Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've been "nesting"...

In the Spring I'm all about birds

and nests,

and garden-y things.

I found this little birdie in the twigs
 at a local floral supply company.

So today I played a little and made some nests,

for Easter gifts

and for my new space at Spring Creek.

These are just a few,

I sort of went "bird brain" making them.

(I'm a messy crafter!)


I always want to fill up any kind of "container".

An old ironstone berry bowl...

or dainty creamer...

(oh shoot, I'm a sucker for fuzzy chicks)

or my ironstone kitchen pitcher.

Hope you're having a sweet weekend,
full of fun and things of Spring.

We just missed a snowstorm,
it's heading for Kansas City...
sorry y'all.

love ya,


  1. Debra~
    Love all of your nests! They are great! I too am into birds and nests lately!!

  2. I love your nests! I haven't made any myself - all store bought. =( But I think they work all year round!

  3. Just lovely, I love birds, nests, eggs, they are just wonderful. Yours are very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful post....I love all things Spring...
    Doing a little blog hopping...I have 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS that I will draw for tomorrow night... hope you will stop by.....


  5. Hi Debra! Your nests are wonderful! I gotta be the change in seasons that makes us want to go birdy! I've been making eggs and birds and anything else spring related that I can think of. We got a dusting of snow all day today on this first day of spring. Yesterday my kids played in t-shirts and today winter coats. crazy... Theresa

  6. Hi Debra,
    That little pink bird is adorable. You made me laught when you said you always want to fill up too. I just can't leave anything alone, it looks so sad without a touch of this or that.
    Those little nests are so sweet and I'm sure your customers will be grabbing them up.


  7. Debra, these are so beautiful, I love the one nestled in the tree branch in the white vase. Gorgeous!!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Hi Debra, Love all your nests and birds...I can just hear them chirping!! Also LOVE your newest header--my favorite so far!! Happy spring! Julie

  9. Debra, these are so pretty! You really have been nesting! laurie

  10. "fuzzy chicks" wonder you like me, then!
    I haven't shaved in a few, so yeah, "fuzzy" is apropos! ;-)

    Cute nests!


  11. Nests are just so preciouys and you did a great job making yours so pretty!

  12. Hi Debra
    Loving the nests you put together...Happy Spring!
    Been snowing here all day.

  13. I love all your pictures, especially loved that pink bird, and the nest or so cute!!! Blessings... Daphne

  14. These are beautiful. I just love birds!

  15. They are all so sweet! I've printed out many graphics for Easter and Spring so I can start crafting, decoupaging. Hope you are having a warm and wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  16. Wow Debra, you have been busy! Love all of those sweet nests:) It is a breath of fresh air to see all of these sweet birdies and a great way to bring in Spring!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  17. Debra,
    I love your nests! Those will get snatched up in a minute, especially the way you have them displayed in containers. Love your new spirngy header too! Guess what, we got your snow! Friday 75 degrees & the boys spent the day at the park, yesterday snow!! Texas is so wierd. Lisa

  18. Oh, Debra, I love the birds nests you made and the cute fuzzy chicks in the creamer- so cute. i have several little chicks from my children's Easter baskets and such fond memories of the little chicks in my Easter basket as a child. I still have my basket- now we don't really want to say how old it is.

    Now, the minute I click on your blog I start to smile and feel so good. You have a way with words and your personality comes out in your fonts and colors. I read somewhere that if 20% of what you do in a day is creative you are happier. I've found that to be true for myself.

    I have have been enjoying birds nests this year too and plan to post a blog with a beautiful flower arrangement that a friend designed for a Bridal Coffee at my home. It has birds nests in the arrangement. So fun. Spring is exciting with all the birds flying around. I had blue birds in my back yard this week and was so excited but the mockingbirds were chasing them away.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to write a letter. I need you to write my blog dialogue you have a way with words.

  19. Debra,
    What a true blessing to wake up and see this beautiful post. Have a blessed week and I sure will after seeing this nesting post.

    Love you

  20. Spring is definitely in the air when you see all the nests inside and out!

  21. Hey Gal!
    Love all of your nests ~ they make me feel so happy and hopeful for the new birth of Spring!
    Wishing you so many blessings and thanks for blessing all of us with you photos and posts.

  22. Hello Sweet D...

    Congrats to you my friend. You won my SACHET GIVEAWAY! Please email me with your address so I can send it out this week!

    Hugs to you...Rebecca

  23. Love your nests. I so wish sometime I could visit your booth in person. Maybe one day...

    And glad you missed that snowstorm. And glad it was way south of us! Kansas City, you are welcome to it! I am dreaming of green grass and blossoms!

  24. Hi sweet Debra...your nests are WONDERFUL!!!! I love them all and having them tucked here and there in your space is such a great idea ~ I hope you have a wonderful week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  25. Sweet little nests and Oh My Goodness! love your shop. The rug, the shabby chic look of things, I had to click to enlarge the photos for a closer look.
    You got IT girl! Hope you have fun with it all. I jumped into the booth scene this year and still on the learning curve. But so much fun!
    Thanks for stopping by to read Through Mary's Eyes...Blessings ;-)

  26. Your little nests are darling!
    I have been quite a nest and egg fan for many years! Not birds...just nests and eggs...wierd huh?

    We just missed a snow storm but got some nasty glad I have indoor work to keep me busy!
    Have a wonderful day...hugs my dear friend~donna

  27. I'm also a sucker for pink fuzzy chicks, sugar. Just found your blog and it's adorable. Nice to meet ya, chickee.

  28. Love all your nests. I also checked out your space at the antique mall. It looks great. I also have a space at an antique store and it is so much fun isnt it? If you go to my blog and scroll down a while you will see a peek of my space at the antique store. I need to take some updated pics of it again. Congratulations on winning Rebeccas giveaway...sally

  29. Mushroom birds are so sweet - love them!

  30. Hi Debra
    Very pretty blog you have there. I am new at this blogging craze and really enjoying it. I will follow you so I can remember to pop in regularly. If you like cats you might want to take a peek at my seniors. Have a wonderful day. Deb from Carleton Place, Ontario Canada.

  31. Such sweet little nests!!!! I see you won the give away from Rebecca CONGRATULATIONS! She does such beautiful work I know you will LOVE your goody from her. I also see you are a reader of my friend Lisa's Blog... Tarnished & Tattered. She is so amazing too. Have a wonderful week. Charlene

  32. They're so pretty! I love the one in the ironstone bowl.

  33. soooooooooooo beautiful and SWEET!

  34. You can come and get the ones that have been built in my hair lately! I got to find some time just to brush it!
    Everything looks so spring and I am so ready for some spring.

  35. Debra...your little nests are precious. I love the one in the creamer :)


    P.S. Be sure to pop over and enter in for my 100th post giveaway!

  36. LOVE your nests!
    Also stopped by as I saw you comment on Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade. I had such a laugh as I have the same problem as you...short! I so want one of her devine purses but they would hang down to my knee's ..grin.

  37. Those fuzzy chicks get me every year! I but a set every year & about 2 weeks after Easter I am sneaking them into the garbage because they drive me nuts lying all over :) But I am sure I will pick up some again very soon.

    Your nests look great!!! I love the little eggies nestled inside ...especially in the creamer! You are as good as the birds :)

  38. Debra, I love your great nests! I will bet you run out of them at your space:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  39. said, you had me at messy crafter. I too leave a trail to follow when I do my crafting. I try to be creative everyday, even if I am only moving furniture. Alaina

  40. Love your nests! I am into nests and eggs myself {for awhile now}. What a great idea to make and give as Easter gifts. I'm sure it makes for a nice change from the normally purchased pot of tulips or hyacinths!


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