEET YOU NEIGHBOR. I love your blog. I love your home. Can you sense any jealousy here, kidding, kidding. Anyway, I just joined the bloggin world so my blogs (I say blogs because I have started two) are not quite as fancy as yours yet. However, someday I hope to become more experienced at all this blogging stuff. My first blog, Hobnobbers Etc., was going to be my only blog; however, I have decided to dedicate that to my up and coming classy flea by which is called, what else but, Hobnobbers, etc. (I explain the name on the blog, in case you are wondering). The second is "Beyond the Portico". I will be doing most of my domesic life blogging there. Either way, I'm just up and running so not much to look at yet on either yet, but soon I hope to have a whole slew of info and pics for everyone's pleasure. In the meantime I will be checking your blog to see what you are up to over there in Ozark. Have a beautiful "Spring" day. PS, I love, love, love the pic of the chippy, shabby shutters and moss. Such Beauty.

  39. So much eye candy I could linger all day. ~~Sherry~~

  40. I'm SO lame! I'm sitting here starring at all the pictures, loving them, looking at them again. And then when I get to the bottom of the post I realize it is you, Debra! Great pictures, now I'm going to go back and stare some more ;0)

    Take care, Sue

  41. What a delightful post. I remember a photograph of me as a baby getting a bath in a enamel tub just like the one in your picture! That would be in the 50's.

  42. Debra, I see lots of great stuff that needs to come to my house. Thanks for sharing this at WUW.

  43. Aw wonderful treasures to hunt there. I super like those cute pillows its perfect for the resting place in my Spring garden plan.

  44. WOW! ... inspiration overload!! ... do you ever feel that way ... so many great ideas you want to do it all? Everything you've shared here is great ... I seriously need to add some touches of "freshness" around my house .... thanks for the awesome ideas Debra! ... and thanks for linking up to Porch Club ; )

    have a beautiful day ... xo Jill

  45. Now I'm REALLY ready for Spring!!!

  46. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


    MISSIN YOU! Come see me! This is just BEAUTIFUL!

  47. love the shop, gorgeous. i would love it if you shared this at my party today!

  48. Debra,
    Thanks so much for taking me along with you to the open houses...I had a ton of fun. We don't have Spring Open Houses...sure wish we did:)


  49. Oh Girl, I love your home it is beautiful.
    Thank for sharing your pictures. I need to get busy now for I want that look.

    Have a blessed day.

  50. Hi Deb
    Thank you so much for your friendship and I so enjoyed talking with you today...
    Also, would you email me what you wrote down for me today, I would love to re-read it, just in case I missed something, thank you.
    BTW Love your pictures today!

  51. Oh my goodness~~~fun photos!!
    My first time to stop by :)
    so nice to meet you!

    thanks for the shopping tour!

    Blessings to you...

    Kay Ellen

  52. Debra,
    What wonderful shop! Beautiful white lovelies!
    Have a wonderful week!

  53. You used my two favorite words in decor: 'Spring' and 'White'!
    What a gorgeous store - LOVE that patio set and the crochet pillows.
    - Susan

  54. Oh you know how I love going to Leola's with you Debra! I think this is three years now...and I love it everytime. SO many wonderful displays to see and drool over.
    sending hugs your way..

  55. Love your inspirational photos Debra! I always need a little inspiration.

  56. Debra,
    Your rooms, your vignettes...all magazine worthy! Have you thought of publishing a book to capture all these pretties? My jaw hits the floor everytime I visit your blog. I'm pretty sure anything you publish would make it to the best seller list in the decorating world in a heartbeat! Pray about it. :)
    Blessings and hugs,

  57. What lovely inspiration, Debra! The pastel pottery especially caught my eye!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  58. What a Stash! I would love to have that patio table.~Cheers Kim

  59. This is just what I needed for some spring inspiration! All that white and green! The bunny on top of the fruit basket with moss is the cutest centerpiece! Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love Link Party!

  60. I know I say it every time you post at Leola's, but I seriously want to shop there!!!


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