Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You have til midnight...

Just like Cinderella...
you have until midnight to enter
to win a copy of Carolyn Westbrook's
soon to be published book,

The French Inspired Home

Believe me, this will be almost as good
as Prince Charming!

Remember, there will be 2 winners!


  1. oooh...can't wait! I have her first book and just LOVE it! counting down the hours...minutes...seconds!! :)

  2. I hope you pick me. I have her first book and I do have the were women create with her work room in it. I found myself starting to like the white painted look more and more from looking at her style. XO MARY

  3. Sounds like a great book! I'm needing some French inspiration in my space and this sounds like just the thing to get me moving in the right direction. Hope I win! Thanks for the chance.

  4. Hey Debra,
    I can't wait to see her book. I am waiting with such anticipation!
    It would be an amazing giveaway to win:)

  5. I am officially entered ... right?

    my hand is waving in the air ... I must own this

  6. Carolyn's book has always been just one of my fav books. Hope you are having a great day, T

  7. Crossing my fingers.....
    This looks so gorgeous and
    inspiring! The next best
    thing to travel is peeking
    into other people's houses
    and gardens. Love it.
    xx Suzanne

  8. Exciting!

    I got to hear Carolyn Westbrook stories from Debbie this weekend!

  9. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for the reminder and for the fabulous giveaway! I just entered.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  10. Wonder who else besides ME will win:) hehe!

    Thanks for the opportunity! HUGS!

  11. Debra,
    I stuffed the ballot box! Upped my chances of winning. That is going to be one seriously awesome book. Deb at Talking Trash was telling me all these cool things about CW. Very cool lady.
    Thanks for your very sweet comment about my supreme Mothering talents. LOL I do love my kids & they think it's THEIR blog so I have to include them a lot. Lisa

  12. I can't wait to see your post tomorrow. As for the give-a-way. Star light star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, be a winner tonight. We all have to dream don't we.

  13. Looking forward to the book and your post...Your blog is beautiful and I am always happy when I stop by

  14. Oh good almost here, hope you pick me, I did click and enter, hugs my friend

  15. I ADORE the cushions on the first photo don't you? Oh I want new ones so bad. Do you get tired of the things you have had for a long time & wish you could change them but, there is NOTHING wrong with them? Oh that's so me! Charlene

  16. Hey, did I miss something, who won???


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