Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More White Wednesday, White Suitcases

Thanks everyone, that left a comment on my blog for this last White Wednesday post. I had a lot of interest in the suitcases that I had painted white, sitting on top of my cupboard. Who knew?... I guess that I have had at least one original thought! But really, I had seen another one "whitewashed". I took my time with these because I wanted the leather trim and brass fittings and clasps to remain original, not painted over. And I really preferred complete coverage of the paint. I wanted them to look like they were made "white".

I just used plain satin interior wall paint in an off white. I do think I used some stain as a glaze on one of them to give it a more antiqued finish. I did them three separate occasions. I was asked if I had used primer. No I didn't, but I probably should have. It took me several coats. I used a brush and a roller on the larger areas, but I used a small art brush to do the edging work which was somewhat tedious. I just loved how they turned out, and each one being different, really shows up the character and the leather trim.

Lee at Inspired Comblogulations said she saw some just like these at the Ralph Lauren Store in Dallas.That's cool to know, I'd love to see how they displayed them. Now that I've heard how much you have liked them, I'm going to do a few more. I have a bunch of really tired ones hanging around. I know they'd like to be prettier!

OK, get out your paintbrushes and have fun.
 I'd love to see what you all come up with!



  1. Thanks Debra.
    Now i am not limited to buying suitcases that are good colors to start with!
    I can just paint them all white!
    Will look great in the new room at the store. Lots of shabby and creams and whites there.

    blessings and thanks for the visit.

    barbara jean

  2. You inspire me to get the old paintbrush out:) Love the suitcases:) Have a blessed day.

  3. When I first saw your pics of the suitcases, I thought, "I've never seen white ones like that"! Love how you transformed them...very creative! I've never collected suitcases (I do have a vintage one that was my 'Dads' when we travelled back in the day). I may have to start looking for a few to paint and stack....not only do they look great, but are so very functional as well for storage, something I definitely could use more of. Thanks again for sharing! Have an awesome day,

  4. Debra, I was also admiring your white suitcases. That is a most wonderful idea - brilliant in fact. Definitely something I'm going to try.

  5. Good Morning Miss Debra!
    I too Love the look of white luggage.
    I myself have done this and prefer it to any other look...
    I was just wondering...did you seal them with anything?
    I am thinking I will do this to mine before they are put back after the holidays.
    Thank you for sharing this little glimpse into your lovely home.
    I must get back to work now...Pray for me...I'm wearing somewhat thin in places...have a blessed week...donna

  6. I don't think I would have the patience, but yours was sure worth it. They look great!

  7. They're awesome!!! And I'm quite sure they took you awhile to do with the incredible job you did of keeping the handle and hardware unpainted - wow!

    Yet another item to paint know I'm loving that :)

    :) T

  8. I guess I missed the part about you painting them white, but wow, you did a great job and what a great idea!

  9. What a beautiful post!

    Thank you for such stunning inspiration!!!

    I might just have to steal...i mean borrow...this idea. ;)

  10. I love those!!! Thank You for sharing how you did it!!! I have the sneaky suspicion that none of my suitcases are safe in my house any longer...LOL

    Thanks Again!

  11. They look great - I would have never thought to do them up in white - super display!

  12. Excellant - love them! Never thought to do this and all the suitcases that have crossed my path! Shame on me! Jennifer

  13. Your white suitcases are fabulous!!! And now we know how they got that way. Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. I haven't found any decent vintage suitcases around here...but when I do, I'm sooooo painting them as you did. Looks marvelous!

  15. What a fun idea...I'm sorry I ever got rid of our old suitcases my parents brought from Europe. If I ever find any in my travels, I'll know what to do with them. Thanks for your inspiration!


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